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May 23, 2017

This week was good! We saw many miracles this week.
We met with this girl that was a referall for a neighbor. She's 14 and
trying to change her life around! And as we taught about Repentance
she felt the Spirit so strongly! She left and she said she knows that
she can change now! It was awesome!

We also had been praying about J______ R_______ and what we could teach him
and in what ways we could help him. We had both realized that he needs
more friends in the ward. We had been thinking and praying for someone
that would be a good match for him... but no one came to mind! we had
a lesson one night at 8:00 in the visitor's center and as we showed up
to a lesson there was an inactive member there! He hadn't been to
church in like four years but decided to go to the visitors center. So
we started talking with this member and he ended up going through alll
the same stuff J______ is going through! So him and J_____ talked forever
about problems and we left at nine and the we're still talking outside
the visitors center! It was amazing! Hahah one of the conversations
was like
Member: "So, it's a Friday night, you just got paid and what do you do?"
Jose: "Go drinking, and spend all the money"
Member: Right! And you can't even remember it! So why even spend it!? Hahaha

This week I read the talk opposition in all things. I liked this part.

“It must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not
so, … righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness,
neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad” (2 Nephi 2:11; see
also verse 15).

I'm grateful for opposition, if it wasn't for opposition we wouldn't
grow. No growth in the comfort zone, no comfort in the grow Zone! I
know Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us challenges :)

Elder Jensen

Hey! Sorry on weeks that we can go to the temple our p day is Tuesday.
It's super New and I forgot to tell you! Sorry!  (I asked him why I didn't get
an email from him on Monday.) Yeah it was an awesome week! Cool things are happening :)

Oh gosh, those things are hideous!  (I showed him a picture
of jumpsuits for men that are coming back and style and told him
I'd add this to his wardrobe for when he gets back.)   Hahaha it looks terrible! Man,
miss maisey. Haha I think it would be really sad if I didn't get to
see her before she passes away! Yeah it's still a tiny but swollen,
but it's super good. I'm still soaking it and stuff.  (His infected toe.)   I know the Lord
is blessing us! And if we do his will he will always bless us. It's just hard to not think 
about the future when your biking around in 100 degree weather Church clothes.

Thanks for all your help mom! I couldn't do this without you! Truly
I'm glad I went on my mission. I have truly received answers spiritual
and physical of why this church is true. So many cool things you learn
while reading the words of the prophets. I don't know if i would've
gone into the Army, if I would've made it to the mission. So I am
eternally grateful for Heavenly Father kinda force guiding me ;)
because he knows this is what I need. I had to translate two talks
during Sacrament. They in total lasted about 40 min. I was soooo
nervous. In my head I was murmuring like "There's two hermanos that
speak both languages perfectly... why do I have to do this?" Hahha and
while I was taking the sacrament murmuring the Lord whispered "I've
given you this GIFT to serve other people that speak these languages.
You need to use it." It was an amazing point! And I know the Lord
helped me tons. It wasn't perfect, but I relayed the message! Love you
mom! Can't wait to hear back!

Happy brithday tomorrow mommy! Tell everyone else I'm sorry I missed theirs :(

Elder Jensen

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