Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week 27 - Apache Junction, AZ

It was so awesome to talk with you guys! Haha it's so crazy how fast
time flies! I can't believe I only have two more times doing that...
Weird haha.

This week was pretty good! We were super blessed with new
investigators! Only in the Spanish Branch though.. I feel bad because
I want to work hard in the Twin Knolls ward, it's just that There's so
much work in the Spanish side! Yesterday we spoke in the English ward,
the Spanish branch needs a lot of help. Haha I'm not gonna lie. It's
super disorganized and not very many people go to church. So I'm gonna
ask president for advice.

We've been meeting lots of people in the ward but nothing crazy. Sike,
scratch that. We ran into a guy That drives ships for Nissan and he
drives the boats all over the world! And he's talked with Missionaries
all over the world and has read the Book of Mormon 10 times and he
likes to read it because it brings him closer to God. Wow! We have a
lesson tonight and we're gonna get all his info to teach him over the
internet because he leaves for 1 year on Tuesday! But he so cool so
hopefully we can teach him over the interwebs!

Also so we were in our first district meeting and there's a sister
from the Philippines and I felt prompted to ask her where she's
from... She was from Cebu City! It was so awesome to talk with her and
she was speaking Cebuano and there's so much Spanish in Cebuano! And
she said that mostly everyone down there can understand Spanish!

I just wanna share the best experience I've had on my mission yet! I
have had some great experiences on my mission that has strengthened my
testimony! But with those experiences it brings lots more questions, I
had tons of questions and I felt like I hadn't truly received a answer
if the Book of Mormon was true, I have had good experiences with the
book but when I prayed about it when I finished it I didn't feel like
I received an answer. The reason why I think so is because I prayed to
check it off. I didn't truly want to know for myself. But this week I
prayed wanting to know for myself and Holy cow! The book is true! I
can't describe exactly what it is! I can't describe to you what salt
tastes like. But I can sure tell you that it's worth it to be out
here. I love that booK and I'm so grateful what everyone did so that
we can be blessed to have the book with us here! I love you all and
the gospel and our family is the most important thing to me. I
encourage you all to frequently pray if you want to know for yourself!

Love you all!

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