Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 16 (Received Feb. 22)

Hey family!

This week has been good! It's been like 80-85! I've gotten a lot
better at talking with random people! We go on this one street Doran
St and it's like slums and 99 percent Mexican! We've met a lot of
people on that street no one that's really interested but every one
will pretty much talk! Hahaha every Saturday there's like 5 fiestas on
that street haha and no one is home on that street.

We've taught Ramon 3 times this past week! He's solid as a Rock! He
truly is growing closer to Heavenly Father every time we see him and
it's amazing to see that process! We took a different investigator to
the Visitors Center and we saw him just sitting there by the Jesus
Christ statue and we went up and asked him what he was doing and he
said he likes to go there to feel peace! How awesome is that!? He
knows the spirit and recognizes it! Then he told us he was praying to
the statue hahahha so we need to talk about not praying to graven
images but that will come!

The L____ family is still progressing but not as fast as they were.
Yesterday we went to give a blessing to their youngest daughter,
B_____, whose 2 because her appendix burst :( but they're still good!
The Ward is helping them out!)We've been giving blessings out the
Wazoo. So many haha.

Hahahaha we went to go get one of the members out with us for some
lessons and we showed up like right as he got home from work and he
was like sorry I'm late! And we were like no it's really okay! Don't
even worry! Hahaha then he hurried and changed and we were about to
walk out the door and he stopped and grabbed the hand sanitizer off
the table and dumped a ton in his hands and like threw it on his head
and wiped it all over his face and hair, then he started screaming
cause it got in his eyes. Hahhahaha we were like what were you
thinking?? Hahah I guess he didn't want to take a shower.

This week I've been focusing a lot on the Atonement of Jesus Christ
and it's truly so amazing. I'm so grateful that we can feel so
peaceful and happy through Jesus Christ. It's so great! I love you
guys so much!  You guys are so amazing! Thanks for being the best

Elder Jordy

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