Saturday, November 21, 2015

Playing 30 Questions With Mom

Because  Elder Jensen (EJ) doesn't have a lot of time to write, I sent him a questionnaire so all he had to do was fill in the blanks and send it back to us.  And he did!!!!   Which thrilled me!    Here are the answers he provided us.

QUESTIONNAIRE #1:       DATE: ___________________
1.    What’s your favorite food at the MTC?Fries (LOL) & chocolate milk
2.    Do you get any breaks between your classes? like 15 min. 1 time a day
3.    What do you do on Sundays? 8 - 11 is study time, then sacrament, then priesthood...Choir & devotionals and films!
4.    What day do you go to the temple? Saturday!
5.    How comfortable is your bed there? Much better  haha
6.    Do you sleep on the top or bottom bunk? Top!
7.    How many roommates do you have? 3!
8.    Do you have access to a microwave? Yes, but I'm never hungry  haha
9.    Have you gotten lost there? 1st day!
10.  Have you seen anyone from dear old Davis high? Like 5 people!
11.  Have you gotten in trouble yet?  (Not that I’m expecting it.)  Let’s rephrase it—reprimanded?
Haha--Never!  My hair is kinda long tho'.
12.  How many of your roommates are going to Mesa? Only 1 But we're way close.
13.  Where are your roommates from? Indiana, Orlando, Idaho, Roy, Ephraim
14.  How has your leg been doing?  Does it swell? I wear the sleeve every day and the swelling hasn't gone down.
16.  How are your shoes working out for you?  Great!
17.   Do you get a chance to Email Gus, Brody, Spencer, etc?
Gus and Spencer. 
18.   Have you gotten sick yet? First couple of days.
19.   What Is your cleaning detail every week?We clean a residence and help stock the cafeteria.
20.   How about laundry—do you get enough time to do that? 
What do you do while you’re doing it? Yeah!   I do it way better now!
22.  Have you needed to buy anything at their little store?
Just books; I got a shirt too!
23.  How do they teach you your Spanish?_Basically complete immersion.
 24.  Who all have you gotten Dear Elders from?Our Family
25.  Have you gone to any devotionals? Yes. Every Sunday & Tuesday
26.  Have you heard any of the general authorities speak?
No, just 2 from the 70s.
27.  Have you heard what time your flight will leave when you go to Arizona? No, we find out like the week before.
28.  Do you know how many missionaries are going to Mesa the same time as you? Only 2 so far!
29.   Do you always eat at the same time every day or do they stagger your eating times on different days? It's pretty  much the same time.
30.   Do you usually go right to sleep when it’s lights out? It usually takes like 30 mins. pero I'm falling asleep faster tho'.

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