Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 16 (Received Feb. 22)

Hey family!

This week has been good! It's been like 80-85! I've gotten a lot
better at talking with random people! We go on this one street Doran
St and it's like slums and 99 percent Mexican! We've met a lot of
people on that street no one that's really interested but every one
will pretty much talk! Hahaha every Saturday there's like 5 fiestas on
that street haha and no one is home on that street.

We've taught Ramon 3 times this past week! He's solid as a Rock! He
truly is growing closer to Heavenly Father every time we see him and
it's amazing to see that process! We took a different investigator to
the Visitors Center and we saw him just sitting there by the Jesus
Christ statue and we went up and asked him what he was doing and he
said he likes to go there to feel peace! How awesome is that!? He
knows the spirit and recognizes it! Then he told us he was praying to
the statue hahahha so we need to talk about not praying to graven
images but that will come!

The L____ family is still progressing but not as fast as they were.
Yesterday we went to give a blessing to their youngest daughter,
B_____, whose 2 because her appendix burst :( but they're still good!
The Ward is helping them out!)We've been giving blessings out the
Wazoo. So many haha.

Hahahaha we went to go get one of the members out with us for some
lessons and we showed up like right as he got home from work and he
was like sorry I'm late! And we were like no it's really okay! Don't
even worry! Hahaha then he hurried and changed and we were about to
walk out the door and he stopped and grabbed the hand sanitizer off
the table and dumped a ton in his hands and like threw it on his head
and wiped it all over his face and hair, then he started screaming
cause it got in his eyes. Hahhahaha we were like what were you
thinking?? Hahah I guess he didn't want to take a shower.

This week I've been focusing a lot on the Atonement of Jesus Christ
and it's truly so amazing. I'm so grateful that we can feel so
peaceful and happy through Jesus Christ. It's so great! I love you
guys so much!  You guys are so amazing! Thanks for being the best

Elder Jordy

Week 15 - Mesa, AZ (Received Feb. 15)

I KNOW HEAVENLY FATHER IS HERE. Our answers to prayers may
not come immediately, In fact they may come 6 years down the road, but
when we act on faith he answers our prayers! It's amazing what he will
do when we act on our faith!
We talked with this one kid that was like kinda a punk and we had an amazing lesson at the VC the spirit was there. I shared my story about the ARMY  and the skin cancer and the spirit was there and he met with the bishop to get ready to serve a mission!!!😀

Jehovahs witnesses came and gave us a pamphlet. After readin that my testimony of the church is even stronger. Hahah

We're teaching these two little girls.  They're mom loves the church but she has to work like 3 jobs to provide so she can never make it to church. But her girls are so awesome! They just want to follow HF and it's so amazing to watch! 

Also were teaching Ramon! On Sunday we went to the visitors center and had an amazing lesson with him!! We watched the First vision and talked about the life of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong! He said that he would get baptized! He's so humble and just such a good guy!

We're gonna bring a Member with us who used to be addicted to Meth come and teach Luis how to not ruin his life with drugs.

I love this work!!! It's amazing!! I truly know that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers! On his Time Table not ours. I love you guys! Thanks for all of the Support! 

Elder Jensen

Thanks for the package too!! It's gonna be so nice playing in my cleats:) thanks
mom! I'm so grateful for you and for everything you do for me!!:) best
mommy in the world! Thanks for everything mom! Be safe!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 14 -- Mesa AZ

Hey family!

Sorry last P-Day was super busy! We had some service and we just ran
out of time! AARON AND MYSTI!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Ah I'm so so
so happy for you! Hahaha I saw the picture of the dog and I was like "Whoa!
 My brother got another dog!" Then, I scrolled down and I saw the
"Will you marry me" and I like flipped out! Hahaha I was like
"Whaaaaaattttt!!!!😄😄😄" hahahhaha you guys are awesome! How's the
rest of the Fam??:)

So this last week was pretty good! Hahaha we've been teaching this
single mom and her son and we went there and the Mom wasn't home and
it was just her 18 year old son. So he opens the door and you could
tell he was High as a Kite hahha and so we were just talking to him
for a little and he was asking me if I had a secret life when I smoked
blunts. Hahhaha then we went back when his mom was there like a week
later and he was like "Ayyye when we gonna smoke that blunt together"
hahhahaha and I was like we don't do that. Then he was like oh.. Never
mind. Hahah

We had to drop Brian:( he just like stopped talking to us. It's kinda
really sad but all we do is invite people! But we met one of his
roommates Ramon a while ago. Hahaha its hard because people will go to
Mexico a lot randomly, so we think that's where he went.

So I hated going on splits because I would have to do most of the
talking and they would like add in where they could. But it was very
hard! But I love going on splits because that's where I grow the most!
But anyways we've gone on splits a lot and it's so fun to work hard
and have to be the one to go and talk!

Hahahhaha so my companion is a Huge panthers fan, so we went to a
members super bowl party and just sat with our backs turned. Hahahhaha
that was... Hard. Elder Fenton was dying then this morning when we
played zone sports some missionaries made him wear a Broncos shirt!

I'm so glad I'm out here! I can't believe it's already been 3 months!!
What?! Hahaha it's crazy how time flies! I saw our investigator family
at church and I just saw them and all their kids on the benches and I
just felt this amazing amount of love for them! I'm so happy to be
here! Thanks for all the support and everything you guys do! Love you

Elder Jordan James Jensen

I think mostly always the weeks go by really fast. Hahha it doesn't
feel like it's been 3 months.  It's close to 80 today! 😉  Yeah! I forgot you
guys will be here! What day?? If you see the temple, I live like right
across the street! Hahha they wouldn't know how to spell that, it'd
have to be hola madre. Hahha thank you for nagging because I totally
did get his information and I'll call him later today to set up an
appt! It's totally fine because it's hard for me to read it side by
side, it's crazy how much I can actually understand! But I'm soooo far
from being fluent! There ya go "Hermana Jensen" hahah ;) thank you so
much! You're the best mom and you're always supporting me! I'm so
happy! I got some scent less sunscreen:) I love it down here! Take
care mom! I love you:) also, watch 12 steps to recovery! Super intense
but soooo good!:)

Love, your son
He said he's grown.  Check out how short his pants are!!

EJ said he would tell us about this senor next week.

Week 13--Mesa (Received Feb. 1)


So today was sooo busy with everything! So I don't have time to write
up a big one so I'll just reply to yours! I'm sorry! We got haircuts
and everything and it just added up! I love you!:) how was saying
goodbye to your supervisor?? Even though you don't get to see them I
bet it's sooo fun being with them there! I love those boys. We just
ran into each other at the mission office so we might not see each
other again!:( it's amazing down here! Thanks for being so great to
her! You guys are the best!:)  How are all the boys doing?? Tell them I love them! Love you! I'll make next week way better!:)