Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 26 - Apache Junction, AZ

Sorry I didn't have like anytime last week! We had to move all of our
stuff and it was so busy! Elder Vo is so great! He's from San
Francisco and he likes to hip hop dance! He loves to work hard and he
wants to learn! There's nothing more a Trainer could ask for! So
Apache Junction... Hahah it's harder, it's more just different.
There's a lot of nicer apartments and not a ton of people outside and
stuff.. Ugh it's just different and I'll have to adapt! But we have a
Truck! Haha it's a Nissan Frontier! It's super nice and fun! We have
an English Ward with TONS of work in it! And we have the Adobe Branch
which just needs missionaries to help run it. Haha. I love all the
members I've met though! I feel like this amazing love for everyone
here! It's just amazing how we can go as missionaries and not know the
people and just feel this incredible love! It's not that hot... Yet.
Hahah it rained a couple days ago.. I think the third time in my
mission. So when should we skype?? Or FaceTime? Could we skype at 8 in
the morning? That's what would work best for us! I saw the pictures of
the Trees! Dang! That's crazy! That's so good it didn't hit the
houses! I just want to tell you all how much I love you personally! I
miss all of you! The first week has always been hard because I've
always white-washed and it's just been hard then I start missing you
all. I know it's worth it though. Trying to give other people the
chance that we have (eternal life) is so worth it. Sometimes I just
sit back and think, how did I get so lucky to grow up in the church
and with an amazing family. I miss you all so much but the gospel is
so worth it. We have the amazing opportunity to live for eternal life
and I believe that! I would've gone home a long time ago if I truly
didn't believe it! Love you all and I can't wait to skype!

Elder Jensen

Ok mom this one is for you!

How's the work going? Sheriff office still the same old same old? I
miss the rain so much! I always think back to when we went out there!
SO FUN! I think I want to start doing more vacations after I get back,
I'd rather do fun things with you all than drive a nice car. Haha. The
pictures made it look sooo green. Haha I miss that. The brown desert
is getting a little tiring. Good to hear the ward really rallied
around and helped. Great to hear Dan made it out! Will everyone be
able to talk with me this Sunday?? So 8 is kinda like the only time we
could without taking a lot of time out of our Proseltying time! Elder
Vo is from San Francisco! We're gonna be great friends! I love it!
Hahaha are you really gonna do a cut-out!? Yes! That makes me so
happy! Haha. Wow their time is already coming up to leave?? And Aaron
comes home soon? Crazy. How's Spencer doing?? And Tanner? I can't
believe I already have been out that long... Haha thank you mom! I
love you so much!! Tell the family I love them! So much! That's
something I'm so grateful for going on a mission. My appreciation for
my family is so much more! Love you mom! I'll look for my package
today! Thanks for everything! Love you!
One of the many awesome youth in his current ward.

Elder Jordy
Elder Jensen & his new companion.  He says this is father and son.!
Elder Jense and Isidro--plans to be baptized.
The EQ president in the current ward.
Two great missionaries!
Branch president's pet.

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