Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015

Hahaha I love you guys so much!!!!! The dear elders and the packages and the letters, wow its all just the best!!!!! I love it sooo much!!! I couldn't have asked for a better family in the whole universe!! I wish i could reply to all the dear elders and everything but I honestly like never have any time haha. I try to remember what you guys have said in them so that i can reply in the email but you guys are the best at sending them so i can never remember what to reply!! hahaha I love all you guys sooo much! Thanks for sending all the support! I'm doing great!!! the spanish is kinda really hard for me but i Know i just need to have faith and work really hard and the lord will do the rest! It's crazy tho because whenever me and my companion are teaching I feel like i just get lost in the spirit and i can pretty much understand whats going on and in very broken, terribly pronunciated spanish get my idea across that I want my investigator to know and feel! Oh also it's crazy the peace that i feel whenever I bear my testimony in spanish!! Like even though I am limited on what I say I can always feel peace and the spirit sooo strong! it's amazing! I would go day by day and tell you what happened but to be honest this week felt like one big giant day. hahaha like my days are all so similar they just kind of all blend into one. I don't get to workout a ton :( but I do get to play basketball almost every single day for about an hour which is awesome! I was for some reason like really really really good when i came here but now i can't make a shot to save my life. hahaha. But anyways all the elders are super jealous of me because of the amazing support you guys show!! I love you guys! I read every single letter, dear elder and everything! I have one of the huge ziploc bags that I keep all of them in:) I love the peace that I feel hear! The spirit is all around here! No I don't have an Ipad..... So I only get one hour each saturday to email. But it's okay! Oh yeah, anyways about the spirit. The spirit is SO STRONG. I always am like why don't i feel the spirit all the time? Cause missionaries always talk about the spirit being amazingly strong and everything so I was like what the heck?? Haha then I remembered my experience in the temple when I first went through and the spirit for me was more of like a peace and serenity. That's exactly how it is for me!!! I feel so calm and peaceful all the time. It's amazing. I've been trying to work on being more charitable and kind and loving and comfortable. In one of our classes we read 1st Corinthians chapter 16 i think? I wish I had my scriptures right now to check but it talks about if you have the faith to move mountains and raise people from the dead but you don't have charity you are nothing. I know that is true! I know that it is so important to make people feel good about themselves and just show brotherly love (yo) to everyone we meet and come in contact with!!! I can feel tears swelling and my hear softening as i type this. I know this is true and I love it so much! Hahahaha I also figured out I'm probably the biggest cry baby when it comes to stuff like that!! I love the work that I'm doing and I love you guys so much!! my love for all you guys has grown so much since i've come out here! please keep on sending the dear elders and everything! I love you all!

love, Elder Jensen :) 

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