Monday, March 28, 2016


Lately, Elder Jensen's emails are in response to my letters.  I've included what he is referring to, which is in the red print.    dj

Hahaha you have a count down going? Nice! (82 weeks left or 577 days, and you have completed 1/5 of your mission!!! ) Yeah no it's for sure so much better down her!  (How it rains, then snows, is cold, then it warms up and is beautiful, only to have it rain and snow a couple days later.)  We heard about that.. That's super sad. It wasn't aimed at them right?  (I read the accounts given from the missionaries in Brussels, Belgium.  How blessed they are!  Oh my gosh--I've tried to put myself in the parents' place and it just grieves me think of what they are feeling.) When did we get a sandbox??     Hahaha when  did that happen?   Hahah I'm actually really liking Mexican food!  (We went to Red Iguana and told him the chile verde is outstanding.) I'm gonna ask some Hermana's to show me how to make these "Sopes" they're
so good! They're potatoes on these tortillas with cheese and lettuce... SO GOOD! We should go there on the ride home from the Airport!    I'll have to drive it when I get back! (My new car.)  Just send it to the mission office cause we don't go to Walmart every week.  (Care packages). Yeah! Right
before he left we saw him at the mission office.   (Elder Gray.)  It's actually cloudy today! How crazy is that?? It hasn't rained since like my first three weeks! Hopefully it rains! Except I'm on bike.. Oh well. Love ya mom!! Thanks for everything! Thanks for transferring money! I've bought a
bike pump, a Book of Mormon Stories for kids thing! And a cheap long sleeve shirt thing! You're such a good mommy! I loved the pics! Have a great week! Loves :)

Elder Jensen

The cheap long shirt thing. :)

Looks like a healthy snack there....

They love habernaros!!

That couch looks very familiar.....

Miracles happen in Mesa!!!

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