Monday, May 15, 2017


MAY 15, 2017

This week was pretty good! We have something that we are starting to
use more with online proselyting! We now can Skype people during the
week to do more daily contact with the people we are teaching! It's
great! Because now people don't have to dedicate 2 hours to have us
over or going out with us! Everything is so much more effective and
easier for them and us! Truly this is the new way the Lord will do his
work! :)

We had a good lesson with J_______! He came into the Visitors center and
we could tell he was a little frustrated. He just opened up about how
he was frustrated that our church spent so much money on the temples
and church buildings and why we didn't spend that much money on the
poor. We explained to him that we give the very best for the Lord. We
shared with him the story about the woman who anointed Jesus with the
very best perfume and how his disciples asked Jesus why he was ok with
it. He responded "why you freaking out? She's just trying to do
something nice for me!" J______ left with peace of mind that we always
give the very best to the Lord. It was great to see his questions get
answered! (Also, J______ said that he wanted to go with us to another
Lesson! 😂)

Transfers was last week and me and Elder Parra are staying! Now
there's like 30 people in our zone! It doubled! Haha. I read the story
about the Liahona. I love it so much! There's so many parallels that
you can make to our life (about the commandments, the Holy Ghost, the
apostles and prophet) they all are to guide us!

Nephi tells us what happens as we follow the Lord
"16 And we did follow the directions of the ball, which led us in the
more fertile parts of the wilderness."
We will receive so many blessings as we follow the lord! We will truly
be lead to the richest blessings that we have in our life :)

I love you all!  I invite you to look for the guidance of the Lord in
your lives!

Hahaha it was great to Talk with you all! Not going to lie, it's
really weird to talk with you guys because I know you exist.. hahha
I've spent most my life with you all.. but the only contact we have is
through Email! And it's super weird just to talk to you all again! But
it was good. :) ever since I realized how close everything is and how
I needed to plan out my future it's gotten a lot harder. It's been
harder to stay focused and not think about the future too much.. but
it's also something that's necessary! Hahha I need to think about it
but I just have to find a balance. Because 6 months is still a long
time! It surprised me how big Austin is! Because all I remember of him
is that he was just a little baby, but now he's like a toddler. Yeah
me too! The church building I was at is almost exactly the same as the
burton lane chapel! It is? That's good! Man, I wish I could remember
birthdays! Hahaha I can remember names really well... but birthdays..
nope! Man, that's awesome! Before you know it they'll be teenagers!
Hahaha it's all done. It doesn't feel that long ago that I was doing
it! They'll probably be getting their calls soon huh!?

Yeah there is definitely pros to coming to Arizona. I think that I
will use Spanish a lot more than Cebuano.

Also could you send me my UVU number? I'm sure I will need it so I can
look into classes. I love you too mom!

I'll talk to you soon! If you could send me some ideas of eating
healthy stuff I would love to read them! Low fat, high protein! :) I
would love that! Thanks:)

Elder Jensen
The closest we've been to a girl in a long time!

Skyping with investigators!

I'm 2% fluent in Spanish....what??

Gotta love the iPad!

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