Sunday, October 23, 2016


This transfer was like the fastest of the Mission so far! The trio is getting split up! All three of us are training but I'm the one that is staying here in Liahona 4th! We get our new companions tomorrow! 

This week was great! We had more miracles happen this week! We met a man named ______. Hahah it was like the weirdest moment ever. We knocked, he saw us and his face lit up and he was like come on in! So we get in there and we said have you talked with missionaries like us before and he was like, Nope! Hahaha so we shared the Restoration and he LOVED it! He said his favorite part was when we told him he could know for himself by asking God. Hahaha he's always working during the day but he said he would love to continue to know more! Everyone works so much here and it's hard for them to attend church! :(

We also met some members from Colombia but they attend an English ward. But they met us and we talked for a little and they invited us to a place called organ stop pizza and we were like ohh well we have a lesson that night and they were like bring your investigators! Hahha so now we're bringing ______ (investigator with baptismal date)and her kids and then going to the visitors center! Whoooweee! 

This week we also met with a less-active family. We shared the talk Fourth Floor Last Door with her and it touched her heart so much. She was crying and she was like hermanos I'll be there on Sunday I have to go! Hahaha psych she didn't come. But the spirit touched her so much!
This is a part of the talk

In our search for enduring faith, in our quest to connect with God and His purposes, let us remember the Lord’s promise: “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Will we give up after knocking on a door or two? A floor or two?

Or will we keep seeking until we have reached the fourth floor, last door?

God “rewards those who earnestly seek him,” but that reward is not usually behind the first door. So we need to keep knocking. Sisters, don’t give up. Seek God with all your heart. Exercise faith. Walk in righteousness.

I promise that if you will do this--even until the fourth floor, last door--you will receive the answers you seek. You will find faith. And one day you will be filled with light that grows “brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”

My beloved sisters in Christ, God is real.
He lives.
He loves you.
He knows you.
He understands you.

I'm loving the mission! The mission has been hard at points but I'm truly getting to the point where I love the mission! I love being disciple of Jesus Christ! I'm very glad I took this opportunity to experience the love Heavenly Father has for each of us. Just like fourth floor last door when we are diligent and as we love to serve God he blesses us! 

Love you guys dearly!

Elder Jensen

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