Monday, March 13, 2017


March 6, 2017

This was a rollercoaster! We had some awesome trainings from a couple
of guests from the Missionary Department. They focused on Working
through the Members and working with Faith to find the elect. And I
felt like we worked so hard with so much Faith! And we had a lesson
with J______ and his Family and his kids were SUPER into the Lesson, they
read the chapter we left them with and they said they're starting to
really like it! But J_____ just looked like really sad and so we asked
him what he thought about the chapter and he said he felt like we were
trying to sell him stuff. It was really sad. But he said that he still
wanted to go to church and the kids still want to learn and go to
church. So we will just need patience and prayers so that Heavenly
Father can work with him!

Then! At church we had J_____ R______ come. It was great! He said he
wouldn't be able to come on Saturday night but Sunday morning he
called us and told us he would be coming. So we went and he seemed to
enjoy it and when the Sacrament came.. Heavenly Father just blessed
him with the Spirit. He was crying and then towards the end of the
Sacrament meeting he wanted to go up and bear his testimony! But time
ran out... but he was telling us that he believes this is the true
church and that this is the Path god wants for him! We invited him to
be baptized but he said that he wants to study more but we can make it
more of a goal!

We also are teaching a 10 year old that is in a less active family and
we taught him he Plan of Salvation and he was SO HAPPY! He was like "I
never want to die after he spirit world! I thought after you died you
just slept forever!" It was amazing. The Lord truly blessed us this
week as we worked in faith but we were trying to be humble with
whatever the Lord had in store for us! As Ben said in one of his
Letters he sent me about Humility it   Said "it's one of the hardest
attributes to achieve, but well worth the work. Once you think you
have it, you lost it" love you all so much!

Elder Jensen

Haha it is crazy how fast time goes! Haha I don't mean to be rude... but can you just send me how many weeks when I have like 5 left?:) thanks mom! I love you! I just don't want to get distracted off the work! 

Is it Snowing? Man! That's so crazy! I can't believe that! Man, it seems like all the cool weather stuff is happening when I'm gone!  Haha. I was thinking about it and I think what I want to try to do is take the fire science classes and get my AEMT because then it's a pretty solid job and i can make it work with school. Like what we were saying before.. get my Emergency Services degree or something! Since I already have my EMT Mr. Sholly (the emt instructor) said when we get back from the missions we just sit in a couple of times during the emt class and we can get it back and get our AEMT. But I think that's what I want to do while I work somewhere and save up money. I had thought about asking JIM at fit for ten if there was something I could do there for him or try framing until I finish the fire science and AEMT. I don't know.. what kind of job do you think I should try for until I can finish the FIRE SCIENCE and AEMT? 

That's GREAT! How much does it cost? Hey.. maybe I could get a Job there if they want someone over 18 that can communicate in Spanish. HAHA I forgot about my birthday. I can't believe I'm 20. Weird. Haha I can't act like a kid! Well that ended a while ago. Haha. I love you mom! Thanks for everything you do for me! Seriously you help me a ton! Greatest mom ever! :)

Love, Elder Jensen 

P.s. You can reply back to my questions with your suggestions anytime and I can think about it and study it out in my mind. Thanks!

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