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October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! 🎃
This week was great! Well, it was pretty good. Elder Duce was sick for a while and so there was some time we just stayed in the house. But other than that it was a fantastic week! We met a couple new people that have some interest and we went forward with teaching our more progressing investigators! We had a ward party and we were in charge of the Activity so we decided to play human fooseball! So we got a bunch of ropes and bought an Exercise ball and played it! Hahaha they loved it! Hispanics go like all out when it comes to futbol it was hilarious!

We're teaching P_____ and L______ and their son and his friends! Hahah they all work at a call center and whenever we have a lesson they just talk about how much they hate their jobs hahaha. They're really funny guys but we were able to teach them the restoration and one of them even asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon! Their son, C___________ really likes us and he said we could come over and work out with him and talk about the gospel with him while we workout Hahha! 

We finally were able to Meet with M___________ again! (She has the Twins) and we taught the plan of slavation and she LOVED IT. She was like "I'm going to go to church to learn more about this plan!" But she had to go to Payson so she couldn't come :(

P__________! Haha she's super funny, we teach her about twice a week and she's so cool! She's super Christian but doesn't belong to a church. She's very intelligent and loves Jesus Christ! We've been Teaching her for about a week and she stayed up and read 13 Chapters one night! Woooooweeee!

 But there's something that I noticed at her house last night. Her 3 year old grand daughter has a cat. Hahaha this cat gets thrown around and pulled at and picked up by the head and dropped like a stuffed animal hahaha! But the Cat just takes it! That Cat is just completely submitted to the little girl. I was thinking about it during my personal study and I think about how I'm always working and asking Heavenly Father for a baptism or something that I, Me, Elder Jensen, wants. I should be happy working hard and doing the best I can and be submitted to the fathers will. If it's in his plan to have one of his children receive the blessing of being baptized then great! But if not I will still be happy because I know I'm doing my best and the will of my father.

D&C 112:10 says:
 Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers.

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us! If we give up our will and ask him to guide us he will lead us by our hand! I love him and I love each of you! Take care and have a great week! :)

Elder Jensen

October 31, 2016

Man I can't wait to eat the Carmel apples and chocolate pretzels after! Those are killer! Yes! When I get back to the apartment I will send it to them and set up the other appointment! I'll let you know when I have it set up! Yes so our haircuts got pushed back so now we are emailing. But yes I got the letter and everything!

Haha thanks mom! You're the best Mommy I could ask for! Tonight we aren't aloud to go out because of Halloween. The first day in a Year that I won't do any proselytizing hahaha that's crazy. Anything you want to hear? Any questions? Love you Mom!

Elder Jensen

October 31, 2016

We actually have a mission Activity at the Visitors Center! Wahooo! 

Oh my gosh! That is best news I've recieved for ever! ThAt makes me so happy! Ah I'm so happy he's deciding to come back! Tell him I PROMISE as a disciple of Jesus Christ he will see GREAT blessings! Oh my gosh tell him I'm so happy for what he's doing!  Really!? Ahh that's so cool! Man isn't the Gospel super amazing!? Hahaha I wish we could get cool hair cuts. I just got another buzz today hahaha 😂 but I'll do it after the mission! Send me a pic! Hahaha noooooo it's ok I've accepted my Basketball career MIGHT be over ;) I think I'm probably like 5'10 or 5'11

Got to go!

Love you mom! :)


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