Sunday, October 22, 2017


October 17, 2017

 Emails between mom and Elder Jensen:

MOM:  I'm assuming since you didn't write an email that today (Monday) must have been a regular day and tomorrow is your P day and temple day.   Am I right? 

EJ:   Hahahaha yeah today was the temple trip! Oh by the way they asked me to extend. What do you think?

Mom:  That's funny!   You are kidding right?

EJ:  No

Mom:  Well, now that I think about it, you MUST be kidding because I don't think you'd give up your trip to Hawaii would you?

EJ:  Hahahha jk

Mom:  You little rascal!!!!!!I'll admit you did have me going for a minute but the I thought, well, if you...want to miss out on a trip to Hawaii, we'd just go without you!  And I REALLY didn't think you'd do that.  Tho' it wouldn't surprise me if they asked you to extend because the nurse told me they sure do love you there!

EJ:  Hahahaha! It would be very hard for me to decide. I’ll write a long letter right now.

Well, as I come to the beginning of the End my heart is filled with Gratitude. I can’t believe that it’s over. I don’t think I can express how much love I have for the people here in Mesa and for all the many experiences I’ve had. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gives us the chance to come to the earth and have the ability to act for ourselves. I’m so grateful that he gives us the opportunity to follow the savior. To truly receive Exaltation and Eternal life to come. I KNOW peace and true happiness comes as we follow his commandments and teachings. As I was sitting in the Temple today I was just thinking about my mission. And I think if I could sum up my mission in one scripture I would chose “Doubt not, Fear Not” I have had so many experiences over these last two years that have grown my testimony and also given me doubts, but I know that Faith always triumphs fear and doubt. D&C 6:22-23
“22 Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you desire a further witness, cast your mind upon the night that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning the truth of these things.
23 Did I not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?”
I know that Heavenly Father exists. Jesus Christ came to the earth and suffered for our sins and provided us the way to return to our Heavenly Father. Joseph Smith was a prophet. This is te church that teaches the complete gospel. We must always remember the times we have learned these truths! Never Forget!

This week we went by and talked to C_________! He said he read the Book of Mormon and felt peace and Love from Heavenly Father! But he didn’t come to church :( we taught several less actives and had an amazing lesson with Hna M_______. She’s currently going to another church but it was clear she felt the Spirit! We always got to teach some one named M_____ G, which isn’t a common name at all, haha, the restoration but at the end she rejected the Book of Mormon but wants us to come back! Love you all sorry my letters have been lame. But hey, I can just tell you guys about it in a week. Ayyy!

Elder Jordan James Jensen

Yeah I have! But it’s super hard because everyone wants us to go by but as a missionary you really don’t have time. But I got to say goodbye to Jose! And M_____ and G______ didn’t come to the fireside :/ I’m soooo ready for that weather. Right now it’s 97 and hot. Hikes! Way to go mom! Hahaha He sounds funny! I’m excited to meet him.  (Our new dog, Boo Boo Bear) Yes! I’m so excited to see Maisey! What time is the Sacrament meeting? And will you send me Robyn and Anthony’s address and email address?

Ok that’s possible! That’s not too bad! I got to give my farewell this last Sunday and it was great! The Ward gave me tons of support! 

Yeah! Sounds good. I’m down for Crown Burger! I think that will be super fun. Yeah we can do that. That’s all good I’m ok with just hanging out at the house with the fam. We can go through my pics. Sweet! You should send a picture of it!

Thanks for looking into phones and helping me get started again! Seriously couldn’t do it without you all! :) I love you mom! I know I couldn’t have done it without your help! See you in a week! :)

Elder Jensen

Adios to some very good amigos!

Adios mi amigos!

Peace out!
And it's still hot in AZ during October


October 9, 2017

Dos semanas Bro! Weird to say right mom!? It still isn’t real to me... hahaha. Yeah... it’s like impossible not to. Hahaha I know right! It’s felt like I’ve died, now I’m going to resurrect and see you guys. Hahahaha if you want to you can!  It’s up to you! :) um yeah probably, actually. I’ll have some I think. Just food! Hahahaha. Hey, you should tell the Elders in the Ward I’m coming home and I’ll want to go out with them some when I get home. I might go check out the Spanish ward too.

Hey I had some thoughts! Will you all help me with a phone and stuff until I can get a job and start paying for it on my own? Hahaha there is truly only a couple things that I will need. A phone, car, and Gym pass..... hahahaha i can’t wait to start working out again. I miss it so much. It’s just not the same on the mission. And I’m starting to get love handles and it makes me depressed. Hahahaha. Could you help me out with those until I can get going? I love you guys! You’re the best! Of course I’ll hang out with old ma and pa ;) hahaha I miss you guys tons! Is it cold out? Because over here it’s like 95-100 still... I’m aching for some cold weather. I miss it.

Hmm... whose going to pick me up? Just you and Dad? Or everyone? Maybe if it’s everyone we can just get Chinese and eat it at home? but if it’s only a couple we could go to crown burger? I miss that. Or take some pics at the Temple at salt lake or something?  I just want to be around the family or a little. Probably some friends I’ll see, Spencer is actually coming up from Texas the 26th! But I mostly just want to be around you guys!

Love you mom! Talk to you soon!


Oct. 2, 2017

Yeah it’s super crazy. Hahaha no i don’t really need anything.. I mean I don’t think. I don’t know what do you think I’ll need? Hahaha what don’t I have? Did you give away some of my clothes and stuff? If so, no worries.

Her wall looks great! Way to go! Today we went and ate lunch at Hermana G_______’s house. It was good. I got my flight itinerary! Weird. It’s a little harder, but I’m just trying to go all out as much as I can! Work hard to the very end! What are we doing like that day i get home and stuff?  Hahahaha what am I going to do while everyone else is at work and stuff? Dang. Hopefully the leaves will still be cool looking. It’s still around 100 or high 90s for us down here.

Yeah I don’t know when I’ll move down there but I’m very excited to live with him! Hopefully I can find something down there close to his house! So, is my farewell for sure that Sunday when I get home?? Have they said what they want me to talk about? The 15th I’m going to talk down here so hopefully I can just recycle that talk haha ;)

This week was really good! We taught C_______ B_________ the first lesson! Hahaha he got really mad at his younger sister and started swearing up a storm and then we heard his mom yell! “The Missionaries are here! Stop swearing” hahahha then he came out of the House a completely different person. We taught M________ R_________ the first lesson too! He said he wouldn’t get baptized right now... but he didn’t want to set a date. Then we taught C_____ O_____ the Restoration! It was so good! He felt the spirit for sure! We invited him to get baptized and he said he would when he received an answer, but he didn’t come to conference. Love you guys!

Other than that, everything is going good. Just holding out and enduring to the end! Haha it’s not that bad. I can’t believe it’s already here. It’s exciting but a little sad. It hasn’t completely hit me yet. I’m sure when I see you guys I’ll be like... wow. Ok. It’s over. Hey, so the Moilans have done so much for us. They have taken us out to eat tons and stuff and i don’t think we will be able to make it out to Olive Garden before the end of the mish. So can I give them the gift card you gave me? I can tell them it’s from you, because of everything they’ve done for us. They’re really good people:)

I love ya mom! Thanks for helping me with my whole mission and everything you do for me! I’ll keep on going for these last couple weeks! Pray for me and my companion! Thanks mom for everything! Anything you want me to get from down here? Haha there isn’t anything super unique from here...

I’ve been thinking... maybe I will apply for a bank and see if I can get a job there speaking Spanish. I kinda want to try other things before I dive into working in the medical field. And I should be able to keep up on my Spanish at the bank! I’m not sure how much I could use at an old home or something. What do you think of that? Also, would you and dad be so amazing as to helping me get like a phone and letting me use a car and stuff like that?:) how’s tanner doing?! I haven’t heard anything from him.

Love ya! Thanks!


Sept. 25, 2017

Hahahha I can’t believe you bought another trailer! I never thought I’d see the day! Man I can’t wait for the snow! I can’t believe I only have four more weeks! I sent a package and they said it should arrive by Wednesday it’s just some stuff that I didn’t want to try to fit in my suitcase. I’m going to call Arizona vascular to get a receipt for you. Sorry today we went out to say goodbye to some people and then we went mini golfing! Hahha living it up in Arizona for the last little bit! 

Are you super excited for Conference?? 

As for Investigators we found someone this week named J___________, his cousin has been teaching him the lessons before but he hasn’t ever talked with Missionaries... so we are excited to teach him! Also, M_____ R_____ he said he would take the missionary discussions! So we’re pretty excited about that! We taught J____ P____about the sabbath day, we’ve been reading with him and he said he would stop his business working on Sunday! Wahooo! He’s starting to become more and more active! It’s awesome! He had me write down our address because he wants to visit us when I get home hahah :)

Yeah I think so! Because I wanna get going! Haha right now I’m used to being busy and I want to keep it that way! I’m so excited to see you guys in four weeks! It’s going to be sweet to see you guys! :) for conference we might go to our ward mission leaders house and watch it in English! Hawaii is going to be sweet! Hahaha Sister Moilan (who we live with) spoils us and I feel like I’ve gotten Tubbier. Hahaha so I bought a bunch of salad stuff to eat.

Love you mom! You’re the best! Tell dad sorry I couldn’t respond to him!! Love you! :)

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Sept. 18, 2017

Hey Mom! Hahah yeah don't worry Sister Parker already chewed me out!
(Elder J. had some issues with his leg he had surgery on.)
But thanks for sending me money so I could get some compression socks!
:) I seriously don't want to write group emails haha so I'm just going
to tell you some stuff and you can reiterate it to the others that
want to know what's going on! Oh first things first. I am still a
student at UVU. And registration starts Nov 1. So I'm good until then!

Hahaha so my foot has never gotten swollen before, and it started to
hurt but I didn't think anything of it. Then I looked at it and I was
like "uhh... Elder Olivera. I think my foot is swollen. Hahaha!" It
wasn't too bad but it was noticeable. Hahaha then after I got my sock
everything was good. I saw President at a fireside and he also chewed
me out. Haha. Man I'm so excited to see Gus. He's awesome.

This week we taught J_____ P_____ a less active and he came with us to
the fireside! He's been to church 3 days in a row now! Also, we taught
a lady named I___ L_____, she is the daughter of a member and she
handled the restoration lesson really well! We taught A____ and E____
(Investigators) and we kneeled down and he tried saying a prayer but
he couldn't. He didn't feel worthy. But we're working with them,
little by little. We also visited M_____ R_____(husband of a member)
he got an infection in his back and has undergone some pretty crazy
surgeries. He said he didn't want to go to church because he hasn't
been devoted to god and doesn't want to be a hypocrite. I was like,
well in that sense.. we are all hypocrites! Haha. We also visited Hna
B_____. She's a less active from Puerto Rico and every Sunday she
gives us breaks fast. I love her. Haha. I felt a little disappointed
and I was thinking to myself. Why can't our investigators be
progressing more? What are we doing wrong? Why can't we have some
Investigators come to church? But I felt that just because that's what
I want to happen, isn't necessarily what God wants. We feel the spirit
and that's how we know we are successful.

There. That's for the fans. Hahaha. I know it's crazy, tomorrow I give
my farewell testimony in front of like 3 zones. I'm excited but super
nervous and I just really hope these weeks don't drag. Hahaha I was
honestly caught in tears yesterday thinking I may not ever see some of
these members again. It seriously made me sad. But such is life! Must
go on!

Yea! Happy birthday Austin! Take care mom! Love you so much! See you
soon! T minus 5 weeks....

Hahaha miracles! Hey Avery just told me he might have a really good
job opportunity speaking Spanish. I'm going to ask for more info
because he said I could be making some good money. I'll ask him if I
could study and work there, if I can't.. I'll study. Most important
thing! Love you!

Elder Jensen
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These photos are courtesy of Elder Parra.  Mi marron hijo!! 

Elder Jensen and his futebol amigos!


Sept. 11, 2017

Well the week was pretty good! We talked to a lot of people and we did
a lot of service. We did service for a lady and every time we picked
up dressers or couches or whatever tons of cockroaches would scurry
away. Hahaha I hate those things. We got our transfer news and me and
Elder Olivera are staying together for the last transfer! But we are
moving into a Members house. Like into one of their rooms. Hahah so
it'll be like living with a family again! We'll see how it goes!

We have been visiting members and helping them share the gospel! This
week we also helped with tutoring again and it's super awesome! This
is the last transfer and it feels so weird. But I'm so pumped to work
as hard as we can. We've also been working with a family named the
P________! They're super good! We are working as hard as we can and I
know that no matter what the final outcome of our work the Lord is
pleased when we do our best!

We memorized this scripture when all the Missionaries came out.
3 Nephi 5:13

13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have
been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they
might have everlasting life.

I think this is my favorite scripture. Truly the mission changes
lives, our lives, the Investigators lives and I can't express how
grateful I am for Jesus Christ and his Gospel. It is a huge blessing
that we can be partakers of this gospel. I can't wait to serve for the
rest of my life! This is the Most important thing in our lives!

It's the FINAL COUTDOWN do do do dooo do

Elder Jensen

Yep! Six more weeks! It's bittersweet. Haha but also excited! Someone
told me that there was a fire like super close to our house? On the
mountain? Is hat true? Also, I hear there's tons of hurricanes and
stuff! That's crazy! I'm excited! Hopefully Jesus Comes soon. Haha.

Ah man I hope they turn all pretty  (autumn leaves)! That's what I've
 missed! That's really good! 4 miles is a long distance! (We took
our dogs on a hike, including Maisey who is 13.)  I'm surprised she's
 not dead yet. Hahah but I'm happy she isn't! Oh yeah I totally 
remembered becks birthday but I forgot to send an email! And Tell
Austin I say happy birthday to him! It's next Monday right??
 Hahha life is too short to worry about those things! It's ok mom the
only thing that is most important is he gospel! :) The mosquitos
aren't as bad as they are up there but they'll still bite you. But there 
aren't as many also.  Hahaha hey we'll only be about 5 hours away
from each other! (Our trip to St. George)   Just drive a little further south! ;)

Yeah I always think about what would've happened if I would've gone
home. I had times when I wanted to give up, but I think that's one of
the Largest lessons I've learned. We just have to finish through. Even
if it's painful you just have to focus on your work and do the best we
can! You can't control the wind, but you can control the way you face
your sails.

Thanks for the care package! I'll enjoy he treats you send me! Mom,
what should I do with my bike? Can you tell me soon? Do you want me to
try to bring it home or sell it or...

Yeah I'm going to give it my all and just focus on everyday and not
think about finishing. Haha I don't want it to just drag.

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Sept. 4, 2017

Hahaha yeah it's really going by fast. Today it hit me. It still
doesn't feel real but it's coming... in a couple of weeks I'll give my
farewell testimony... weird. I just don't want to think about it too
much because then it'll drag. Hahaha. That's good! Glad you didn't
need plastic surgery or something. Haha. I wish it was in the 90s! ;)
yeah you should go ahead and use them. (Ordinance cards for
temple work.)
One time a missionary showed me how to do it.

Hahahaha! Oh no! Another Trailer! (Mom is looking at some.)
I'm not going to send out a weekly. We went to Golden Corral and I
know realized why we stopped going there as a family. Hahaha. Yes
please send Elder Parra something! He would love it. He loves double
stuff oreos. I love Elder Parra, such a good guy!

But this week a part Member family we've been trying to teach came to
church. Mostly because the dad needed to talk to the bishop for
financial stuff. Hahaha but any way we can get em there right!? ;)
But we've just been talking to everyone and working as hard as we can!

Nothing much to update! We went with J_______ P________ to the visitors
center and he had just bought a new mustang and took us for an
interesting drive. Lol.

But I love you mom! Crazy how little time I have left! I actually
haven't really realized it, but I'm sure it'll hit me. I never thought
this day would come. Hahaha

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


August 28, 2017

This week was pretty good! No complaints! So last week I mentioned
that a guy stopped us and asked us to visit him and he told us to
visit him! Well we did and he told us he's been inactive for a while
but that he wanted to make it back! So we visited him right before
Sacrament and we read with him in the Book of Mormon. Then he came to
church so that was good! So on a mission the cars we drive have a
certain amount of miles we can use... and we ran out. Hahaha so we
spent our weekend walking but we saw blessings! We found a member that
isn't on our record but he said he wanted to repent and come back!
Then, we found another member family that aren't on the Records! So we
saw some tons of blessings come as we were walking around! Truly we
have felt like the lord just wants us to work with the Members in our
area and talk with everyone and we've seen the lord doing his work! I
love this work!

This talk is really good! It's called converted to his gospel through
his church! I love this part.

Some have come to think of activity in the Church as the ultimate
goal. Therein lies a danger. It is possible to be active in the Church
and less active in the gospel. Let me stress: activity in the Church
is a highly desirable goal; however, it is insufficient. Activity in
the Church is an outward indication of our spiritual desire. If we
attend our meetings, hold and fulfill Church responsibilities, and
serve others, it is publicly observed.

By contrast, the things of the gospel are usually less visible and
more difficult to measure, but they are of greater eternal importance.
For example, how much faith do we really have? How repentant are we?
How meaningful are the ordinances in our lives? How focused are we on
our covenants?

I hope we can all become converted to the gospel not the church!
Because thats actually the thing of most importance. It's something
I've noticed on my mission that someone can go to church every Sunday
but not be totally converted! Conversion comes from the heart. It
comes from our desires. I love the question that preach my gospel
poses and it says "is your greatest hope to inherit the kingdom of
god?" Love you all! Have a fabulous week.

Oh man! THats bad! I'm super sorry to hear that mom! Hahahaha we could've been matching tooth buddies! That's good mom! Getting back into running shape! Me and Elder Olivera have been doing running and it feels so good. I've stopped lifting weights because I would randomly get pain in my joints. I think it was Heavenly Fathers way of telling me I was focusing on it too much. Hahha so now I just lift a little bit but we mostly run! That's awesome! We finally got rid of that gray carpet?! That's exciting! I love the new carpet smell. It is really hard to deal with  people are negative. It's hard because you can only influence you can't force people to change. Hahaha I would love to force some of these people we meet to embrace the gospel. But we can't. We just have to do our best to help them be better but ultimately they have to choose :)   Thanks for all you do for me Mom! Love you!


August 21, 2017

This week was really good! Thursday night we had a guy come up to us
as we were walking into our apartment and ask us to visit up later in
the week. We went but he wasn't there.... but stay tuned folks! The
update will be coming in a later episode! Then on Wednesday, maybe it
was Thursday too... but we felt like we needed to visit a part Member
family. So we went and found the non member dad in tons of pain
because of a surgery he had. We gave him a blessing and he told us
that he was going to have his wife call someone from the Ward to give
him a blessing but he didn't because he didn't want to be a burden.
Then we showed up! It was clearly Heavenly Father guiding us! On
Monday we visited with a family that has been inactive for a long
time. The dad used to be an Elders Quorum President. But they talked
about how when they were in the gospel they still had different
problems but when they had the gospel they were still happy because
they knew Heavenly Father would take care of them. And it was sad to
see how they are but hopefully we can help them make it back. On the
mission tour we learned the Key to Joy! I wanted to share it with you
because I've seen it work!


As we put Heavenly Father and the gospel of Jesus Christ first in our
lives, then others, then ourself I KNOW we will experience happiness.
It's amazing how it works but I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus
Christ that gives me direction and truly gives me peace. I love My
Heavenly Father and the opportunity he gave me to be here. Love you

Elder Jensen

Mommy! Yeah we were inside painting when that happened! Hahha didn't
even notice it! Could you tell a difference? That's awesome! They got
to speak the same day?! That's awesome! Hahha I bet she's busy!
Getting into school that fast has got to be crazy! He did remember
her!? Hahha that's so cool! In the picture Man Cub looks huge! What
happened!? He's a little boy. He's no toddler anymore.

Just like your quote you have on our wall going to the basement "Life
is to be enjoyed, not just endured" life is supposed to be happy!
That's why I smile. Hahha. For some reason 9 weeks sounds way far
away. Hahha but it is hard to not think about it. It's bitter sweet to
think about. I've absolutely loved my mission. Thinking back to the
times during the MTC and with all my companions. Definitely worth the
hardships and the amazing times! Part of me wishes I could start back
over from the MTC, but then the other have of me is like what the heck
are you talking about, you're tired as heck. Hahaha ;) it'll be good
to see you all again. I can't wait. :) but I still have a while! This
week we had the opportunity to have two seventies in our mission. We
learned about helping others understand the Book of Mormon so they can
feel the spirit and receive a witness that it is true. We tried it out
with an investigator and less active and both of them were so excited
to read more in the Book of Mormon and they said they felt the Spirit
very strong! Elder Wilson said he read the Book of Mormon like that
for a year with a man that said he wouldn't get baptized. And after
finishing the Book of Mormon he got baptized! And so I thought it was
something amazing that maybe some people in our family don't
understand! If they are willing, it would bless them with a testimony

I'm doing good. I do think these last two months will be the hardest
though. Hahha because I, supposed to be an example of how to do
missionary work and be the driving force of everything we do, but also
every time we check the date I'm reminded I only have a little bit
left, Bens email helped me a lot. I'm just going to keep on doing my
best! How's Maisey? How are you? And the Brothers? Love you!:)

Elder Jensen

Temple Trip!!!


 August 14, 2017

This week was good. We met with a less-active family that goes to a
different church. We talked with them for a while and it was amazing
to see their ideas change because of the Spirit! They agreed to allow
us to return to help them understand the Spirit! It was beautiful!

We also talked with our neighbor and she too commented how she wanted
to change her life! She said they haven't been to their Catholic
Church in forever! So we are going to teach her! So many other
blessings have we received.

We've been able to meet with many other less actives and have been
able to help them with their faith! I love the mission it's amazing.

On Sunday we watched the dedication of the Tucson temple. The Spirit
was soooo strong! As soon as we walked into the chapel it felt like we
walked into the temple. As we sang the spirit of god I felt the Spirit
so strong. I can't deny the peace I felt and the tranquility from the
spirit! It was awesome. I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

 I have dreams like once a week I'm a missionary in Hawaii
 baptizing people. It's really funny. I'm so excited!
Thanks for giving me extra money! I'm trying to eat cleaner
and hopefully get pretty in shape before I get home! Hahaha
in theory. I think Working as a CNA is what I want to do when I
get home... but as you know I lost my license because it expired.
 I looked up some classes and it looks like the earliest month I'll
be able to take it is in December. But the daytime schedule looks
 pretty crazy. I'll send it to you.

Going to the Tucson temple open house--oh yeah!!!


August 7, 2017

This week was an adventure. So I'm training Elder Olivera, he's from
Kansas City. He's been a convert of 3 years! He had his adult
life and he left it all to come on a mission! He's an example to me!
He loves to share his testimony with everyone and it's great.

Our ward is the Valencia Ward. It's about 25 square miles in the
middle of Mesa, so it covers a lot of ground. I'm definitely not used
to this huge ward. We divide it between 3 sets of Missionaries so we
cover about a third of that area. It's a little hard though because
the hispanics just aren't sitting outside their trailer or apartment
like I've been used to my mission. They all have pretty nice houses.
So it's a little harder to find. The ward is huge though! I think
there is around 300 that attend every Sunday! We contacted tons of
people! We only had like 6 people in our Investigator pool but
heavenly Father has blessed us so much! We have like tripled it and a
less active family we taught decided to go to church! Heavenly Father
really does bless us!

So last Tuesday as I was getting ready to move to the new area I got a
migraine. Haha it was the worst day to get a migraine. Because I had
to pack all my stuff and drive to my new area and pick up my trainee
and it was the worst. So I took a nap but it still didn't work, I took
medicine, nothing worked. So I prayed and I was like Heavenly Father,
I tired my best but I can't get rid of it. Please help me. Then I got
a blessing from Elder Parra and I felt the pain leave my body! It was
truly Amazing! A miracle. And the pain didn't come back. I know Faith
and Priesthood blessings are real.

Another experience! About two weeks ago I had this sore on my lip and
it hurt a lot! Hahha my companion told me to rub salt on it and it
would hurt a lot, but afterwards it would feel better. So I did it! It
burned sooo much! But afterwards it was great! Then the next day me
and my companion got into an argument about something and as I was
saying my nightly prayers I told Heavenly Father "I'm sorry Heavenly
Father i don't want to be mad at him, I don't want to be annoyed,
please help me" and I felt that I needed to apologize to him that I
got mad. Even though neither of us had offended each other we just
weren't agreeing on something. So I did it, and I felt so much relief!
I didn't feel annoyed or anything! I didn't want to eat my pride, but
as I did it made me feel so good. An amazing lesson learned!

Love you all! :)

So Gus will get home next week?? That's crazy! Goes by so fast. I
can't believe Brody is getting married. That's so crazy. Life is so
weird Mom. It's kinda sad it's never going to be the same after,
goofing around with the buddies probably won't happen. Haha :( When
does Spencer finish his mission??

I can't wait to meet those two puppies! And I hope I get to see my maisey
again! :) how are you doing mom? Are you happy? Spiritually ok?
I sure miss you and dad and the family. I love you guys so much.
Seriously the family and the gospel are the most important things in this life.

This last week was kinda hard for me. I think I've just been really
stressed from white-washing and training and the area is hard to find
people to teach. So I was kind of depressed and sad this last week.

I think I'm also getting a little homesick because all my friends are finishing their missions and it just makes me think of home a lot. And I miss you guys a lot. But Heavenly Father is blessing me a lot we've seen some crazy miracles and the Spirit has definitely been with us and we've been able to touch people's lives. Today I read a talk that helped me go forward (April 2012, mountains to climb) it talks about how trials help us grow closer to god and how it polishes us and makes us what Heavenly Father wants us to be. So I know this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do! There's times I just want to throw in the towel, but I can't. Just have to keep going. I never thought I would've felt this emotionally challenged this far into my mission! But thanks for allowing me to be able to share this with you. I love the gospel. I'm safe, healthy, and working on being Happy!

My comps name is Elder Olivera!

Love you mom! These next months will fly by!

Elder Jensen


July 31, 2017

Well, we got transfer calls! And guess what! I'm going to die
training! White washing into the strongest Spanish ward in the
mission! It was nice to spend the last seven months here. I learned a
lot! It was sad to say goodbye to some of the Investigators I have
taught and the Members. This has Been my favorite area so far.

We had a really good week. We focused on talking to as many people as
we could! It was really good! We made lots of contacts but nothing
that has turned out too crazy! I learned how important members are in
this area. We found a lot, but nothing lasting ever happened until we
started doing what Heavenly Father wanted us to do. Then that's when
the blessings came in.

Well, this is when the last two transfers start it. Obviously
President didn't want me to trunk out. I'm excited to train my last
two! But I read an awesome article. It's called "When doubts and
questions arise" it's super good. It takes about how whenever we have
questions we can't use that excuse to be disobedient. It's showing
Heavenly Father that you want an answer on your terms! But he will
only respond to us when we do it by his terms! In the article it says

“When faced with a trial of faith--whatever you do, don’t step away
from the Church! Distancing yourself from the kingdom of God during a
trial of faith is like leaving the safety of a secure storm cellar
just as the tornado comes into view.”

I've had tons of doubts and questions come as a missionary! I can't
deny it, but I've also received so many answers. Heavenly Father has
blessed me in so many ways. I know this gospel is true. I'm so
grateful I've received that blessing. I love you all:)

Everyone is moving!! Yeah sometimes it's easy to get mad and be onry.
But we can't control the wind but we can control our sails! I know
it's super hard to be nice and happy when everyone around you isn't.
TRUST ME. It's hard being with a person 24 hours a day for 4 1/2
months. But you just gotta do It! He'll help you!

Yes! Thank you for doing that! School is quickly approaching. 
Hahaha. Thanks for all you do mom. What do you think I could do when I
get back? Like do I try to find some work to do as soon as I get back
right before school? I would like to be busy. Haha. 

Thanks for everything mom! My G-Shock watch died and I think I'm just
going to get a cheap watch from Walmart, because I think it's like 30
dollars to get the battery replaced.  Love ya mom. I can't even believe it's coming to an end......

Aguila District

Sunday, July 30, 2017


JULY 24, 2017
Well well well folks. This week was FILLED with miracles. A_______
R______, the family we met on their front porch, well he canceled the
lesson we had on Friday. So we just started walking around visiting
people and he called us up and was like "hey I'm on my way to the
visitors' center!" So we hustled over there and during the lesson he
was just way into it! Then he was talking about how he felt goosebumps
while we were there! We explained to him that it was the Holy Ghost
and we invited him to ask Heavenly Father if this was true, we were
like what are you going to do if it's true? And he said get baptized!
Hahaha the spirit was super strong and he said he wants to be
spiritual Hermanos :) jajaja

We also got a call from a member in a different ward! Her sister in
law had a pregnancy complication, so she called us and we gave her a
blessing! We had an amazing Restoration lesson with her! She was
asking awesome questions and she said that in the future she wants to
get baptized! She was telling us how beautiful it feels in the
visitors center!

Yesterday we taught a less active family and they were relating soccer
to the gospel how when you get a yellow card it's the ref scolding you
and that's how the lord is with us! Then we knocked the door as they
were talking about that! So we shared this scripture with them!
21 Behold, I have come unto the world to bring redemption unto the
world, to save the world from sin.

22 Therefore, whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as a little child,
him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God. Behold, for
such I have laid down my life, and have taken it up again; therefore
repent, and come unto me ye ends of the earth, and be saved.

Jesus Christ has already given us the gift of being resurrected but we
must choose if we want to receive the gift of eternal life! I know
that's true! I know is gospel is true, and Joseph smith was a prophet.
I cannot deny it!

Elder Jensen

Enviado desde mi iPad

What the!? Br_____ is getting married!? Hahha crazy! I can't believe it! Man I've never appreciated rain so much as I did yesterday! Such a blessing! Hahaha! It rained HARD too! Man sounds like you got some HGTV going on! That's really sad to see all those buildings wrecked like they were! But oh well, such is life! Yeah... I'm happy the summer is winding down. Hahha I won't be visiting here during the summers. Hahaha but I'm excited the rain is here! I enjoy reading and studying about college. I've talked to some people too about their advice with college and I think studying as fast as I can and living with dan is the best thing for me. Because he said that you can save thousands of dollars by living with family, that you can use to do fun things with every once and a while and use it for further school. So hopefully dan would be ok with me living there with him? Hahha but everything will be alright :) today marks my 3 month mark. Oh my gosh. It's unreal. Hahha I had a dream I went home and no one wanted me there! Hahaha it was hilarious. I talked with President and he said I'll probably get released from Zone leader and get moved to a new area and train. Something good to keep me motivated to the end even though I'm tired. I read an AWESOME talk this week. I want you to read it. It's called.... 

Waiting for the Prodigal by elder Brent H Nielson April 2015 

I'm really healthy. Trying to get into shape, trying to preach the gospel, hahha I'm super tired but I just gotta keep on going. I got a long life ahead of me of serving :) how are you? Healthy? Happy? Love ya!

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Finally, Rain!!!!  Yay!

At a member's Moana birthday party.


JULY 17 2017

Hey Fam. This week was good! We had two awesome miracles! The first
was when a member called us and said her brother wanted to talk with
us! When we shared the first vision he like reacted and he was like
"That was weird" Hahha and we said what did you feel? And he said I
felt something really weird. It was like love... so cool! Truly an
amazing blessing from the Lord! :) Then we also were walking and we
went up these apartment steps and immediately became friends with this
guy! He said he went to the Visitor's center a while ago! And he said
he felt like god sent us here to guide him and his family! Truly am
amazing blessing from the Lord! I love the Lord and this work!

Mosiah 27:25-26
25 And the Lord said unto me: Marvel not that all mankind, yea, men
and women, all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, must be born
again; yea, born of God, changed from their carnal and fallen state,
to a state of righteousness, being redeemed of God, becoming his sons
and daughters;
26 And thus they become new creatures; and unless they do this, they
can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God.

I LOVE OOVE LOVE LOVE The chance we have to change and become 'new
creatures'. I love that Heavenly Father gave me the chance to use the
Atonement of Jesus Christ to become a better and new person! I sure
was a strange critter before. And I still am. Hahaha but I now know
what Heavenly Father wants me to become through Jesus Christ.

Elder Jensen

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Hey Mom! This work is amazing! I love being a missionary! This is the
most effective time of my mission and I'm so happy! Just remember mom!
Ben told me when I was frustrated just don't worry about what you
can't control and just try to impact the lives of the people you can

I'm excited to try Red Iguana! It sounds amazing! I can't believe I
have 99 days. Ahhh I'm excited and so nervous Mom. Hahahaha thank you
for doing that for me. I'm excited to study! I want to make the most
of my life and bring as many souls to Christ while I'm doing it! Tori
only has 3 more weeks! That's crazy! Hopefully you her and Beck will
be able to hang out :)

Tell Dad and everyone I say hi! And that I love them!

I'm so happy Ben and Beck have their home!! Yay! Now me and Ben can
have Mario Sleep overs at his house :)

Me and Elder Parra say thanks for the chocolates!  I can't believe a
lot of my friends have finished. CrazyM

Love you mom! :)


JULY 10, 2017

This week was fun! We have been blessed to find Some people and
hopefully help them progress. J_____ is still way solid. He has he
Priesthood and hopefully we can do some baptisms for the dead with
him. We also visited a less active that hasn't been to church in
forever! He said that he stopped going for a number of reasons one of
them being that an Hermana from the Ward hit him like on the Head.
Hahah but he wasn't interested at all but after a long talk he offered
us a watermelon and he said we could go by whenever!

I wanted to share this from the talk "Converted to his gospel, through
his church"

Unite the gospel with the Church. As we concentrate on the gospel, the
Church will become more, not less, of a blessing in our lives. As we
come to each meeting prepared to “seek learning, even by study and
also by faith” (D&C 88:118), the Holy Spirit will be our teacher. If
we come to be entertained, we often will be disappointed. President
Spencer W. Kimball was once asked, “What do you do when you find
yourself in a boring sacrament meeting?” His response: “I don’t know.
I’ve never been in one”

Hahahaha! If we pay attention and ask the Lord what we lack he will
tell us! Love you!

Oh ok! Yeah it's so hot but it's ok! Yes! Please get all that set up
for me! Maybe you can call and ask! I don't think I need to take the
SAT? I only took the ACT in high school? But if it has expired and I
need to take it let me know. I asked my Mission President if I could
take it so we will see! Yes I do want to!

Man! Massey will live! Hahaha it'll be so good to see her! Thanks for
keeping me updated! Is it Ryan Jacobs the really young one?

Hahahha so I didn't tell you last week. But I've spent different money
on medicine because this guy in our neighborhood sent us a huge like
50 pound rock to through around for morning exercise. And nothing
happened. But later that day I had a sharp pain in my back by my
shoulder blade and it felt like a heart attack. Hahha for a couple of
days I couldn't breath very deep or else I would have a sharp pain in
my back. But I went to the Doctor and they told me I had Pluritis and
it's basically like I tore part of the plura which covers the lung and
then it was enflamed. Hahaha but all is well, I went to the physical
therapist which was free and I'm good now! Hahahha I'll send you a

Love you mom! Please if you can, I would love you forever if you could
figure everything out for my colllege because I can't loves! 😎

This is how Elder Jensen studies:

Elder Jensen doing his rehab.


I never heard from Elder Jensen on Monday, July 3 or Tuesday, July 4.  I had sent him this quick email:   I'm sure hoping you're ok......I haven't heard from you this week and you don't want me to call your mission president if there's no reason 😈.    Hahaha   I also sent his companion an email asking how he was doing.  Yes, this mother worries about her son.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hahaha thank you for watching out for me! :) I just forgot to tell you
that on temple weeks our P-Days usually get moved to Tuesday, but
yesterday was 4th of July. So it got pushed way back to Wednesday!
Thanks mom! Love you! I'll talk to you after the temple! :)

Enviado desde mi iPad

Haha! Sorry I forgot to tell you that I wouldn't have P-Day until
Wednesday! But the week was good! We have been struggling to find new
Investigators. We feel like we need to work with the Members so that's
what we've been trying to do! The fruit that we've seen has been A
less active family that owns a super successful restaurant down here
has been coming recently and it's so cool to see them at church. Also,
a less-active that I found with Elder Ramon like 6 months ago came
last week and him and J______ bore their testimonies! It was so awesome
to see! 😎J_________ also received the priesthood! It was super cool!

I went on exchanges with Elder Keeling from  Canada on Canada
day 🇨🇦 it was cool! At 8:30 I was like "ok should we go home to do
an evaluation?" and he was like " no I feel like we need to knock this
door, so we knocked it and the guy was like "Man were super busy, but
come back another day." Hahaha but the cool part was that right after
that both the members we were trying to contact came home and we
talked with them!

This week I focused a lot of prayer. I just find it so interesting
that as Missionaries we pray probably like more than 15 times a day
but I don't think I listen 15 times a day. I studied about the
necessity of listening to our answers through impressions and
scripture study and other ways! I think it's amazing to think that we
probably receive more answers to our prayers than we think. Love you
all take care!

Elder Jensen

Oh man! How old is she now? Hahah I don't know if it would be sadder
for me to see her die or have her pass away on my mission.  
(Talking about our dog, Maisey who is 13.)  Yeah any
fun things went on for the Fourth of July? Darcy is a Austrailian
Sheppard? (Adam's dog.)   That's fun with all those dogs in the house huh!?
 Hahha. Is it still possible for me to go to UVU? Or is it better just working a
semester and starting a little late?cause if it's possible should I
start looking at classes? I know I suggest all this stuff but I don't
even know what to do! Haha! Love ya mom!

Thanks for sharing that mom! I don't know why but more struggles just
keep on coming even this far into the mission. Hahha you never stop
growing! Haha and the heat just makes it worse! Being a Missionary has
been the hardest thing I've done by far. But it's also helped me in so
many ways. I never understood the importance of the commandments nor
the consequences of sin. It truly amazes me how just giving into the
natural man for minutes can have an effect for the rest of our lives!
I'm truly glad i served a mission, even if at times I wanted to return
I know that the Lord wants Finishers because we never stop learning
along the way! I may have 29 different ideas of what I want to do for
the future but I only have one that is certain, i want to be a
disciple of Jesus Christ (you can quote me on that if you want) Hahha
but really It's the only intelligent thing to do! Thanks for listening
to those one Elders a while back and thanks for not giving up on me
and teaching me the gospel. I look forward to these few months. I
won't give up! Love ya mom!

Elder Jensen

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Such a happy missionary!

Elder Parra's rendition of Elder Jensen

Cruisin' to the temple!

Do you think it's caliente??