Saturday, November 7, 2015

The first email....

Mom!!!! holy cow you're right I do miss your nagging!;) haha but really i miss you and our family tons! It's kinda crazy how you don't realize how much you love some people until you aren't with them! I love you guys so much!! Thank you so much for all the Dear Elders and everything! I love it!!! I'll tell you about my week! So the first day was just so weird I was like kinda in shock and it just felt like a huge dream! Then came the second and third day! Holy cow when they say missions are the like hardest things you'll ever do they mean it!! I was super homesick and I was just scared and I wanted to go home soooooo bad! Hahaha but then that whole night was a miracle in and of itself! My district who like consists of 3 companionships of Elders and 2 compaionships of Hermanas. So Our District leader (who is also going to Mesa) Elder Johnson just had all of us say everything that was on our mind to relieve stress. So naturally I broke down and told them how this was so hard and how I wanted to go home. Everyone was so loving and helpful and a lot of people were in the same boat! So that night I still was feeling super down and everything and I prayed so hard!!! harder than I ever had and with more faith than I ever had!! I prayed that i will feel comforted and I came across 2 nephi chapter 9 verses 3 and tweleve I think. It just talks about how the lord will comfort you when you stand in need of comfort and holy cow right then I was just blanketed with the spirit and I felt so good! That is one of the reasons I am serving a mission is so that other people in Arizona can feel the same comforting feeling! I love this gospel sooo much! Oh I also forgot to mention that Me and My companion (Elder Eskelson, He's awesome! He's from Roy and he's going to Argentina, He's helped me chill out so much hahaha) anyway, we had the opportunity to teach an 'Investigator' named Marcos in spanish (who i'm pretty sure is Tori's brother in law's younger brother) lol. and The whole time we were teaching I just felt the holy ghost working through me! Let me tell ya, the Gift of Tongues IS SO REAL! there were times that words were coming to my brain that I wouldn't have been able to think of without that very special gift.  I love this Church, I know this is where I am supposed to be! I took the advice of putting my family and best friend on the shelf of my mind so that I only think about you guys every so often so i don't get too sad and that I can get lost in the work and feel the missionary spirit and happiness! I love you guys so much!! hasta en el fin!

WIth So so so so so sooooo much love,
Elder Jordan James Jensen:)

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