Friday, January 22, 2016



First I just want to say how much I love you guys so much!:) I'm so blessed to be in this amazing family! Being out here has made me realize how important families are. There's so many dysfunctional families and were so blessed to have the gospel in our family and all get a long. It truly is a blessing. I've also realized how important the law of chastity is. Like we've taught so many single moms with jobs that don't pay like  anything or no jobs with like 4 kids. I feel so bad for them and that's why I'm so grateful we have the gospel, and we can be blessed by keeping that one simple law!

This week was kind of boring.. We've got to teach a lot of people and it's so amazing to just see the gospel blessing them in their life! I love teaching and I never thought I would be this happy away  rom everyone!

So yeah this week has been kinda boring except for yesterday. Hahaha I'll tell you guys at happened chronologically. We met this guy at church. He was super funny and way chill, and he said he hadn't been in a couple of years and so we just didn't question it. Hahah then we talked to the bishop about him after church and he said that he used to be a like ward mission leader, but he had to go to jail cause he got caught dealin. Hahaha. Then we went to go have a lesson with this teenager and he opened the door and we walked in and he seemed a little weird, but he told me this story about his long board, so I asked him to show it to me, and he went in to his room then walked back out like a couple minutes later and I was like where is it? And he was like where's what? Hahaha then during the whole lesson he would laugh at random times. Then he gave us sunny D and was telling us about these pills he takes to help him sleep. Hahha so we'll probably go back during the daytime. Then after that, we decided to go to this other investigators house in the trailer park. (Lemme give you some background, there's this thing called "the Bird" it's like the police helicopter that goes out every night with the spotlight and we see it all the time here in Central Mesa) Hahha so we pulled up to the trailer park entrance and we were just talking about what we're going to teach then we hear this helicopter and it was circling the trailer park and the light was on a trailer like right next to our investigators trailer... Hahha so we were like ehhh better not go. Hahha.

We've had some amazing experiences while teaching the Lara family! It's awesome how we teach the doctrine then the spirit can answer all the questions they have! I feel like I really haven't hanged that much. I've grown a lot closer to God and my testimony grows every day!:) I love this gospel and I know Heavenly Father is always there! In our trails when we wonder why we're having these hard times, I know we just have to know that with these experiences we can help so many other people! And if we ask Heavenly Father he will help! I love him so much! I love being Elder Jensen and I can't wait to be Jordan 2.0

I love you guys tons!! Thanks for all the support I get from you guys! Ah I love you guys! Take care! Be safe! Listen to the spirit!:)

Elder Jordan 2.0

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