Thursday, June 2, 2016

Week 28 - Apache Junction, AZ

Wow this week was great! Elder Vo helps me and inspires me to talk
with everyone! Haha he was like "Elder, I wanna get a door slammed in
my face" hahaha we did btw. But it was so great to talk with everyone,
even white people! Haha I have always been good with talking with
Mexicans cause they are usually nicer and more humble but I love
talking with everyone! Even the white people. Hahaha.

We street contacted this guy and we were just talking with him and I
saw 2 corn hole tables! So I was like let's play! Hahah we made a deal
that if I won he would listen to us... I prayed and played with
faith.... But I got destroyed. Hahaha turns out that's how he kind of
makes his living... He owns a roofing company but then he goes to Corn
Hole tournaments and wins like 60,000 dollars. Hahahha I was expecting
it to be like a crazy story where I won then he listened then he got
baptized.... Sike! Hahha but he did say we could come back to play.

We hiked Flat-Iron today! It was super tiring but it was my first hike
in a while! I'll send pictures. It looks over the whole valley.

Lately it's been on my mind talking about humility. And I love Mosiah
4:11-12! I love knowing that we always have our Heavenly Father

watching over me! And how humbling it is to realize how blessed we
are. Hahah I can't even type how I'm feeling but it's just something
that I love! Everything starts with humility! When we are humble, we
can know of great things to come to pass! Love you all! Have a great
week! Be safe!
Elder Jensen

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