Friday, January 22, 2016


This was Estaquio's house on xmas eve! When I ate the habanero!

This is Nata M.! The best family in the Ward!

you don't wanna know what's going on here... Jk hahah this is a
Argentinian drink called Mate. Hahaha you like boil water and put it
in herbs then drink out of a metal straw!

These are the Spanish elders minus elder Moreno and Johnson

Spanish speaking missionaries

The sunsets here are prime😊

This is elder Fairholm and elder Juarez investigator named Pedro.
Elder Fairholm is the little white guy and Elder Jaurez is the big
Mexican lol. Abnormal right?;)

Elder Fairholm and I

This is when we bought all the presents for that one family

From left to right: Elder Green, Elder Watmough, Me, Elder Fenton

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