Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 25 - Apache Junction, AZ


Hahaha so I got a call from President on Thursday and he told me I was
training.. Gulp. Hahaha I'm so excited very nervous but really
excited. I was teasing my companion I was like dang you won't be
here for the baptisms or anything! But then when we got Transfers it
said I was white washing and I was like wow. Hahaha. So now I'm out in
Apache Junction which is just more east and more deserty and a little
more ghetto. Haha. So I have the Adobe Branch with two other elders
that are white washing in and I have another English branch. But it's
nice because I will have to do most of the talking But I live with
Elder J______ so he can help me with Spanish! But I get to meet my
trainee tonight! His name is Elder V___. I think he doesn't speak very
much but we will see! :) We put Isidro and the Molina girls on date but
I won't be there for the baptisms :(
I have a Nissan Frontier though!:) I love you guys! I love serving the
lord! I know that everything in this church is worth it! Well sorry
this is short but I've been moving all my stuff and now I'm gonna go
pick up Elder V___!

Elder Jensen

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