Monday, May 15, 2017


Missions are fun!!
Dos Guapo Hermanos

MAY 8, 2017

This week was crazy! We had an awesome meeting with someone from Salt Lake. They announced that we are NOW approved to use Facebook hahaha we were all being disobedient and President didn't even know lol. So now we are encouraged to teach investigators through messenger and have daily contact with them (group messages with members or doing skype) We haven't had tons of success but we're working on it.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with an investigator who doesn't have a
husband so the rule is that we have to have another male with us. So
we called like 10 people from the Branch to come with us and no one
could. And we joked around about bringing J_____ so we have been
teaching for a while, then we check our phone... and J______ called us like 2 times! Hahah so we took that as an answer and called him! He came out and helped us teach the Plan of Salvation! Hahaha it was awesome! He was testifying like "Hermana everything makes sense, this is the church with the right authority" and like "hermana this church is different, they treat everybody like family" hahaha it was awesome! Afterwards we prayed with J_______ and he asked God which day he should be baptized and he decided on June 3rd! Yay! He's going to be so great!

Also... last night we were going to have an amazing lesson with a
family we have been working with and we were going to have a sweet
lesson with them... but then everything just went downhill... their 2
year old starting stepping in chicken poop, then the dog starting
eating the chicken poop... then the kid starting hitting the chickens
with a metal spoon... the he starting like pulling the chickens around
by the tails... then the rooster pecked the little kid like right next
to his eye!He was soooo lucky it didn't get him in the eye. So they
went to the emergency room. And so Satan did his job! It was going to
be an awesome lesson :( But we will get them next time!

Have a great week everyone! I love youuuuuuu!

Elder Jensen

I was thinking about where to live..
probably the best thing for me would to save money and live with dan
right? Eventually I would want to live down there but probably when I
have more money saved up and stuff. If dan wants me to, i would live
with him. How far away is it from UVU? Also, will I just borrow like
one of the cars until I can buy one or am I probably going to do
public transport? :) so that's what I think... what do you think?
(Told Jordan about how we spent the day at the HAFB airplane museum.. the whole family.)
That's so cool. That's like one or the things I miss is just spending
time with the family. What are some things you want me to look up
about UVU? I really don't know what to do. Hahha should I look at
prices... classes? Austin talks now? Hahha what the heck. Hey could
you talk next week at 3 o'clock? Our time. President said 30-40 mins
this year :/ oh well... Obedience brings blessings. Oh yes! I already
have an appointment for the scan May 11th and then I will tell him to
get my scans done before June 30th! Thanks mom! For all you do! :)
I'll send a pic of the engrown toenail. It's better now... just
infected. Hahha I got a antibiotic. It's just hard because we're out
all day sweating and walking so it doesn't really get a rest! But I'm
just going to try to take real good care of it. How's beck doing?
Today at Walmart I bought 36 eggs for 1.84! Ahhhh yeah! And Avocados
were on sale! Can't wait to hear back! Time is going so fast. But I
love that I'm changing... as my mission goes further and further I see
my patriarchal blessing coming true about the time during my mission.
I know this church is true! I know that Joseph smith truly was a
prophet. And "Save Jesus Christ himself, he has done more for men's
Salvation than any other man." I know that the three witnesses really
did see the plates and this is the Lord's Restoration and we will all
continue to be a part of it, if we choose. I love Heavenly Father and
I love this gospel. I don't know what I did to be able to be blessed
to be born into it. Thanks for choosing to follow the Spirit mom :)
Jose has a baptismal date! Patience does work! Hopefully now he can
just stay true to the word of wisdom and law of chastity! 😁

Elder Jensen

Nasty ingrown toe nail that was removed.


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