Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 9, MESA, AZ

Hey family!! How's everything up there? Is there tons of snow? This week it's been like a frigid 65-70;) hahaha but somehow I'm still cold! It's been a good week! I was getting frustrated towards the beginning of the week and like even though I can understand more Spanish it was still frustrating me because it's hard for me to speak in Spanish. Then we met this investigator named Brian! He's such a great guy! He's like 28 and single and just a way nice guy! He spoke Spanish but he preferred to speak English! So I was like heck yah! Haha so my companion let me take the lead of the lesson and I got to hear my testimony of th Book of Mormon and it just made me so happy! Haha it gave my a glimpse of how nice it'll be when I can fully understand and speak better!:) 

I'm trying to remember funny stuff that goes on. We live in central which is the less fortunate part, hahaha one of our investigators came over to America four years ago then "the Feds got em" then he just barley came back. Hahaha. This ain't no k-town anymore. But it's crazy how different the world is outside of the Utah bubble! Hahah a couple of them I'll say (Mom don't freak out) we waved hi to a guy, he waved back, then he snorted something and got on his bike and rode off. Hahah we were doing service at this thrift store and we asked this worker what he needed us to do next and he was like um idk I would go ask my boss but she has to go talk to the cops cause they just found a dead body outside today. Hahaha we live like a block away from there. I've got to hear my first gun shots during lessons. Umm... There's these shoes on telephone wires that tell people there's drug dealers around. It's great here!! Hahaha everyone is so friendly though!! Like everyone waves back and talks a little! They are awesome! Hahah all of their houses smell sooo much a like. We also got to try a member's hover board thing! Like the segways without handlebars... Soooo fun! I know what investment i'm making after my mission! They were laughing at us because we were so unstable and stuff! 

But on a more serious level, I love this gospel! I'm learning more and more everyday! I'm realizing that if God wanted to he wouldn't even need missionaries. The mission is also to help the missionaries learn! I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I can feel it when I testify and I know this is the true church! I know that as we move closer to Heavenly Father and as we trust in him and act on those feelings and promptings we feel closer to him! Goodness do I sure miss you guys and oh how hard it is to preach when you barley speak Spanish but I know it's true! Love you all thanks for the support!:)

Elder JJJ

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