Monday, January 11, 2016


I (meaning, Mom)  wrote EJ a questionnaire letter again.  Here are the questions, with the answers in blue.

 As you know, Enquiring minds have to know...and I'm have many cuestions para usted!!
1.  What was the greatest experience of the week?
Have I told you guys about the investigator Brian?

2.   Have you learned how to totally dunk your basket yet?Almost;) no but I can almost grab the Rim!
3.   Do you do tracting more often or referrals more often?We get a ton of referrals! And we mostly just find people off of the Area Book!
4.   How often do you go to the visitor's center?Haha never! Unless we get an investigator to go with us.
5.   How close is your grocery store that you go to?A couple miles!
6.   What's the name of the store you visit the most?Walmart...haha
7.   Honest answer--do you feel safe where you are?Yes! Haha it's just Mexicans fighting other Mexicansand I feel like whenever we walk around like I just feel the protection!

8.   Honest answer--how have you been feeling? Great! Except for my feet hurt pretty bad but I got some nice inserts and we'll see if they help.

11.  Did you get any letters from our ward?
 Yah!!! It was so great! Tell them all thank you!:)

12.  How many room mates do you have in your apartment?
Me and my comp actually stay in a garage converted into a tiny apartment but then 4 other missionaries live in the house!
13.  Where is the chapel located at that you attend for church?
 I'm not sure the exact address but it's 6th and Barkley, down the road from our house.
14.  What has it been like at church?
Haha kind of really hard. It's totally in Spanish all 3 hours. So that's great! Haha no but it's fun because I'm learning lots:)
15.  What's been your favorite meal that someone has fed to you?   We had pasta once! Haha that was my favorite!
16.  Tell me about the Ipad...
 It's great! It helps so much with teaching!! Thanks Mommy❤️
17.  Is your laundry done at the Laundromat or in your apartment?  No every Apartment in the mission has a washer and dryer!!
18. Do you have enough blankets to keep you warm because I noticed its been pretty cool in the mornings?
Yah I'm ok!! Thank you though! It's actually really cold in the mornings haha I don't like it.
19.  Have you had any zone conferences yet?
 Yah! We're having one next week I think!!:)

20.  Do they let you go to the temple?
Yah! Once a transfer! We went this week! The Mesa Temple is soooo cool! I love it! It kind of reminds me of the Salt Lake temple. But it's like all Stone! It's super sick!:)

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