Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 17 - Mesa AZ


Dan!!! Thank you so much for the letter! Hahaha I liked how you made
the envelope and everything out of that cool paper! Love ya man:) Hey
hey hey! So Aunt Jenean gets married today!? Woohoo!!! Tell her
Felicidades for me! This week has been really good! On Tuesday and
Wednesday I went on splits with other Missionaries from Spanish work!
So that was fun. We had a really good lesson with Ramon! We took him
to a baptism and taught him a little about it and he said that's
something that he would like! He said he wants to feel the weight
taken off his shoulders and feel better! SO COOL! So we're gonna set a
date for him and help him reach his goal! It's really hard for him
though because he works Sunday and that's the whole reason he's here
is to make money for his family! So this is where he proves his faith
to the Lord!:)

We had a real talk with Luis. All he does is get high and works
occasionally for his dad. Elder F_________ got in his face a little and
it's just sad to see him waste his life away. But we're gonna stop
seeing him for now.

Oh we also had a couple lessons with Chris in the English Ward! He's
so cool! He really likes to talk with us and he has a lot of questions
about  the Book of Mormon! Hahahha he saw a picture of Jesus after he
was resurrected and there was only 11 and he was like why is there
only 11, and we explained that Juddas Escarait hung himself and he was
like oh, I thought the 12th was taking the picture. Hahaha I think it
was funnier in person...😁

So with the L_____s, we had a really good lesson again and Ruben got an
answer that he needs to get baptized as soon as he can, so we have a
date for him, the 12th of March! And he's gonna get baptized first
then as we teach the rest of the family he'll get to baptize them!! SO
COOL! (Us and Stephen the 14 year old) totally bro'd out and he asked
us to help him get back and school! He doesn't say that he wants to
get baptized but he wants us to help him get his life back together!!
I'm so happy and I love that kid!

I love you guys! Thanks for all the support and everything! And the
body scan turned out okay! No skin problems for Jordy:)

Hey mom I really don't have a ton of time!!! I love you! Thanks for
always being so great to me! The pictures from Wisconsin looked
awesome! Just a bit chilly right?? Hahaha. How are you?? Doing good??
Living the DC Sheriff department dream!? Haha I'm doing fine, skin is
doing good nothing really to report! :) how was the wedding today?
Also I bet you're so thrilled that Aaron and Mysti are getting married
right?! Hahaha that's awesome!

Elder Jensen!

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