Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Hola hola!

This week was good! It was a little hard at the beginning and we
hadn't found like any investigators but then I read a quote that just
like hit me hard! It was "Pray as if everything depended on God, Work
as if it all depended on you" and it just hit me so hard because I
hadn't been talking with very many people and I knew I could talk with
more people! Then it was so cool because We would pray so hard and
when we would talk with more people we found like 5 new investigators
in 2 days that were so prepared! I love this work and there's no doubt
that Heavenly Father is behind it all!

Let's see... We went to organ stop pizza! It's like a a pizza place
where this guy on an organ plays and takes requests and stuff! It's so
good and awesome! I for sure wanna go back there! Let's see later that
day someone tried to bible bash with us in English so that was fun
hahah. Oh then we went to a guy that seemed really interested but he
was seriously exactly like the other.

Oh so sorry Aaron, I met a guy from Vegas that does spray paint art
thing on the strip like for yours and Mysti's wedding but the
investigator I was gonna buy it from was thrown in jail. Haha. But if
he gets out in time I'll send it over to you all!
Ok so a while ago I think I told you all about Jose who came up to us
in the trailer park and asked for our help to feel better? But we've
been teaching him and he came to church yesterday and he loved it! He
said he wants to learn more by reading the Book of Mormon and he feels
like this is the most true church! It's so awesome to feel like this
love for guys you barley know! Hahaha I love it! :) we
taught him how to tie a tie yesterday,  he's all grown up :')

It rained yesterday so hard! Hahah we were so surprised! I love you
all! Thanks for everything that you all do for me! I love you all! I
can't believe I talk to you all in 1 month! Then only two more times
for my mission! Hahahaha crazy! Love you all!

Elder Jensen
Organ Stop Pizza Place

Apparently, this company from SL area is starting up business in Mesa.  They gave the elders a ride!

Escritorio de Hermano Jensen.

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