Sunday, November 20, 2016


NOVEMBER 14, 2016

This week was another awesome one! We struggled to find some new investigators and we got shut down a couple of times but it was still a great week! It made up for it with the great lessons we had with E_____ and M________! They both came to church! They all loved it and they all said they want to be baptized! It's honestly amazing to see how much they change and how much they start smiling and opening up and just enjoying the Gospel! It's a HUGE blessing. They all said they want to be baptized. So hopefully in one week they'll have a date:) hahaha M_______ told us "This must be the true church because I've never felt so many weird feelings" Hahha it was awesome. 

This week I read in a talk "The Lord Jesus Christ teaches us to pray" and it's an amazing talk that talks about prayer when the guy almost died on the way up to Machu Pichu and this is what he shared 

"In the early morning of that same day, I had prayed with my lips, and when I was about to perish, I prayed from the heart to Him."

I've tried to get more sincere with my prayers and praying with my Heart. I love the Lord and I know he loves to hear from all you! Pray always from heart to Him!

Elder Jensen

Yeah! Time is going by really fast. It's weird to think that it's on the downslope. Hahah I kinda just have the mentality that I'm going to be here forever, so then I just don't really think about it. Haha ah man you've been sick? We've been sick around here too. Elder Duce was vomiting and for a little I've had a cough. And yes we went to the PET Scan and said my doctor would call me after he got the results back!

That's great Moab was enjoyable. The pictures make it look amazing! 

Hahaha that is crazy that it's Thanksgiving. Do you guys have any fun plans set up? I have no idea if anything special is going on, I think just visiting people! Hahah please don't spend a lot of money on me! I would rather you save it :) if the Hawaii thing is too expensive I would be totally fine with going on a smaller trip! Disneyland is always a favorite or out east somewhere! But you all choose!:) I love being obedient. I love the concept of Obedience! Love you mommy!:)

Elder Jensen

On exchange with Elder Madsen.


NOVEMBER 7, 2016

This week was awesome! It's finally starting to cool down so it's super enjoyable. We've had to drop some people but we found some new people also! It was so awesome! I got to do exchanges with Elder Juarez and Elder Vo! It was great!

We had an Amazing lesson with M________ and Her family! They loved the plan of salvation and they came to church! They loved it! The members were so good! They went up and made them feel welcome and invited them into their homes! Ah it was amazing! I love that family! 
Sorry this one is mega short! But we don't have a ton of time! I love you all and I'm so happy I came out on my mission! It's the best thing I've ever done and i know this is the true gospel!

Monday, November 7, 2016


October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! ๐ŸŽƒ
This week was great! Well, it was pretty good. Elder Duce was sick for a while and so there was some time we just stayed in the house. But other than that it was a fantastic week! We met a couple new people that have some interest and we went forward with teaching our more progressing investigators! We had a ward party and we were in charge of the Activity so we decided to play human fooseball! So we got a bunch of ropes and bought an Exercise ball and played it! Hahaha they loved it! Hispanics go like all out when it comes to futbol it was hilarious!

We're teaching P_____ and L______ and their son and his friends! Hahah they all work at a call center and whenever we have a lesson they just talk about how much they hate their jobs hahaha. They're really funny guys but we were able to teach them the restoration and one of them even asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon! Their son, C___________ really likes us and he said we could come over and work out with him and talk about the gospel with him while we workout Hahha! 

We finally were able to Meet with M___________ again! (She has the Twins) and we taught the plan of slavation and she LOVED IT. She was like "I'm going to go to church to learn more about this plan!" But she had to go to Payson so she couldn't come :(

P__________! Haha she's super funny, we teach her about twice a week and she's so cool! She's super Christian but doesn't belong to a church. She's very intelligent and loves Jesus Christ! We've been Teaching her for about a week and she stayed up and read 13 Chapters one night! Woooooweeee!

 But there's something that I noticed at her house last night. Her 3 year old grand daughter has a cat. Hahaha this cat gets thrown around and pulled at and picked up by the head and dropped like a stuffed animal hahaha! But the Cat just takes it! That Cat is just completely submitted to the little girl. I was thinking about it during my personal study and I think about how I'm always working and asking Heavenly Father for a baptism or something that I, Me, Elder Jensen, wants. I should be happy working hard and doing the best I can and be submitted to the fathers will. If it's in his plan to have one of his children receive the blessing of being baptized then great! But if not I will still be happy because I know I'm doing my best and the will of my father.

D&C 112:10 says:
 Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers.

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us! If we give up our will and ask him to guide us he will lead us by our hand! I love him and I love each of you! Take care and have a great week! :)

Elder Jensen

October 31, 2016

Man I can't wait to eat the Carmel apples and chocolate pretzels after! Those are killer! Yes! When I get back to the apartment I will send it to them and set up the other appointment! I'll let you know when I have it set up! Yes so our haircuts got pushed back so now we are emailing. But yes I got the letter and everything!

Haha thanks mom! You're the best Mommy I could ask for! Tonight we aren't aloud to go out because of Halloween. The first day in a Year that I won't do any proselytizing hahaha that's crazy. Anything you want to hear? Any questions? Love you Mom!

Elder Jensen

October 31, 2016

We actually have a mission Activity at the Visitors Center! Wahooo! 

Oh my gosh! That is best news I've recieved for ever! ThAt makes me so happy! Ah I'm so happy he's deciding to come back! Tell him I PROMISE as a disciple of Jesus Christ he will see GREAT blessings! Oh my gosh tell him I'm so happy for what he's doing!  Really!? Ahh that's so cool! Man isn't the Gospel super amazing!? Hahaha I wish we could get cool hair cuts. I just got another buzz today hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I'll do it after the mission! Send me a pic! Hahaha noooooo it's ok I've accepted my Basketball career MIGHT be over ;) I think I'm probably like 5'10 or 5'11

Got to go!

Love you mom! :)


WEEK 51 - Mesa AZ

Oct. 24, 2015

Hola Mamรก y la Familia!

This week was another good one! We've been having lessons like every other day with P______ y L_____! It's so cool! They got baptized about 2 months ago and they Love the Gospel! They have a countdown for when they can get sealed! 10 months wahoooo! 

So Thursday, Thursday was the day when everything died. Hahah we had like 4 lessons that canceled and everyone wasn't interested or NOTHING! Haha it was a rough day. 

But on Sunday it was a really amazing day! None of the investigators we invited to church came:( but we just went around and met a lot of the Members! They were all sooo kind! It's just so nice to be able to connect with people and just feel the love and the Spirit so strong!:)  Then after church we went to a Trailer Park that we always go to and we were trying to talk with people but they were all Catholic, then we saw this man Arturo. We looked at him and the thoughts that went through my head was 
1) Wow he's big, and has really scary looking tattoos on his arms, and he's drinking beer, and listening to some hardcore metal, and he looks more Native American than Hispanic.
2) But think of how cool he would look in Baptismal Clothing!

The spirit Raced in my Heart as we talked with him! The Spirit was so strong as we testified of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ and edvidence being the Book of Mormon! I saw the Spirit Touch him as he accepted the invitation to allow us to come back and to read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon! 

I can't stress how much I KNOW that this is the Lord's work. As missionaries we're just the tools along for the ride. This is the Lord's Church and the Lord's Gospel and the Lord's work. Let the Lord do his will, it's a lot better plan than what we've got!

Jacob 7:14
14 And I said unto him: What am I that I should tempt God to show unto thee a sign in the thing which thou knowest to be true? Yet thou wilt deny it, because thou art of the devil. Nevertheless, not my will be done; but if God shall smite thee, let that be a sign unto thee that he has power, both in heaven and in earth; and also, that Christ shall come. And thy will, O Lord, be done, and not mine.

Elder Jensen

Oct. 24
Hahaha Missions are beautiful because you learn how to work hard and you learn and grow in so many ways but it's also beautiful because it comes to an end and you get to return to your family! Hahaha I'm definitely not ready to come home but I will be by the end of two years:) hahaha. I'm glad I've changed!

Man no fun! I was sick too this week! First time in the Mission though! Hahah that's great! How's their family? Wow! They're brave!

So yes Dr. Bingham was wondering if he could have the name of the doctor that did my procedures and all of his information so that he can get in contact with him so he can have all he information about the Cancer. So if you could send that to me tonight that would be much appreciated.  But he said everything looked normal! He gave me a prescription to go get my Scan so that's the next step! Yay. 

Also thank you so much for the Package! It came just in the right time! I was craving Oreos today but I didn't have the money in the account to do so! So great timing Mom:) thank you so much! I love you tons! I'm so happy I've got you for a Mommy! There's a cool Diamondbacks hat that I was wondering if I could buy... it could be a little Christmas Gift to myself?:) 

Love you!

Elder Jensen