Sunday, August 28, 2016


August 22

This week was super good! We had a meeting with President Townsend and
it was super good. Before I felt like I focused a lot on the numbers
and I've just always been taught that's how you can measure success.
But we had a meeting and he just shared that we should be focusing on
the people and the numbers will come. It was true! As we changed
ourselves and just focused on the Savior and focused on the people and
we were having a lot more fun and the numbers were "better" I can't
believe I found this out so late in my mission haha. But it was great!
I love that when we focus on the savior he can make us who we want to

Mi cactus!
We passed by an investigator a couple of times and she said she wanted to get baptized really bad! But then she wouldn't answer our calls or anything, but we got back into contact with her and we just talked it
our with her, her family isn't really cool with it. But she still wants to do it, but it will just take some time to build the faith necessary! We finally had someone from the Branch told us they would come back to church! And we went over there right before church and she was getting her and her kids ready and we waited for her at the church and she never showed up... Hahah we haven't been able to get back into contact with her but we were kinda bummed, maybe she went to the Christian church across the street or something. Oh! So the part-member family that moved in, the dad who isn't a member is super
interested! And the Mom wants to come back so bad! They're super awesome! They had us over for a couple of lessons and everytime the mom fed us a TON of food. It was amazing. But he was like "hey maybe I'll get baptized in a couple of months" hahaha I love it. I know as
Our contact's goat!
we focus on the savior good things will come, and Heavenly Father will
mold us who we can be! 😊
Elder Deller is one of THE BEST Senior Missionaries!


August 15,

It was an alright week! So we have a couple of investigators that go
over to their next door neighbors who are members and we've had a
couple of lessons, they're pretty interested! We've been having
lessons about two times a week! But they have a neighbor and they
don't get a long at all! They do like neighbor wars stuff haha they
both have security cameras pointed at each others house and the cops
apparently are always over there. Hahaha but the other neighbor left a
note on our door and apparently wants to know more about our message
so we're going over tonight to teach him! Hahah we're teaching
enemies. But we have been still trying to balance time and we haven't
really had anyone super progressing! One dropped us and another hated
church because of the screaming kids, hahah but we got in contact with
another contact after a while and she said she had family problems going on but
she still wants to get baptized. We're going over to "talk out the
situation with her" but anyways, miracles! A new family moved into the
ward and they're part member family but the less-active mom wants us
to teach her kids and her husband! Heavenly Father gives us mercies
right when we need them!

Hahhaha I got the opportunity to do a baptismal interview and
afterwards we were talking with the guy that's going to get baptized,
we were talking with him at a ward party and there was a little kid
that said "hey can you get that for me?" And it just looked like a
nursing glove stuck in the net, but after I jumped up there to grab
it, it ended up being filled with water and it just soaked me with soo
much water! The kid just peaced out when he saw that! Lol

We got a monsoon! Haha they last like an hour tops but it rains like
crazy hard! And the gutter or water systems here aren't the best! So
some of the streets were super filled with water!

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! I hope we can remember
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ even when we are in times when we
think we got everything under control! I love being available and
trying my best to focus on Jesus Christ 100% of the time! I love you
all with my heart and I hope you Know I pray for you all!

Enviado desde mi iPad

I'm so grateful Dad is paying for me right now!
I wish I would paid for it! I can't believe Indidnt save anything from
high school. Haha put that on my regret list please. Hahaha. I would
love to write her more! It's so hard to have that time. I kid you not
it is so hard!

What!? Are you serious?? Told him about the ward boundary changes coming
up next week. We're getting split up!? Weird. Hahaha you'll
have to let me know what happens! I swear if we get split up from the
McGraths... I will agree with whatever the lord wants haha. Is Ryan gone? And what about
Adam P? What's he doing for now?

Love you! Thanks for all the gifts and help! I couldn't be out here with out you! Much Love! :)

Elder Jensen

Friday, August 12, 2016


Aug 8
 I love the happiness that comes from Living the
gospel. I was thinking about the things I have to teach our
investigators and I realized that all I can teach my investigators is
the happiness I have! We teach our investigators all these lessons
about the restoration and plan of salvation and whatever else so that
they can experience the hope and happiness that comes from the gospel!
That's the reason I am here!

3 Nephi 19:25
25 And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto
him; and his countenance did smile upon them, and the light of his
countenance did shine upon them, and behold they were as white as the
countenance and also the garments of Jesus; and behold the whiteness
thereof did exceed all the whiteness, yea, even there could be nothing
upon earth so white as the whiteness thereof.

I know that our happiness comes after we live the Gospel of Jesus
Christ to our best! I know this Gospel will bless our lives. We just have to actually live it and
we will be happy. If anyone who reads this isn't happy, I encourage
you to take a self inventory at how fully you are living the gospel
and make the changes of "What lack I yet" The Lord will bless us and I
promise that as we change as to what God's wants us to be, he will
bless us!

Told Elder Jensen he had 444 days left on his mission. Gosh! Stop you're scaring me! That's not that many. Lol.   We finally got rain!  Wow that's awesome! The Monsoon's out here aren't that great. I actually really miss Utah weather! I like the balance between cold and hot! It's almost perfect!   Yes, My time is super limited here! I'm trying to work my hardest. Thanks for the Package! We loved it! But hey always remember to save for the Vacation! Also, my roommates got a rouge! (Rogue) Same one as you right!? Also what's Adam P.  doing!? Mission!? Could you send me Bishop's Address because I want to write him a letter! I just want to say thank you for getting me out here. This is what I needed. I'm so glad I'm not who I was when I left. I've had times when I have wanted to quit but Heavenly Father always helps me get through the problems I have. I'm not perfect, but I am changing! And it makes me happy! I love you Mom! I couldn't ask for a better mom! Save the money! There will be a time we need it!

Elder Jensen

One of our many gorgeous sunsets.
A great investigator!  We've gone to the Visitor's Center with him.


Aug 1

Hello family! I love you so dearly!!! I'm so glad we have the Gospel
in our lives, I've seen sooo many people that could benefit from the
gospel but they just don't want to make the changes in their lives to
enjoy the great blessing that we have! Just wanted to let ya know. I
love you:)

So this week was pretty good! We were trying to get the Zone excited
about finding so we made a video and we just tried to talk with
everyone as we should do! We ended up reaching our goal for finding
for the zone! We also have had some cool lessons this past week.

We had one with some people we taught the Restoration and their eyes like lit
up! It just looked like they understood! Then we tried to have another
lesson with them on Friday. Their Goat ate their Book of Mormon so
they didn't get a chance to read it or pray about it. So we gave them
another and we read out of the introduction with them and  it
just seemed to make sense why we have two Books! They're really nice
people and seem to really like the message! (Their neighbor saw us get
out of our truck and has always had questions about the Church so he
put a note on our door giving his number so we can set up some

Then we took a man  to the Visitors Center. The Lord works miracles!
 It was such a great experience!

Everything is going great! Today I got to take a nap. Wow I've never
appreciated a nap so much. I think it was the first nap over twenty
minutes that I've had in my mission. Blessings. I love you all! Have a
great week and don't forget to pray!

Elder Jensen

Sent a picture of the younger cousins to show how much they have grown.  Wow! I can't believe those kids are so tall! Haha I wish I grew that  much! ;)   Gave him an update on Grandma.  That's so sad to hear about grandma! I really hope everything is going to be fine with her! But Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone! Yeah I could see how that's frustrating hahah it reminds me to my days as a CNA when I didn't know something and I just passed it on to the nurses. Haha. I sent my letter to her! You should get her into the Villas! That'd be perfect!  My IPad has been super lame, I get like 50 % of  pictures so I actually didn't see it! You should send it!

Thanks for the package mommy! We loved it! I feel bad you spending
money on me! Please limit and let's save for an awesome vacation
after!:) love you dearly! I tried to give the picture to Isidro but he
had to go to Phoenix.

Love you so much mom!


My comments or questions are in red; Elder Jensen's responses are in black print.

July 25

Told EJ Grandma B is in the hospital and I flew out to see her.  Oh no! Thats Not good. Tell her i send my love and i'm praying for her! Yeah i wrote a letter last P-Day, if you can just send me an address i'll get it off to her today. Man, i really hope she gets healthier so i can make it back out there. Has it cooled down any?  Hahha its always hot, and I'm always sweating. It actually makes people want to listen to us because we gain a lot of respect that way. Like we were out somewhere and someone started swearing up a storm because it was like 116. I don't really notice to tell ya the truth haha.  Antelope Island was on fire.  Wow that's crazy. Half of it burned?? That's not good! How are the buffalo?

Our air conditioner totally quit.  It was 90 degrees in our house one day.  Hahaha I can't believe it broke! That's super hot! 

 I read something in the 4th Missionary talk I talked about and
it said people will say "I'm just an impatient person" or things like
that. But God intends for us to change, how can he expect us to become
like gods if we aren't willing to change. So that just really hit me
and I prayed like crazy for charity and just patience and it's helped
a lot. I've changed within like two weeks hahaha. But I hope I can
just keep on changing who the Lord wants me to be!

I'll have to send you pictures of the Photos I have for me and Isidro,
I'm never down there at night so I'll have to somehow make a trip down
there or something. But he's such a great guy! He's gone to the temple
for baptisms and he helps out the Sisters with Lessons all the time!
He was so prepared.

 travel safe mom! Be sure to get a cut out of me for the wedding hahaha I love you! Thanks for raising me to love the gospel!:)

Elder Jensen