Sunday, November 20, 2016


NOVEMBER 14, 2016

This week was another awesome one! We struggled to find some new investigators and we got shut down a couple of times but it was still a great week! It made up for it with the great lessons we had with E_____ and M________! They both came to church! They all loved it and they all said they want to be baptized! It's honestly amazing to see how much they change and how much they start smiling and opening up and just enjoying the Gospel! It's a HUGE blessing. They all said they want to be baptized. So hopefully in one week they'll have a date:) hahaha M_______ told us "This must be the true church because I've never felt so many weird feelings" Hahha it was awesome. 

This week I read in a talk "The Lord Jesus Christ teaches us to pray" and it's an amazing talk that talks about prayer when the guy almost died on the way up to Machu Pichu and this is what he shared 

"In the early morning of that same day, I had prayed with my lips, and when I was about to perish, I prayed from the heart to Him."

I've tried to get more sincere with my prayers and praying with my Heart. I love the Lord and I know he loves to hear from all you! Pray always from heart to Him!

Elder Jensen

Yeah! Time is going by really fast. It's weird to think that it's on the downslope. Hahah I kinda just have the mentality that I'm going to be here forever, so then I just don't really think about it. Haha ah man you've been sick? We've been sick around here too. Elder Duce was vomiting and for a little I've had a cough. And yes we went to the PET Scan and said my doctor would call me after he got the results back!

That's great Moab was enjoyable. The pictures make it look amazing! 

Hahaha that is crazy that it's Thanksgiving. Do you guys have any fun plans set up? I have no idea if anything special is going on, I think just visiting people! Hahah please don't spend a lot of money on me! I would rather you save it :) if the Hawaii thing is too expensive I would be totally fine with going on a smaller trip! Disneyland is always a favorite or out east somewhere! But you all choose!:) I love being obedient. I love the concept of Obedience! Love you mommy!:)

Elder Jensen

On exchange with Elder Madsen.

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