Saturday, July 23, 2016


Dearest Family and Friends

This week was great! We had Transfers this week! Me and Elder Vo are
staying out here in Adobe and Twin Knolls! Woot Woot! This will be the
longest I've been with a companion! 3 transfers. This last week was
great! We worked super hard! Even though we didn't have tons

of lessons it felt so good to work your hardest at all times. I've
never been so happy haha.

This week we had a couple of our Investigators say they would get
baptized when they recieved their answers! Both of those Lessons were
so driven by the Spirit! They definitely Both happened when me and my
companion forgot about ourselves and just put our desires with the
Lord's! Ive been so much happier as i've tried to just give up my
desires for his! For example, Me and a Priest from the Twin Knolls
ward went on splits and we found a lady who was deep into some
subtances and we poured out our testimonies about the Book of Mormon
and she said "Wow you really mean what you just said!" she was
homeless but i hope she is reading!

I love serving my Mission! I just fell in love this week with serving.
I know i'm out here for a reason and i know that as it says in Ether

27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I
give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is
sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they
humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make
weak things become strong unto them.

He will make our weak things become strong, he will never abandon us!
We must listen to the Holy Ghost and be willing to make the changes
the Lord wants! I Love you all! I don't love this sun.. Elder Parra
took a pretty cool photo of me and Elder Vo when Elder Parra came with
us when his companion was sick. I love my Family! Thank you for all the Support and have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Enviado desde mi iPad

Elder Jensen's answers to my comments or questions, which I've typed in red.

Guess what, you have 465 days left....What the Heck! Where does the Time go? Haha It sent me into shock when
i read that! Did your prospect able to meet agin with you? She's canceled on us Twice : Told him about grandma being in the hospital....what's here Address that i can send a letter to? you (should send it to me tonight so i can get it out in the Mail! Poor Gammy :( I'll pray for her! How's the leg? Any swelling with the heat? They said the swelling would go down but whenever i don't wear the sock it swells up... But other than that its great! Asked him how the sushi was that he tried (watched him eat it in a video)... Hahaha it wasn't that great! I've just grown acostumed to eating whatever now. hahaha. When is Aaron and Mysti's wedding? in September? That's coming around the Corner! Hey! thanks for the Money! i was able to buy a nice one for me and Isidro! hahaha we helped a Mexican Family with Moving their mattresses amd we were driving on Main street with four mattresses stacked up on the Truck... it so funny. hahaha. I love you mom! how's Maisey and Cohey Holding up? And all the Boys? if you have any questions let me know! ❤️

Elder Jensen

Enviado desde mi iPad

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


July 11

This week a couple of super cool this happened! First of all, ok I'll
just tell the story. So me and Elder Vo were just talking about how
our time together is winding down and that we hadn't seen like tons of
success and it was just kinda sad and no joke a couple days later we
had a return appointment with an investigator that has been
investigating for like 6 months. We haven't met with her for a couple
of weeks but we last left her with praying about our church and
focusing on the answers. We came back and sat down with her and the
first thing she said is "I want to get baptized next month" 😳 Nice!
So cool! She was saying how she has been receiving her answers but she
just hasn't realized it was the Holy Ghost! So cool! We set a date for
August 6th! But then she didn't come to church because her dog was
sick... Hahah so we will talk to her about that but her name is summer
and she's super cool!

Let's see.. Last week we did district lunch after our meeting. Haha
I'm just trying to make our meetings more fun. We also went to the
temple! It is such a blessing to be able to go every six weeks. I love
the temple. I love that we can feel so close to our Heavenly Father!

I also want to share something I read I think in one of Ben's letters,
but it was talking about how you can work as hard as you can but as
long as your desires aren't heavenly fathers your mission will be a
lot harder and you won't enjoy as much! And I can testify I tried so
hard to forget of myself when I was trying to meet him and I felt so
happy! It was an amazing lesson too! I know that that's how I will
enjoy the most of my mission!:) I love you all! I know our Heavenly
Father is there and our prayers are answered when we are humble enough
to listen! :)

Elder Jensen
My first "monsoon" storm in AZ


Thanks so much for sending me emails. It just hit me how grateful I
am:) No Fenton has two more transfers left! It's super weird! After
that there's a "death cycle" of every two transfers missionaries
finish their missions until me! Hahha so it's going to be really
weird! Don't even worry I love reading the letters even though I am
not good at replying! Hey I don't know how much money is on my card...
But if there isn't enough can you put money on my card to get a really
nice picture of Jesus?:) hahaha my patience has been tested mommy.
None to say he least I'll be a pretty patient guy by the end of my
mission :) lol with my missionaries I serve with but I love them to
death! It's so true though! The summer is flying by, I'm actually
pretty nervous that my mission is going by fast. I'm nervous I'm going
to by a zone leader soon. There's so much work to do and I don't want to have that responsibility haha but I'll do what the Lord says!:) I love you mom!

Elder Jensen your sonny boyyy
"They are so delightful, diligent and dependable!"  From senior missionaries serving with them.


July 4

Hahaha I loved the video! Wow you all are fluent it sounds like!;)
whose Mitch?? He's a friend of Adam? I don't really know what we are
going to do, we have an appointment set up with someone but who knows
if they'll be there! Haha we might meet with the Ward mission Leader
to figure out a plan for the Adobe branch. It's definitely weird
seeing everyone go to parties and stuff and it just feels normal now

For this week we had lots of meetings with the new mission president
so it was kinda slower, Miracle of the week! We met someone
last week! He's an awesome guy! He's super humble and like some stole
everything he had so he moved out to Arizona to live with his cousins,
anyways, we were blessed with him and he is so prepared. After we
taught him the first vision he was like, that makes more sense than
the bible! Hahaha it was hilarious, he's so humble and he just wants
to have happiness and he have been teaching him about twice a week and
he said this coming Sunday he would attend church! I'm so excited to
see him progress! We have been working very hard and there wasn't a
ton of progression and it's been hard, but the Lord has truly blessed
us to see some of the fruits of our Labors!:)

We are going to start building up the Adobe Branch, it needs a lot of
help. Hahha it's just like everyone gets offended by something someone
says and then people don't want to come to church.  Hahah so we are
just going to help people realize the church is perfect but the people
aren't! I love you guys so much! It really does mean a lot to me to
have you all as support it helps a lot to know there's always the
support back home! I love you guys! Have a great week!:)

Elder Jensen

Mid week July 7

It's a lot more important to be in good sights with God rather than man. If that makes sense? I would rather be mocked and made fun of and just looked weirdly upon, than stand before God and feel like I could've done more! Me and Elder Vo are still companions! We just live with Elder Parra and Elder Moreno! Elder parra has been in the mission for 4 weeks now! He's super funny and his English is very good! Oh yes! Isidro, hmm... Probably like a picture of Jesus or something, you can go to desert book then send me a picture of which one you want to get
him then I can buy it down here! I'm trying to simplify my life and make Jesus the center of my life! So I want to buy a nice looking picture of him and put it on my desk, and just de clutter my life. Haha I'm feeling stressed and I just want to consecrate myself to the
lord! I want to be Happier! I love you mom! Send my love to the family! Even the puppies!:)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 34 - Part 2; Apache Junction AZ

This letter is Elder Jensen's answers and comments from my letter to him....My comments are in red.

 Our poor grass is turning brown in it's usual places.Hahahaha that's one thing that is hilarious about down here.. It's just all dirt and rocks.
Murphy is a little over 6 months old and the same size as Zoey!   That tells you how big he's probably going to be.  And he's such a puppy...he's not very obedient and loves to jump on everyone.  Needless to say. we had them tied up so they wouldn't mow down Conner or Austin.  Zoey is still a good pup, but that Murphy.....Uggg!    He's just a lovable lug who needs to be taught who is Alpha.  Maisey has not been afraid to let him know who's the boss here.
 I miss one doggies! I can't wait to meet Murphy! Do you think Maisey will remember me? Hahahha poor Cohen....
Are you giving him blended smoothies?

Wow and how many people are in there helping out the kids? Hahha I bet! All your other holidays
you've been working! Woohoo! Our mission is extremely obedient... It used to not be a
couple years back, but now president Jenkins whooped it into shape.
Haha also I forgot to tell you we get a new mission president! It's
really sad to see him go but I'm excited to work with the new

Thanks so much for your sweet, sincere testimony.   I can only imagine it's hard to be a missionary some days, but you are doing the work the Lord wants you to do and he will bless you immensely for it.
 I'm not gonna lie, somedays you wake up and you don't want
to work, and it's a 120 degrees out it's extremely hard to find
desires to do so. Hahaha but nothing can beat the feeling of trying
your best. Even though I'm not the best teacher or the best district
leader if I work my hardest for the lord he will always bless me. And
being in Spanish work has helped me a lot. We have some of the hardest
working and most obedient workers out here.

I've tried to change my eating habits and I've picked up celery, apples,
carrots, bananas, haha I know it may sound crazy but I'm starting to
like salads!! I just feel so much better and my body almost feels
cleaner so I'm saving a lot of money from my mission funds.. I think.
Hahaha but I've gotten a lot better! I just want to try to live off of
he mission funds and learn how to budget!   I love you mommy! How's the new car? Are there new families in
the ward?  I love you mommy!  I can't wait to see you again! I love you! Where am I on the ward
programs? Haha in the middle?

Elder Jordan Jensen

WEEK 34 - Apache Junction, AZ

Hey family! How was the week!? It wasn't sooo hot this week only like 105-110 hahaha. It's so hot. Hahah I feel like I'm just learning how to deal with more and more stress. Haha I'm really bad at forgetting reports and stuff like that for District Leader stuff hahah my zone leader was like... "Well I mean he had the agenda by district meeting..." Hahahaha I mean I end up doing it it's just sometimes late.. I feel bad but I'm doing my best ok. Hahaha. I just laugh and do better the next time. Let's see, we've been doing a ton of work in English and it's hard because I feel like I'm losing my Spanish!!! Noooo! It's speak only in Spanish in companionship when everything else is in English! Let's see... It's supposed to rain pretty soon! I'm pumped for rain! It's been a long time since we had a really good rain storm. I'm trunky for rain, haha jk. But for real I want rain really bad.

We are teaching a guy that his kids want to get baptized but he has to quit smoking, and go to church, and start reading the Book of Mormon and a bunch of other stuff. But it's just so amazing to see as we focus on Jesus Christ in our lessons and as he starts praying how he can progress! He has now starting using a vapor thing instead and he's reading the Book of Mormon! It's awesome! Hahaha I asked him if he was a hug guy and he said yes and started rubbing my back when we hugged. Hahhaha I never would've expected him to be a hugging sensitive guy! Oh what he gospel can do. We've started parking the truck and walking to some of our appointments to talk with more people! It works I think cause some people feel bad! Oh! We have started teaching a couple of ladies and their cousin and wow! They always are so happy to see us! They said whenever they see us their day just brightens up! And we were like hey, you can have this happiness! So they have started reading the introduction and they want us to pass by every couple of days! What!? So cool! They're great. 

Guys, listen up! Get on the edge of your seats.... I just wanted to say...... 

I LOVE THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST, I know that it is real and it can bless our lives in so many ways. We just have to freaking use it! Hahaha I just want to pound that into the people we are teaching. I know that if we ALLOW the atonement to work in our lives we will be so happy!!! As it says in 3 Nephi 19

25 And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto him; and his countenance did smile upon them, and the light of his countenance did shine upon them, and behold they were as white as the countenance and also the garments of Jesus; and behold the whiteness thereof did exceed all the whiteness, yea, even there could be nothing upon earth so white as the whiteness thereof.
 I know we can be happy! We just have to let us bless our lives! I hope you all read that. Hahaha I wanted to draw the attention to it. Love you guys! Stay safe!

Elder Jensen

Helping this turtle fly!
Elder P. from Chile and me.