Sunday, October 23, 2016


This week I picked up my new Son! His name is Elder Duce from Nampa, Idaho. He's a great missionary! He loves to work and he works hard at his Spanish! We're still here in Liahona 4th. On Monday this really nice family we met in an English ward took us and our investigator to Organ Stop pizza then after we went to the Visitors Center with her! It was so awesome! I've never had a bad lesson at the Visitors Center. The Spirit is always so strong and amazing over there! 

Then on Tuesday we went and had a great Family home evening with the _______family. The dad served a mission in Mexico then met his wife at the hospital they worked at and botta bing botta boom they have a family. She just got baptized because she didn't want to confuse her kids but now we just have a lot of work to do! We played scripture pictionary with them and they loved it! Right after we went to a Apartment Complex and street contacted a person and then a member just like walked up and was like hey Elders! Hahah boom member present lesson!

We've been working with ___________! They just got baptized and they're so solid! They told us they would love to help us out with Missionary work and feed us! Something that I've seen on my mission is how willing these people are to help the missionaries, there are some who would rather us eat than they! It's amazing the Love people have for the Lord!

I love the Scripture in Jacob 2:8

7 And also it grieveth me that I must use so much boldness of speech concerning you, before your wives and your children, many of whose feelings are exceedingly tender and chaste and delicate before God, which thing is pleasing unto God;

8 And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul.

I love this Gospel! I love that it heals our soul and I know it's true! God speaks to us through our feelings and thoughts! Love you guys!

Elder Jensen

Email time!

One of our great families we are teaching!


This transfer was like the fastest of the Mission so far! The trio is getting split up! All three of us are training but I'm the one that is staying here in Liahona 4th! We get our new companions tomorrow! 

This week was great! We had more miracles happen this week! We met a man named ______. Hahah it was like the weirdest moment ever. We knocked, he saw us and his face lit up and he was like come on in! So we get in there and we said have you talked with missionaries like us before and he was like, Nope! Hahaha so we shared the Restoration and he LOVED it! He said his favorite part was when we told him he could know for himself by asking God. Hahaha he's always working during the day but he said he would love to continue to know more! Everyone works so much here and it's hard for them to attend church! :(

We also met some members from Colombia but they attend an English ward. But they met us and we talked for a little and they invited us to a place called organ stop pizza and we were like ohh well we have a lesson that night and they were like bring your investigators! Hahha so now we're bringing ______ (investigator with baptismal date)and her kids and then going to the visitors center! Whoooweee! 

This week we also met with a less-active family. We shared the talk Fourth Floor Last Door with her and it touched her heart so much. She was crying and she was like hermanos I'll be there on Sunday I have to go! Hahaha psych she didn't come. But the spirit touched her so much!
This is a part of the talk

In our search for enduring faith, in our quest to connect with God and His purposes, let us remember the Lord’s promise: “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Will we give up after knocking on a door or two? A floor or two?

Or will we keep seeking until we have reached the fourth floor, last door?

God “rewards those who earnestly seek him,” but that reward is not usually behind the first door. So we need to keep knocking. Sisters, don’t give up. Seek God with all your heart. Exercise faith. Walk in righteousness.

I promise that if you will do this--even until the fourth floor, last door--you will receive the answers you seek. You will find faith. And one day you will be filled with light that grows “brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”

My beloved sisters in Christ, God is real.
He lives.
He loves you.
He knows you.
He understands you.

I'm loving the mission! The mission has been hard at points but I'm truly getting to the point where I love the mission! I love being disciple of Jesus Christ! I'm very glad I took this opportunity to experience the love Heavenly Father has for each of us. Just like fourth floor last door when we are diligent and as we love to serve God he blesses us! 

Love you guys dearly!

Elder Jensen

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

WEEK 48 - Mesa, AZ

This week was a really great week! It was so good to finally see some of the fruit of our works are finally coming! Heavenly Father has blessed us tons with tons of miracles! This week E. one of our investigators committed the he 29th for a baptismal date! But she couldn't make it to conference:( we asked her if she would ask God if the Book of Mormon was true after reading 1 Nephi chapter one and she said she felt the Holy Ghost fill her and she didn't need to ask God! But she still said she would haha. 

We recieved a Referall from the YSA Elders of a girl that wanted to learn more of the LDS Church! 

We also recieved a Referall and he lady was totally open to hearing the Gospel!

We also recieved a Referall for someone and we went and it ended up being the son of two recent converts that were baptized in a different ward but they just moved into our ward! So anyways they have a couple of friends that live with them that want to learn more because those two have changed their lives!

This week we were seriously blessed! My testimony has increased a lot with diligence and planning. Like before we were never not diligent and we always have planned well but we just tried to change our attitudes about them and the Lord blessed us tons!

I loved the Conference everything that was taught was amazing! I can't remember which person but someone talked about gratitude and it was my favorite! I love all that my father in heaven has given me, including the opportunity to be here. Today I hurt my ankle, I ended up spraining it pretty good while playing soccer and me and Elder Fenton like heard something snap and he gave me a blessing right after and he included that I would be able to stay here as a missionary and serve! It touched my heart and I knew those words were from God and it truly is a privilege to be here, and my ankle is fine! I got a brace and everything but I just know that it was from God.
Love you guys!

Tres Amigos/Hermanos

Treated to dinner at Outback!  How sweet!
I'm sorry I was emailing a bunch of friends catching up on those emails so I didn't have as much time to email you and dad and beck and Ben. But Tomorrow the appointment will be set, I was going to call today but it was after 5 when I was about to do it. So I set a reminder to do it tomorrow. 

But I'm really sorry I didn't get out a larger better email to you all hahaha I love you guys the most though!  But I love you mom! Today I read through those experiences you gave me with the photo album and it hit me hard why I am here! I'm here to help others get sealed with their families for eternity. It hit me hard that without dad or maybe even Elder Vernon and other members i may not be here where I am today. Hahaha I can't believe I would ever say this but I can't wait for the day I get to enter the temple and be sealed! The mission has really just set a foundation that I didn't have before he mission but one that I will need for the rest of my life. I love you mom and I'm super thankful for all you do for me! Today I had to watch while they played basketball hahaha I was jealous. My ankle is fine I just sprained it really good like I did that one time! Love you mom!