Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Questionnaire #2 from Mom

1. How many computers are available when you get time to check your email? A whole room.
2. What else do you do on P day? We do laundry, play basketball, workout, go to the temple…that’s it.
3. What time do you do your physical activity—morning or evening? Usually mid-morning.
4. Will you get to be a host to new missionaries every week? No, just whenever they need us.
5. Do you speak Spanish even when you go to the cafeteria? Mas a menos
6. What about when you are in your dorm room. Do you speak Spanish then as well? Not usually; we try to tho’.
7. How many different Spanish instructors do you have? 2 – Hermana Thomas & Hermano Clark
8. Is the MTC gated all the way around it? Yes!
9. Is the temple usually full when you go on Saturdays? Yes.
10. Have you recognized anyone at the temple when you’ve been there? No.
11. What do you usually eat for breakfast? Cereal-hahaha. For lunch? Dinner? Whatever they have. Hahaha.
12. Do you usually go with your companion or do you do almost everything with your district? Usually all the elders in our district—we’re way close. Sometimes Hermanas annoy us. Hahaha.
13. Have you done anything during sacrament meeting, like speak or pass the sacrament, etc? Me and my companion prepared and blessed it in Espanol.
14. Just curious—do you hang up your clothes on the hangers or just throw them on the floor? Hangers—hahaha.
15. How many floors is your dorm? 4 Which floor are you on? First, which is nice.
16. What has made you laugh the hardest since you’ve been there? Everyday is hilarious!!
17. What does everyone think of your tooth? They love it!!
18. Do they have a nickname for you? “Nancy-boy” LOL. I actually have no idea how I got that name!
19. Have you fallen asleep in class? No, in choir, yes.
20. Who makes sure you are doing all the things you are supposed to do? No one, really. It’s nice to take accountability.

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