Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 25 - Apache Junction, AZ


Hahaha so I got a call from President on Thursday and he told me I was
training.. Gulp. Hahaha I'm so excited very nervous but really
excited. I was teasing my companion I was like dang you won't be
here for the baptisms or anything! But then when we got Transfers it
said I was white washing and I was like wow. Hahaha. So now I'm out in
Apache Junction which is just more east and more deserty and a little
more ghetto. Haha. So I have the Adobe Branch with two other elders
that are white washing in and I have another English branch. But it's
nice because I will have to do most of the talking But I live with
Elder J______ so he can help me with Spanish! But I get to meet my
trainee tonight! His name is Elder V___. I think he doesn't speak very
much but we will see! :) We put Isidro and the Molina girls on date but
I won't be there for the baptisms :(
I have a Nissan Frontier though!:) I love you guys! I love serving the
lord! I know that everything in this church is worth it! Well sorry
this is short but I've been moving all my stuff and now I'm gonna go
pick up Elder V___!

Elder Jensen

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 24

What's up what's up!

Hey so I just realized like you all know nothing about like who I'm
teaching or anything. Hahah so I'll just give a quick run through!

Isidro- super solid guy! Sooo humble! He told us he knows this church
is true and he feels happiness when he goes to church! He wants to be
baptized!! I love him!

Los Molina- the Molina girls are so awesome! We street contacted into
them and their parents are less actives of 20 years! But the girls
haven't been baptized! And they love reading the Book of Mormon and
the parents are going to ask for Sunday's off!

Eva- she loves us. Hahaha she always calls us her hijos. Her family is
Catholic but we just barley started teaching her

Sara L. - she's been investigating for like 9 months but always
cancels our lessons but always comes to church.... Hahah we don't know

Hilda G.- she has 2 sons that are members but her boyfriend is
married in Mexico but he can't divorce her because he couldn't come
back. So Hilda can't get married to him so she can't get baptized. But
she said after investigating for 5 years it's time to make a
decision.... So we're gonna see what happens!

Los Millers- they're less active but we talked to the ward council and
as soon as I heard their name I was like we need to visit them! And we
have and they've come to church last week! It's crazy how I just feel
so much love for people I don't even know!

Hahahha Elder Fairholm ran into a pole Hahahha he was behind me and I
just heard "Dong!" Hahahaha he's okay it was way funny though. Today I
had a really good study! My personal studies haven't been the most
efficient recently and so I was studying how to make my studies more
efficient so I could better hold the spirit better and I just received
so many answers of how I could better myself and it was humility and I
realized how not humbled I am.. But I'll get better. Everything is
good down here. I'm using my sunscreen and they said in a couple of
weeks it's gonna get really hot! Yay... Psych. Time is flying.. I
can't believe April is halfway over and we get to talk soon?! Weird.
Hahaha I love you all! Be safe! Love the Lord!

The Few, The Proud, The Missionaries

Look Mom, I can cook!!

How to treat an ingrown toenail-ouch!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Hola hola!

This week was good! It was a little hard at the beginning and we
hadn't found like any investigators but then I read a quote that just
like hit me hard! It was "Pray as if everything depended on God, Work
as if it all depended on you" and it just hit me so hard because I
hadn't been talking with very many people and I knew I could talk with
more people! Then it was so cool because We would pray so hard and
when we would talk with more people we found like 5 new investigators
in 2 days that were so prepared! I love this work and there's no doubt
that Heavenly Father is behind it all!

Let's see... We went to organ stop pizza! It's like a a pizza place
where this guy on an organ plays and takes requests and stuff! It's so
good and awesome! I for sure wanna go back there! Let's see later that
day someone tried to bible bash with us in English so that was fun
hahah. Oh then we went to a guy that seemed really interested but he
was seriously exactly like the other.

Oh so sorry Aaron, I met a guy from Vegas that does spray paint art
thing on the strip like for yours and Mysti's wedding but the
investigator I was gonna buy it from was thrown in jail. Haha. But if
he gets out in time I'll send it over to you all!
Ok so a while ago I think I told you all about Jose who came up to us
in the trailer park and asked for our help to feel better? But we've
been teaching him and he came to church yesterday and he loved it! He
said he wants to learn more by reading the Book of Mormon and he feels
like this is the most true church! It's so awesome to feel like this
love for guys you barley know! Hahaha I love it! :) we
taught him how to tie a tie yesterday,  he's all grown up :')

It rained yesterday so hard! Hahah we were so surprised! I love you
all! Thanks for everything that you all do for me! I love you all! I
can't believe I talk to you all in 1 month! Then only two more times
for my mission! Hahahaha crazy! Love you all!

Elder Jensen
Organ Stop Pizza Place

Apparently, this company from SL area is starting up business in Mesa.  They gave the elders a ride!

Escritorio de Hermano Jensen.


Fam Fam!

How's it all goin?? Hahah this week was crazy! On Tuesday we had a
couple lessons but seriously we were out from like 10 in the morning
to 9 and all of our lessons canceled and it was just like oh dang.
Haha but it's ok because we finally had a lesson with Eva! She's this
Latino lady and she's so awesome! She always calls us her Hijos hahaha
she's just like the nicest lady ever!

Oh on Thursday we were out trying to find a person who lived on this
main Road. Then we saw the Google car! Haha so hopefully in a couple
years we will be on Google earth!   On Friday we went to go get the scans, everything went well! But I had to drink like two 32 oz iodine and so after the scan we were
driving home and like it just hit me. Hahahaha so I jumped out of the car at a red light and me and Fairholm ran to a 7-11 but they didn't have a bathroom. (At this point my
kidneys were killing me) and so we ran across the street to McDonalds
and I just went for like 2 min straight.

After the Saturday Morning conference I just had the want to teach
better! Our mission president calls it "teaching fire" like making the
atonement central to our teaching. And also like increasing my faith!
Like truly pleading for the spirit in every second! And we had such a
good lesson with these two investigators! It's a mother and a
daughter. THe mom  is like 60 and the daughter is like 30 but Diana
the daughter was like zoned in the whole time and like super into it!
The spirit was probably the strongest I've felt in a lesson this
transfer! It felt so good to have a lesson like that! It helped so
much to plead with the Lord for that extra help! Then we also had a
lesson with Jose! The super humble guy that asked to be taught! He
said he would pray to Heavenly Father to see if the Book of Mormon is
true! He just can't read it cause the letters were too small!

Ok wow! I don't think I've ever actually been this excited to watch
conference. Hahaha I was more excited about the conference than not
having to go to church. But I LOVED IT! And I think it was the first
time I stayed awake for all of conference but I loved Jeffrey R
Hollands last talk. What I got from it is that our "Practices" are the
conferences. Then tomorrow and for the next 6 months is our time to
show that we can play! #GAMEDAY  I love that we get to hear from our
servants of the Lord and to hear how we can better live the gospel and
help others! And now is our time to show it! So I'm so excited to show
the things I learned from Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful that we are
here and we can prove to him we deserve eternal life and happiness!



Todo está muy bien! Gracias madre! Oh they're Ramiro and Alonso!
Ramiro is a member of about two years! He's great! He's so funny! He
had us over for chicken and beans!Hey Mom! Before I forget I was just
wondering if you could send me a list of everyone's birthday??

Hahaha it's so hot. Like everyday I'm so sweaty but whatever! Yeah it doesn't really matter. I
put on sunscreen everyday! But it's gonna be so hot if I'm still out
here next transfer!! Cause our area is smaller so this area will
always have bikes I bet. But I just drink lots of water! Hahahha
Man my mission is going to fly by. I can already tell!! It's gonna be crazy!!
Ok love you mommy!! Thanks for everything! Truly couldn't be out here
without you!:)  Love your Elder :)
Zone Conference

Clouds--does that mean that wet stuff that comes from the sky?

One of Elder Jensen's favorite pictures.