Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 24

What's up what's up!

Hey so I just realized like you all know nothing about like who I'm
teaching or anything. Hahah so I'll just give a quick run through!

Isidro- super solid guy! Sooo humble! He told us he knows this church
is true and he feels happiness when he goes to church! He wants to be
baptized!! I love him!

Los Molina- the Molina girls are so awesome! We street contacted into
them and their parents are less actives of 20 years! But the girls
haven't been baptized! And they love reading the Book of Mormon and
the parents are going to ask for Sunday's off!

Eva- she loves us. Hahaha she always calls us her hijos. Her family is
Catholic but we just barley started teaching her

Sara L. - she's been investigating for like 9 months but always
cancels our lessons but always comes to church.... Hahah we don't know

Hilda G.- she has 2 sons that are members but her boyfriend is
married in Mexico but he can't divorce her because he couldn't come
back. So Hilda can't get married to him so she can't get baptized. But
she said after investigating for 5 years it's time to make a
decision.... So we're gonna see what happens!

Los Millers- they're less active but we talked to the ward council and
as soon as I heard their name I was like we need to visit them! And we
have and they've come to church last week! It's crazy how I just feel
so much love for people I don't even know!

Hahahha Elder Fairholm ran into a pole Hahahha he was behind me and I
just heard "Dong!" Hahahaha he's okay it was way funny though. Today I
had a really good study! My personal studies haven't been the most
efficient recently and so I was studying how to make my studies more
efficient so I could better hold the spirit better and I just received
so many answers of how I could better myself and it was humility and I
realized how not humbled I am.. But I'll get better. Everything is
good down here. I'm using my sunscreen and they said in a couple of
weeks it's gonna get really hot! Yay... Psych. Time is flying.. I
can't believe April is halfway over and we get to talk soon?! Weird.
Hahaha I love you all! Be safe! Love the Lord!

The Few, The Proud, The Missionaries

Look Mom, I can cook!!

How to treat an ingrown toenail-ouch!

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