Saturday, November 28, 2015

Working on week 4

So its crazy that this wednesday will be week four! But i love it! The MTC is awesome but I can't wait to get out into the field! Yeah! so for thanksgiving we got to prepare some dried meals for people in UT! We made more than they ever had at the mtc! It was like 350,000 meals or something like that! It was way fun! I'll try to remember about the highlights of my week. hahah all the days blend into one! Oh thank you so much for the thanksgiving package!!! I loved it! It was so good! I wish i could reply to every dear elder and everything but I can't remember most of the time what you guys have said! I'm so sorry! Please don't get offeneded if I forget to reply to something! I love you guys!:) Okay! craziest thing ever! Me and this one latino elder going to NY started talking and he's from Payson UT, anyways we started talking and our lives were so freaking similar it freaked us out and it was hilarious! Like both of us are going into the medical field and have our transcripts at the U. He used to play soccer at ponds park and he's from payson! So many other crazy experiences we shared! But the craziest is that he was one day away from serving in the ARMY too and then he got an answer that it wasn't right! How crazy is that?! We got eachothers emails so we might keep in touch but it was insane! But anyways on Monday it wasn't that good of a day. In our lesson like i couldn't focus and for some reason the spanish wasn't working for me very good the spirit wasn't there or anything that day and i was getting frustrated because I couldn't understand what our investigator was saying and I couldn't explain what I wanted to say and I just got so frustrated! Then the next day we had a great lesson on teaching! It was amazing and i'm really trying to put my investigators in all of my prayers and studies and connect with all my investigators and just be Jordan! Just be their friend and just love them instead of just preaching. It was such a great learning experience! We've been teaching our other investigator about prayer a lot too and trying to tie it into the lessons, haha but I was able to explain difficulties with coming on a mission and my leg and stuff and how praying helps us through all of that! It was an awesome lesson! The spirit was totally guiding it! Thanks giving was great! In the morning we got to hear from Dallin H Oaks! It was awesome!! Right when he walked in there was definitely a different feel to the room! It was amazing! He talked about working through our trials and that subject always gets to mi corazon:') hahaha But then we got to do our service project which was sweet! Then we got to watch 17 miracles and I was sweating out of my eyes so bad! hahaha Like I've seen that movie so many times and been like wow, thats cool.  hahah but on thanks giving It was like "OH MY FREAKING HECK I LOVE THE PIONEERS AND I LOVE SERVING A MISSION" in between my rivers of tears coming down my cheeks. lol. yesterday was fine! nothing crazy happened! just sat in like 10 hours of class again. Tonight we're having a fiesta! Because one of the elders in my room's mom sent him a ton of tortilla chips and queso so we're doing that tonight! hahaha I don't really have any funny stories really... Everyday is hilarious cause all of us have grown so close! Like there's no way any of us would've hung out in high schools cause of the cliques so it's cool to be able to put all that aside and just be friends for who we are! I love you guys so much! I'm so glad we have the opportunity to be together forever! Prayer is so important in our lives! with True Faith we can do anything! I know Christ Lives! I know that Heavenly Father is proud of us all! He's there and He wants us to talk with him! Don't leave him hangin' yo! ;) You guys are the best family I could ask for! love you guys! :) <3

Elder Jordan 'potts' Jensen ;)

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