Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 18 - Mesa, AZ

Sorry I don't have tons of time!

8 months! We don't have a car and we had to move into more  central
Mesa! Hahaha there's gonna be some growing done! Also the Walmart at
Greenfield and Mckellips is closest to us! Also Elder Fenton cut my
hair and now I have a buzz hahaha

 Yeah that's crazy huh?? 12 weeks is a lot but it's also gone by
really fast! Like I can't really remember how it felt before to not be
a missionary. Hahha it's crazy how fast everything goes! What?! We get
to skype in 62 days!? Then after that it's only 2 more times!! How
crazy is it!? So I believe it's like the 25th of October 2017! Hahha
we just met them and asked if we wanted to send pictures to our moms!
Oh the Shelley's!! Hahaha they're so great! I love them! They're such
nice people! They're from the English Ward we served In!

 Hahahaha he said that?? That's hilarious!!  😂 Conner brings up
marriage faster than you 😉

How many stamps does it take to get Mexico?? I'm gonna send one down
there for when she gets to Mexico! I wish I had more time.

What!? You got a new Car!? hahaha that ones sweet!!! You like it more
than the juke?? I think I like the juke more. 😁 I found this like good smelling sun screen that I use.
I hate smelling like the normal stuff!

Yeah the conjugations are super hard! I feel like I still can't speak
very well.. Hahaha but I can speak a lot better now than 4 months ago!
But I still have a lot of work to do!  I didn't realize how soon my birthday was!
Will you send me a list of when everyone's birthday is?? Hahha I never can remember. Except for
Tori's for some weird reason!;)

Hahahaha it's definitely not easy doing this day in and day out for 2
years but the Lord definitely helps us!  How's Adam and Aaron?? Love
you Mom!!! Thanks for helping me through it all!! 18 weeks down! Hahha
that's crazy! Only like 85 more to go! Hahaha ;)

Love, Potts
Elders enjoying dinner at members house...and dreaming of this sweet ride!
He's being well taken care of.
Showing off his comp's hair cutting skills

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