Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 19 Mesa AZ

Hey family!!

Hahaha wow. This week has been hard! So me and Elder F_____ are
companions now! We are white-washing, which means like both of us are
new in the area, we don't really know anyone, and we had like 10-15
names in our Area Book to work with haha. And both of ours Spanish
isn't amazing. His is better than mine but I think we're both learning
more and more! Like usually I would kinda let Elder F______ do all the
talking but just this last week I feel like I've talked so much more!
We've found some people though to teach in some good ole trailer
parks:) it's great!

Yeah so we've been on bikes! Also, both of my tires were super old and
the inner tubes were too so I had to end up spending 50 ish dollars on
a bike that I might not even use after this transfer. But it's okay!
Do it for the Lord!
My nice set of wheels!
On Saturday night there was a baptism for one of the  investigators of
the Sisters that was in our Ward. Me and Elder F______ contacted him
and we saw him at church a ton and we grew really close! Haha his name
is Elias and he calls me his little brother! Hahaha but he asked me to
give a talk at his baptism and the Spirit was definitely there and
helped me tons! But it's crazy how the Lord helps me know what to say
when I need to! It's honestly amazing and I love it! Let's see... I
think that's about it! I'm getting better at talking to random people.
It's still so hard for me. But I'm getting better! Hahha yeah this
week was really hard for me. Probably as hard as like the first week
In my mission! But I know I'm growing from it! Salvation isn't easy!:)

Oh also! The church building we're in is SO PRETTY! It was built in
like 1912 and it's super old and cool! It has a courtyard! It's sooo

 Oh! Today we had like fried potatoes in hard shells with lettuce
and cheese. SO GOOD! yeah we usually get fed by members for dinner.

Well Family, I miss you all so much! I love you guys!! Seriously
sometimes I miss you all!  I wish I could be there for all the fun
that's going on. But I know I need to be here! Am I seriously like
that far into my mission?? It's crazy how in May 4 I will have 6
months! Hahah but it still sounds far away. I love you guys! You
should watch because of him! Everytime we watch it I get Chills and it
just makes me so happy for what he did for us! Truly amazing!:)

Right??? That's why I chose it! Hahaha because it looks the same! It's
so hard.. Hahah some days I just want to be home to be honest. Hahha
it's very hard right now but I can do hard things right!? I think
so... But since I have my iPad I haven't used it once.. Hahha. So it's
okay. Also, I tried to go get the things from Walmart but they weren't
there. Do you have an order number? And which Walmart? Can you send me
the address?:) hahha wow you must speak French!;) te amo!  

Elder Jensen

Me and my new comp

We meet so many wonderful families!

She is our mission mom.

Rock solid investigator!

This post was on Elder Jensen's FB recently.   I'm so proud of Jordan and how he is touching lives for good!   dj

S.  M. feeling blessed.
I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!  i noticed a couple missionaries on their bikes this evening and felt compelled to say hello. Our conversation ended up being one of the most motivating and strengthening encounters ive ever experienced. It was definitely what i needed to hear  ‪#‎LDS‬‪#‎ILoveTheGospel‬ ‪#‎missionarywork‬ Elder Jordan Jensen Elder Jacob Fairholm

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