Sunday, July 30, 2017


JULY 24, 2017
Well well well folks. This week was FILLED with miracles. A_______
R______, the family we met on their front porch, well he canceled the
lesson we had on Friday. So we just started walking around visiting
people and he called us up and was like "hey I'm on my way to the
visitors' center!" So we hustled over there and during the lesson he
was just way into it! Then he was talking about how he felt goosebumps
while we were there! We explained to him that it was the Holy Ghost
and we invited him to ask Heavenly Father if this was true, we were
like what are you going to do if it's true? And he said get baptized!
Hahaha the spirit was super strong and he said he wants to be
spiritual Hermanos :) jajaja

We also got a call from a member in a different ward! Her sister in
law had a pregnancy complication, so she called us and we gave her a
blessing! We had an amazing Restoration lesson with her! She was
asking awesome questions and she said that in the future she wants to
get baptized! She was telling us how beautiful it feels in the
visitors center!

Yesterday we taught a less active family and they were relating soccer
to the gospel how when you get a yellow card it's the ref scolding you
and that's how the lord is with us! Then we knocked the door as they
were talking about that! So we shared this scripture with them!
21 Behold, I have come unto the world to bring redemption unto the
world, to save the world from sin.

22 Therefore, whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as a little child,
him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God. Behold, for
such I have laid down my life, and have taken it up again; therefore
repent, and come unto me ye ends of the earth, and be saved.

Jesus Christ has already given us the gift of being resurrected but we
must choose if we want to receive the gift of eternal life! I know
that's true! I know is gospel is true, and Joseph smith was a prophet.
I cannot deny it!

Elder Jensen

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What the!? Br_____ is getting married!? Hahha crazy! I can't believe it! Man I've never appreciated rain so much as I did yesterday! Such a blessing! Hahaha! It rained HARD too! Man sounds like you got some HGTV going on! That's really sad to see all those buildings wrecked like they were! But oh well, such is life! Yeah... I'm happy the summer is winding down. Hahha I won't be visiting here during the summers. Hahaha but I'm excited the rain is here! I enjoy reading and studying about college. I've talked to some people too about their advice with college and I think studying as fast as I can and living with dan is the best thing for me. Because he said that you can save thousands of dollars by living with family, that you can use to do fun things with every once and a while and use it for further school. So hopefully dan would be ok with me living there with him? Hahha but everything will be alright :) today marks my 3 month mark. Oh my gosh. It's unreal. Hahha I had a dream I went home and no one wanted me there! Hahaha it was hilarious. I talked with President and he said I'll probably get released from Zone leader and get moved to a new area and train. Something good to keep me motivated to the end even though I'm tired. I read an AWESOME talk this week. I want you to read it. It's called.... 

Waiting for the Prodigal by elder Brent H Nielson April 2015 

I'm really healthy. Trying to get into shape, trying to preach the gospel, hahha I'm super tired but I just gotta keep on going. I got a long life ahead of me of serving :) how are you? Healthy? Happy? Love ya!

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Finally, Rain!!!!  Yay!

At a member's Moana birthday party.


JULY 17 2017

Hey Fam. This week was good! We had two awesome miracles! The first
was when a member called us and said her brother wanted to talk with
us! When we shared the first vision he like reacted and he was like
"That was weird" Hahha and we said what did you feel? And he said I
felt something really weird. It was like love... so cool! Truly an
amazing blessing from the Lord! :) Then we also were walking and we
went up these apartment steps and immediately became friends with this
guy! He said he went to the Visitor's center a while ago! And he said
he felt like god sent us here to guide him and his family! Truly am
amazing blessing from the Lord! I love the Lord and this work!

Mosiah 27:25-26
25 And the Lord said unto me: Marvel not that all mankind, yea, men
and women, all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, must be born
again; yea, born of God, changed from their carnal and fallen state,
to a state of righteousness, being redeemed of God, becoming his sons
and daughters;
26 And thus they become new creatures; and unless they do this, they
can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God.

I LOVE OOVE LOVE LOVE The chance we have to change and become 'new
creatures'. I love that Heavenly Father gave me the chance to use the
Atonement of Jesus Christ to become a better and new person! I sure
was a strange critter before. And I still am. Hahaha but I now know
what Heavenly Father wants me to become through Jesus Christ.

Elder Jensen

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Hey Mom! This work is amazing! I love being a missionary! This is the
most effective time of my mission and I'm so happy! Just remember mom!
Ben told me when I was frustrated just don't worry about what you
can't control and just try to impact the lives of the people you can

I'm excited to try Red Iguana! It sounds amazing! I can't believe I
have 99 days. Ahhh I'm excited and so nervous Mom. Hahahaha thank you
for doing that for me. I'm excited to study! I want to make the most
of my life and bring as many souls to Christ while I'm doing it! Tori
only has 3 more weeks! That's crazy! Hopefully you her and Beck will
be able to hang out :)

Tell Dad and everyone I say hi! And that I love them!

I'm so happy Ben and Beck have their home!! Yay! Now me and Ben can
have Mario Sleep overs at his house :)

Me and Elder Parra say thanks for the chocolates!  I can't believe a
lot of my friends have finished. CrazyM

Love you mom! :)


JULY 10, 2017

This week was fun! We have been blessed to find Some people and
hopefully help them progress. J_____ is still way solid. He has he
Priesthood and hopefully we can do some baptisms for the dead with
him. We also visited a less active that hasn't been to church in
forever! He said that he stopped going for a number of reasons one of
them being that an Hermana from the Ward hit him like on the Head.
Hahah but he wasn't interested at all but after a long talk he offered
us a watermelon and he said we could go by whenever!

I wanted to share this from the talk "Converted to his gospel, through
his church"

Unite the gospel with the Church. As we concentrate on the gospel, the
Church will become more, not less, of a blessing in our lives. As we
come to each meeting prepared to “seek learning, even by study and
also by faith” (D&C 88:118), the Holy Spirit will be our teacher. If
we come to be entertained, we often will be disappointed. President
Spencer W. Kimball was once asked, “What do you do when you find
yourself in a boring sacrament meeting?” His response: “I don’t know.
I’ve never been in one”

Hahahaha! If we pay attention and ask the Lord what we lack he will
tell us! Love you!

Oh ok! Yeah it's so hot but it's ok! Yes! Please get all that set up
for me! Maybe you can call and ask! I don't think I need to take the
SAT? I only took the ACT in high school? But if it has expired and I
need to take it let me know. I asked my Mission President if I could
take it so we will see! Yes I do want to!

Man! Massey will live! Hahaha it'll be so good to see her! Thanks for
keeping me updated! Is it Ryan Jacobs the really young one?

Hahahha so I didn't tell you last week. But I've spent different money
on medicine because this guy in our neighborhood sent us a huge like
50 pound rock to through around for morning exercise. And nothing
happened. But later that day I had a sharp pain in my back by my
shoulder blade and it felt like a heart attack. Hahha for a couple of
days I couldn't breath very deep or else I would have a sharp pain in
my back. But I went to the Doctor and they told me I had Pluritis and
it's basically like I tore part of the plura which covers the lung and
then it was enflamed. Hahaha but all is well, I went to the physical
therapist which was free and I'm good now! Hahahha I'll send you a

Love you mom! Please if you can, I would love you forever if you could
figure everything out for my colllege because I can't loves! 😎

This is how Elder Jensen studies:


Elder Jensen doing his rehab.


I never heard from Elder Jensen on Monday, July 3 or Tuesday, July 4.  I had sent him this quick email:   I'm sure hoping you're ok......I haven't heard from you this week and you don't want me to call your mission president if there's no reason 😈.    Hahaha   I also sent his companion an email asking how he was doing.  Yes, this mother worries about her son.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hahaha thank you for watching out for me! :) I just forgot to tell you
that on temple weeks our P-Days usually get moved to Tuesday, but
yesterday was 4th of July. So it got pushed way back to Wednesday!
Thanks mom! Love you! I'll talk to you after the temple! :)

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Haha! Sorry I forgot to tell you that I wouldn't have P-Day until
Wednesday! But the week was good! We have been struggling to find new
Investigators. We feel like we need to work with the Members so that's
what we've been trying to do! The fruit that we've seen has been A
less active family that owns a super successful restaurant down here
has been coming recently and it's so cool to see them at church. Also,
a less-active that I found with Elder Ramon like 6 months ago came
last week and him and J______ bore their testimonies! It was so awesome
to see! 😎J_________ also received the priesthood! It was super cool!

I went on exchanges with Elder Keeling from  Canada on Canada
day 🇨🇦 it was cool! At 8:30 I was like "ok should we go home to do
an evaluation?" and he was like " no I feel like we need to knock this
door, so we knocked it and the guy was like "Man were super busy, but
come back another day." Hahaha but the cool part was that right after
that both the members we were trying to contact came home and we
talked with them!

This week I focused a lot of prayer. I just find it so interesting
that as Missionaries we pray probably like more than 15 times a day
but I don't think I listen 15 times a day. I studied about the
necessity of listening to our answers through impressions and
scripture study and other ways! I think it's amazing to think that we
probably receive more answers to our prayers than we think. Love you
all take care!

Elder Jensen

Oh man! How old is she now? Hahah I don't know if it would be sadder
for me to see her die or have her pass away on my mission.  
(Talking about our dog, Maisey who is 13.)  Yeah any
fun things went on for the Fourth of July? Darcy is a Austrailian
Sheppard? (Adam's dog.)   That's fun with all those dogs in the house huh!?
 Hahha. Is it still possible for me to go to UVU? Or is it better just working a
semester and starting a little late?cause if it's possible should I
start looking at classes? I know I suggest all this stuff but I don't
even know what to do! Haha! Love ya mom!

Thanks for sharing that mom! I don't know why but more struggles just
keep on coming even this far into the mission. Hahha you never stop
growing! Haha and the heat just makes it worse! Being a Missionary has
been the hardest thing I've done by far. But it's also helped me in so
many ways. I never understood the importance of the commandments nor
the consequences of sin. It truly amazes me how just giving into the
natural man for minutes can have an effect for the rest of our lives!
I'm truly glad i served a mission, even if at times I wanted to return
I know that the Lord wants Finishers because we never stop learning
along the way! I may have 29 different ideas of what I want to do for
the future but I only have one that is certain, i want to be a
disciple of Jesus Christ (you can quote me on that if you want) Hahha
but really It's the only intelligent thing to do! Thanks for listening
to those one Elders a while back and thanks for not giving up on me
and teaching me the gospel. I look forward to these few months. I
won't give up! Love ya mom!

Elder Jensen

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Such a happy missionary!

Elder Parra's rendition of Elder Jensen

Cruisin' to the temple!

Do you think it's caliente??

Thursday, June 29, 2017


JUNE 26, 2017

Man, this week was really good! We have felt like we need to work with
the branch and strengthen them! Haha we both felt like this is crazy
because we need people to teach! We need to be out finding
investigators and stuff, but then Heavenly Father was like "hey boys,
this is my work." And as we spent the night visiting members and
sharing spiritual lessons with them. And Boom! We ran into this guy at
like 8:30 putting his groceries into his truck named E_____, 23 year
old. We talked with him and he said he's seen us around and he
accepted us back! Then on Sunday, we taught him the first lesson and
it was super powerful! He said he understood that baptism was really
important so he wants to be sure before he makes that step! But he
wants us to come back like as often as we can because he said he feels
better when we come! Heavenly Father truly is the head of this
operations! No un hallowed hand can stop the work.

I'm so glad I've had this opportunity to grow as a person and grow
closer to my Heavenly Father. I know he loves us, he wants us to be
happy! And that's why he sends us the commandments. It is said that he
will bless us temporally and spiritually and J_______ is an awesome
example of that! After his baptism, the mom of his baby girl told him
that he could have her every weekend! Waahhhooooo!

I love you guys! And I love Heavenly Father and his Gospel! :)Hahaha the time is going by so fast!
Of course! We still teach him all time and have lessons! And he's going to go
with us to teach! Hahaha  the mission office gave us 200 more miles probably 
because of the heat, but we still have to go on bike 😭

You should send him my email address because I can't reply!
Man, we went out from like 2-5 in 120 and it wrecked us! So hot.
Haha I used to think above 100 I couldn't feel a difference,
 but there's a difference from 110-120 gosh I hope we get rain soon! 😖

I love you guys too!!! I can't believe my mission is coming to an end,
but thanks for supporting me he whole way through! :D
Elder Jensen

Yay!! Pizza Pie Cafe!

Love sharing the Gospel!



JUNE 19, 2017

This week was fun! We had an awesome meeting with Lynn G Robbins of
the presidency of the seventy and he just gave us like a life
training. Hahha he talked about taking responsibility because of our
agency. And he stressed the importance of studying Christ-Like
Attributes and being patient and being humble. Man, it was awesome.
Hahaha he was like this is your time to make yourself into a
Christ-Like person so you can be a Christ-like spouse. This is like
practice marriage, being with your comp all the time. Hahaha it was
hilarious to see everyone treating their comps so well afterwards 😂

Transfers came and me and Elder Parra will stay together for a 3rd
transfer! Which makes it going on 7 months here in downtown Mesa.

J_____ made the Covenant!! Hahahha it was awesome! He hadn't seen his
daughter in over a year, and right before his baptism his ex wife
called him and told him he could have her for Father's Day! He has so
happy and he testified to us that it was God working with his ex wife.
I'm so grateful the Lord let me baptize one of my good friends:)


Helaman 5:10-11
10 And remember also the words which Amulek spake unto Zeezrom, in the
city of Ammonihah; for he said unto him that the Lord surely should
come to redeem his people, but that he should not come to redeem them
in their sins, but to redeem them from their sins.
11 And he hath power given unto him from the Father to redeem them
from their sins because of repentance; therefore he hath sent his
angels to declare the tidings of the conditions of repentance, which
bringeth unto the power of the Redeemer, unto the salvation of their

I'm so grateful Jesus Christ. He truly is the Author of our Salvation
and if we do what he asks he can save us from our Sins. I can't
express how great of an opportunity this is! We know this! There are
others that wish they could take away those feelings of guilt and how
amazing is it that we have this knowledge. He can save us from our
Sins and we just need to humble ourselves and do it! I love you guys!

Elder Jensen

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It was awesome! Yeah that's what we're trying to work with right now! Is jelling him active with more friends from church! Man that sounds so fun! Yeah I can't believe how fast time goes by! That's cool that they're  going to pick him up! Yeah me and T______ still talk. She said she has 7 more weeks. Hahaha there goes the mission! You blink and you've missed it! Well, tell all the Wisconsin cousins I say hi!

So I'll have to retake the ACT then? Interesting. When? Yah I don't know what I want to choose, probably PA for now. But for now I'll try being a CNA when I go back. Because I don't know what I'll eventually want to do! Love you mom! Thanks for helping me! You just let me know what I have to do! How are the boys doing?

Elder Jensen
Father's Day Party @ church

Muy Caliente!


JUNE 12, 2017

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN boys and girls... for the moment you've allll
been waiting for.....(Drumroll) THE BAPTISM OF J_____ R______ awwww yeah!
I remember contacting him in February and now he has progressed to the
Waters of baptism. Truly I've been blessed to be here and be a part in
the lord's work with J______. There's been countless of times that he had
been worked up about something happening in his life or something that
we taught him that he was confused about, and the spirit had taught
him! Truly it was amazing to see! He's super solid now! He's going to
go out with us this week and we've got him lined up to do some FHE
this week. It's all going according to plan Mwahahaha! 😈🙏🏼but it a
good way. I truly consider J_____ one of my friends now :)

Other than that not a whole lot to report. Finding has been kind of
hard for us. We feel the need to work with the Members more to inspire
them to do missionary work and to go with us and stuff. We met with
the A___________ family on Sunday and it was a fantastic lesson the
Atonement. The have a super successful Mexican restaurant here in
Arizona and so it's really hard for them to get to church. But they're
an amazing family.

This dog followed us to church. It was a street dog. We gave it water
and stuff and it was waiting outside for us at church and wining
hahaha it wrecked my heart, I wanted it so bad. :(

43 And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent
all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any,
44 Came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and
immediately her issue of blood stanched.
45 And Jesus said, Who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they
that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press
thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?
46 And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that
virtue is gone out of me.
47 And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling,
and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the
people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed
48 And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath
made thee whole; go in peace

I love Jesus Christ so much. I'm so happy we have the New Testament to
read about his life and his miracles. This is one of my favorite
stories of Jesus. I truly know that with Faith in him and with our
Actions of faith. Anything can happen. I invite you to reach out to

Love, Elder Jensen
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Hahaha man I should get a portable fan or something. Really, Arizona
wouldn't be too bad if you went from a air conditioned car, to an air
conditioned office, to an air conditioned house. But otherwise, not a
huge fan. Lol. The cockroaches are my good buddies though :) hahahha

Man those kids aren't small anymore! What happened to them!? They're
so big! Yeah, you won't have so many things back at the house. You'll
want to be out and about!  Yeah I really do like the idea of being a
PA because you can take it in different ways, like emergency medicine,
or whatever. And it isn't a crazy outrageous amount of schooling but
you still get a really good wage!  So I just don't know. But a PA would be a lot easier on the family
life. And I could still avoid getting bored and it wouldn't be an
office job! I could be helping a lot of people. So let's say PA.
 You help me so much in the mission and you're already
helping me outside of the mission and setting up my life. I'll be
sending the best mom award to you soon! :) love you so much!  I'm
impressed with your dedication. If you want something hard enough you
can get it! 
:D hahah love ya!

Elder Jensen