Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mi familia!!!!!!!!

Hola! I love you guys so much!!!! These past two weeks have flown by!!! I'm loving it here! Oh and the Spanish has definitely picked up!!! It's crazy how if you try your hardest and study the lord definitely blesses you!! I can now explain the plan of salvation in six minutes in terrrible, butchered spanish grammar but it really is amazing that i can now pretty much communicate with my teachers! I love it!! Hows everything going on back home?? I love hearing all the dear elders and THANK YOU so much for all the letters!!! I freaking love you guys!!!! All the missionaries are jealous of me because of all the support I get lol. I brought my journal so i could distinctify between days because they all blend into one cause its basically one big day! So on monday me and my comp planned this one lesson for like two hours like, super duper planned like we planned out everything I was gonna say and I was Like nervous and scared and I was doubting myself, andddd it went terrible. Hahaha the spirit wasn't there at all and our investigator was falling asleep and everything. Tuesday we just went into this other lesson with this girl named daniela. and She like didn't pay attention or anything and the lesson wasn't going well then like I had the impression to bear my testimony on the Atonement and I swear for like 3 min straight spanish words were popping out of my mouth and I was crying and everything and I felt like the spirit was pouring out of my mouth. It was awesome haha! OH also I asked my investigator to "offer" the prayer but I used "brindar" instead of Offecer and apparently that means to like make a toast to a drink.. hahahah and He gave me the weirdest look and was like what? hahahah we all laughed at that one. I had to host the new missionaries on Wednesday and I took this one kid to the wrong room.... hahahaha and he ended up being in my zone which was funny lol! Oh also my roomates are being nice to me and suffering through working out with me!!!! Hahahah I love working out!! I didn't realize how much I missed it! Last night two other of the elders came and had a sleep over in our room which was hilarious cause you just see two elders dragging mattresses around in the residence! lol. But I'll go all missionary for a second and just talk about how much the Atonement means to me. I was so sad and depressed and homesick when I first got here. I wasn't happy and I wanted out.  Then I read this card Tori's mom gave me and It says "I am called of God, my voice is his voice, my acts are his acts, my words are his words, my doctrine is his doctrine" Then I had the impression to just pray and try to use the Atonement to make me happier and help me think about the work.. HOLY MOLY POOP. I can testify that the Atonement is used for so much more than just repenting of our sins. The Atonement can carry us on in life when we just can't do it by ourselves. It makes us stronger and It has made me so happy and I can feel Heavenly Father molding me into the Jordan I want to be and The Jordan He wants me to be. So far they haven't brainwashed me into this preaching robot... So far. Hahah I know I will always be the same fun loving Jordan I am!!!! I love being a representative of christ and I love that He died For me!!!! The Atonement Is so real!! I miss you guys like crazy But I know I'll be with you guys soon! I'm coming up on a month gone and its crazy to think about how fast its gone!! ONly 23 (almost) to go!!! :D hahahahaha But I love you guys!! So much! I'm so happy we can be together forever! jesucristo es mi luz y jesus es mi salvador. Estoy mucho MUCHO agradecido por su expiacion.Yo se que nosotros podemos ser tambien por eterno vida...? ( Ben don't judge me if that isn't right ;) lol ) I love you guys!!!

Elder Jordy Jensen :) <3

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