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DECEMBER 26, 2016

Fammmmillly! Even though I just barley talked to you I thought I'd just send a little message! Today we went back out to AJ (Apache Junction) to visit a member and Play Volleyball with them! It was super good to go back! Hahaha we got super into it and it got a little heated. But it was such a  great Christmas to remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I love being here in Mesa, even though I'm not on an Adventure in the Phillipines i still know I'm contributing little and little in the Work of the Lord. It Humbles me to know that I'm a servant of the Lord! I hope this year I can become more Christ-like and become who the Lord wants me to become. I hope I can truly become a Disciple of Jesus Christ, cleansed through his Atoning blood. Love you all! Have a great weeeeeeeek!


So happy for these 2!

Merry Christmas!!!


December 18, 2016

Thanks Mom for the Pictures! :) I really appreciated them! Hahaha wow! Pate is realllly tall, I didn't even recognize grafton. And Jason, well hahah I'm not sure what to say. But they look great! :) But yes I did get the appointments set up! It'll be interesting to see what happens. I don't feel like I'll go home because I still feel like there's things I need to improve on and learn but we'll take what happens! :) let's talk over FaceTime please. It's a lot easier for me.

Wow! That sounds super fun! I miss the Snow, it's sad how 50 degrees is pretty cold for me. Way to go Mom! You keep on going! You're the best! I'm sorry, I've been super busy too and really stressed so I will get my Christmas Package to you all kinda late :/ but it'll get there, eventually haha. The Baptism was so special. President and Sister Townsend made it out to see it. How much should I spend on your guys' Christmas gifts? And should I get one for every person? Thanks Mom! Sometimes the Mission just gets really tiring Hahha something I've learned about myself is I REALLY like change, and after you've done the same thing over and over again for a Year it gets kinda hard to keep on going. But I've just been trying to Keep that Spark going by reading Jesus The Christ. It's really helped grow my testimony and helped me find those desires to keep on pushing on. But I just can't believe 2017 is almost here and that's the year I come back. THAT'S weird.

Thanks so so so so much for the Package. Hahaha I opened it early :/ it was great! I really enjoyed opening it!:) and thank you tons for the Shoes. It's Made my life a lot easier haha. 2nd Best gift ever behind the Christmas Package I got from you guys.

I super love you mom! Thanks for all the things you do for me! I hope I'm changing into Heavenly Father wants me to be and who you would be proud of! Thanks! 

Love, Elder Jensen

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Dec. 12, 2016

I've been Focusing on how I can apply the Atonement in Everyday of My life and I read a quote from a Talk, I'll copy it!

If you are suffering deeply, with others or alone, I urge you to let the Savior be your caregiver. Lean on His ample arm. Accept His assurance. “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you,” He promises. (“Come, Follow Me” by Practicing Christian Love and Service)

I love the opportunity to Learn about Jesus Christ that I have every day. I've learned more about him and his Gospel more than I think I ever would've in any other situation in my Life.  I truly know that Jesus Christ is there for us in any situation. Even on a mission everything isn't great and Dandy 100 % of the time. Haha but I have learned that when things get rough, to just take 5 min and kneel down and pour out your soul to Heavenly Father, things will get better. Jesus Christ died for us! And he and Heavenly Father love us.

Yeah this was a good week! We went on exchanges again, with Elder Madsen! It was a good exchange! He's in a YSA ward and it's just strange teaching with people around our age. We went to the Lights and it's just so great to be there! It makes it feel more Christmas-y. 

It was awesome, we did a review of the Baptismal Questions and M__________ and G______  just knew so much and their testimonies were very strong! It was just amazing for me to see how much they've grown and everything! They've both given up their past and truly come closer to Jesus Christ through his Atonement! It's amazing!:) Happiest Feeling ever!

It's been a little harder for some reason to find new actually interested investigators, then we met with one of our investigators A______, (she was a referall from sister E________ the Relief Society President) and The Lord worked on her! She completely understood the role of the Priesthood and The Great Apostasy! Hahaha later, she was like "Everytime that I'm feeling sad or my day isn't going well, Sister E_______ is always there knocking on my Door!" Hahaha we were like and "why do you think the Lord has been sending her?" And she was like "Well, I think he's showing me where to go!" Hahha then we were like well, this is the Church of Jesus Christ, Hermana. Hahaha she's so great! We recieved another Blessing! It was a referall from the Christmas lights that was SO PREPARED! She didn't have time but we left her with a pamphlet and she said we were welcome anytime!

Elder Jensen

 How is the work over there? I'm sure it's rough. Yes! I needed them so bad! (new shoes) They're perfect! Thank you! I feel bad cause I know they were expensive!:/ but they'll last way til after the mission. Thank you! No, I have to do that tomorrow. My comps help me remember. Ok! Sounds good! Hahha I don't know what to get everyone because everything is like the same here! 😂Thats Great! I would love to do stuff like that after the mission for Christmas, can you believe I'll be home for next Christmas? Weird. That's so cool! You'll have to let me know where they go (ward members he was in mutual with)!

I think I'll baptize one and Elder Duce the other one! I'll just wait to open them until Xmas. I can't wait to talk with you guys! We can talk whenever, our Mission President told us that on Christmas he doesn't want us out unless we have been invited to go somewhere.

Mom, can you believe that I only have close to 10 months left. Me and the mission buddies are all talking about how weird it is we're finishing up soon. Well, not really but. Every 3 months one of us goes home. It's gonna get weird pretty soon. Hahaha the Mission is fast. I'll be pretty excited though to move on to he next step, i think I'll want to go and try to get my AEMT or something like that.

Elder Jensen
Went to breakfast to a wonderful family's home.  

Exchanges with Elder Madsen.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


DEC 5, 2016

The weeks go by soooo fast. This week was great though. We teach G______ and M_______ about every Two days and they should be getting baptized in Two Saturdays. Our area is mostly just neighborhoods filled with gringos. Well, the Hispanos are there, they're just hard to find. We found one though! His name is R_______! We also have been working with Hermano Q________, he's a less-active and we've been teaching him for like 14 weeks and he hasn't come to church and it has kinda been frustrating, but then he just like super opened up and told us all the hardships and stuff he's been going through and it just made me realize that we always should just try to LOVE everyone because we can't see what everyone is going through. I wanted to share this part of PMG...

It's talking about praying with Faith and how we should change it more into talking God instead of just like citing a report we should make it more like a Convo

“I always remember two young men who served in my mission. One was a superstar. He was educated. He was bright. He was quick. He was a little arrogant. We had another who was a sign painter. He came from a sign shop with very little education, but he knew his inadequacies and he relied on the Lord. When he prayed, you knew he was talking with the Lord. It wasn’t a rote thing, it was a conversation and that young man accomplished wonders while the other young man went through the motions. The power that was in the one and the absence of power in the other was so apparent. Call upon the Lord. He has extended the invitation, and He will answer” (Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley [1997], 469).

It's amazing how much stronger the spirit is with us as we pray like we are talking with our Heavenly Father. He loves us and he loves to hear from us! Especially when we pray sincerely! I've learned that the Lord truly does answer our prayers as we act in Faith! I Love our Heavenly Father and I know this is his work. I love my Father!:)

Elder Jensen

Mommy! Probably 9! Yeah we will be having one! Do they tell you about that kind of stuff? Man! I am jealous of you guys! I bet the Jazz games are the Best! Was it in a Suite? Thanks so much for putting together that Package and honestly just everything you do! I feel like I don't email you all enough and I'm sorry about that but just know I love you guys so much. I'm glad I came out here to learn how to do hard things, the Savior gave us the ultimate example while he was in the Garden of Gethsemane. Hahha I'm sure he wouldn't LOVE to do it. But he did it because he LOVED US. And he knew he could do hard things. The Mission has taught me many valuable lessons and has helped me Changed my desires to more of what the Lord what's from me. I know his ways and his Laws have a good reason to them. As I am looking at myself in the Mission as I'm moving downhill I ask myself, "have I done all that I could?" And many times I feel as though I could've done better which pushes me to strive to be better. I love Heavenly Father and I love his son, our Brother Jesus Christ. I love you mom! Thanks for pushing me to get out the door and to over here because I know it's where I needed to be. Hahaha I'm sure my future wife will thank you too.

Elder Jensen


NOV 28 2016:

This week was pretty slow actually. It was a struggle finding new investigators. BUT THE WORK MUST GO ON! We've been going through the list of formers and it's been pretty fun! Hahaha the best is when we ask for a return appointment and people say well, how about you just give me your number then we will call you when we are ready. Haha psych. 

We taught M______ and G_____ the Word of Wisdom and they accepted it so well! Hahah she was like, Oh well should I take down my decorations? Hahha and we look around and ALL her decorations are about Coffee hahaha super funny! They have come to church 4x's in a row and they said the Love it every time more! But she said she will stop! Awesome! I forgot how pretty the Christmas lights are! They're super pretty! And it's actually gotten pretty cold down here! Haha I have to wear my jacket now every night! 

Hahaha I always feel like the amount of stuff that happens in the week and what gets put into my letter is super downsized hahaha but just know that I love you guys and I'm safe :)

This week As we were teaching M______ she asked a really good question about the word of Wisdom, she asked why it's ok to drink hot chocolate and not coffee and stuff like that and the member we were with said sometimes it's okay to drink tea haha I don't know why I just froze up and I didn't know what to say. But It was amazing as I was there to feel the Holy Ghost put the idea or the answer in my Head of why when we drink tea for medical purposes it's like the difference between talking Pain killers when your sick or just to take pain killers because you like the way you feel. It was amazing to feel the Holy Ghost just put the thought into my mind and be grateful that this work is someone else's and not mine! 

This was a part of Gordon B Hinkley's teachings of the prophets

"We need the Holy Ghost to guide us in our service at home and in the Church.

Listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Be humble. You may be led to someone by the hand of the Lord because of your spirit, your attitude, your feeling, your humility.

Revelation almost always comes to us through a still, small voice--the whispering of the Spirit."

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Jensen
1- Jensen's Posterity

The Visitor's Center--spend a lot of time here.

Elder Parrella and I served together Back in May and he finished but he came down to visit!

Hey Mom! Before I forgot I want to ask you a couple things
- so for Christmas maybe you can look into getting me some new black shoes, I used up my first ones within six months and there was a sale and I got a second pair for like 20 bucks about 6 months ago but they're dying haha. So I was wondering if you could look into getting me some black GOOD walking shoes, I know Echo is usually a good brand they might be expensive but you may need to look on KSL for some used ones. Haha I just want some good walking ones hahaha. 
- there is a family here in the ward that is very poor and I was wondering instead maybe you could give me money on a Christmas Day to go get them some treats or something:)
- I called the Doctors Office and they said they would call me back with the results but they never did, I will call again.

That is so great! I bet it's wonderful to see the Family! Hahaha any big changes with any of them? No I think that's great! I would love to do more service for people when I get home and I think that's a great idea for Christmas! Well, maybe a couple of gifts haha :)

Hahahaha they sound SO BIG! That's exciting that he is talking! I'm excited to talk with him coming up soon! Yeah we are at the VC a lot! I'm feeling like I'll run into some people I know during this time haha! We got fed VERY well! Hahah like 3 meals hahaha 😷

That is a beautiful scripture! I LOVE THAT! I hope I can be and continue to be one who focuses on the others instead of ourselves. I love helping others and serving. I love you mom! Take care!

Elder Jensen


NOV. 21, 2016

Man another great week has come and gone! Transfers happened! Nothing changed, me and Elder Duce are still here! The weeks just keep on going faster and faster! This week was awesome! I'm really starting to love the ward Liahona 4th. We have a great ward and everyone loves to help, especially with Maricsa and Gustavo! 

We went through our area Book and found the Abad Family! In the record it said like they wouldn't go to church. Hahha as soon as I told el Hermano that I liked to play basketball he started talking trash on me! Hahaha "me voy a poner mis J's" hahaha Spanglish is the best. But we read in the Book of Mormon with them and we know they felt the spirit! At the end of the reading they were like ok if you don't annoy us about going to church or reading we MIGHT go to church. Hahha 

Maricsa and Gustavo have been to church Three weeks in a row! They're on Date for the 17th! We took them to the VC to have a lesson and we watched JSPR! They loved it! We talked about WOW and they were like, well we don't do any of those things anyway hahaha. And we found out they got married only 5 months ago! Wahoooo! Now we just want to grow their testimonies more about the prophets and the BOOK OF MORMON!

I want to share a part of a talk that I read this week! It's called 
"Am I good enough, will I make it?"

It talks about how he was in Med school and he was in a nurses station and he felt so overwhelmed but then a man came up and told him how good he was doing. And it goes on and says 

The only opinion of us that matters is what our Heavenly Father thinks of us. Please sincerely ask Him what He thinks of you. He will love and correct but never discourage us; that is Satan’s trick.

And he goes on...

I love the way President Gordon B. Hinckley used to teach this principle. I heard him say on several occasions, “Brothers and sisters, all the Lord expects of us is to try, but you have to really try!

I know that as long as we try our best effort and REALLY TRY our Heavenly Father loves us and if we are truly trying he will bless us. I love you guys! I love and hope I keep on changing into what the lord wants:)

Elder Jensen

Mommy! I love you! So about the package Elder _______ isn't sure, so I would say just like candy and stuff would be great for him! He likes Reese's as well do I ;) yeah I know Dan! He's a great guy! Oh no! How tall is he? Probably gigantic. I love you guys so much and I'm excited to speak with you soon! And I will receive my results hopefully this week! Tell thank you to the fam for the emails! I love you guys so much! Next week I want to make more time for you! Love you soooooo much!:)

Elder Jensen