Monday, December 28, 2015


hahahah yeah what the heck! ;) NO you're a great "MAW" lol. hahaha I know right?! I heard "Elder Jensen!" hahahah and I was like what the.... I was soo happy to see them and talk to them! I got their numbers and stuff so they said they would take us out or something or if we needed anything! It was great! yikes, I hate being sick.. hahah I've had a sore throat since i left the MTC which is strange.. hahah so hopefully it goes away. It's crazy cause It didn't feel like the holidays at all!! But it makes up for it being out here!!:) hahahahahha connner!!! so funny! Have you guys been blessed?? Everyone always says you guys get blessed along with the missionary and I'm so happy you guys are being blessed! I've been praying for everyone lately.. How are they all doing? thank you so much for everything you've done for me! You're the best Mommy!

Hahhah so I don't even remember what to talk about.. there's been so much! First I'll just start out by saying how awesome christmas was!!! There's an investigator who doesn't have like anything... no home, car, phone, nothing! just her and her kids. It's wayy sad!! So we've been trying to help her, so we went and got presents and stuff and It was just amazing seeing how happy they were and like how much we helped them! It was amazing! umm... lately I've been studying humility. Because before this week I just wanted to feel so close to the lord!! I had an awesome experience while studying humility and now because I've made some changes I've felt so much closer to the lord! The way I think is different and I've felt the spirit so much stronger when I've testified!! hahahah so the spanish is slowly slowly slowly coming.. I expected it to come like right away but I was so wrong.. hahah I've been understanding more but I can't really contribute a whole lot but It's coming! I promise I will keep a better journal so I can write more in my weekly emails! It's just crazy how nice people are when you go out of your way to be nice to them! I love feeling the spirit with me all the time!! Oh we also had a reference from the christmas lights and we went and talked with him and he like totally believed everything that was said! hahah like we were like do you believe joseph smith was a prophet and he was like "claro!" hahha which means like clearly! hahaha so he said he would prepare to get baptized! hmm.. when we went to this one appartment complex this one guy saw us and like ran away and his friends were like go talk to him he's mormon and he was like nooo i'm catholic and ran away. hahaha I love you guys!! I know heavenly father is always there for us, we just have to seek him and truly want what we are seeking for and asking with faith! I know he is just waiting to help us! 

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