Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 12 -- Mesa

Mi familia!

How's everyone doing?! Everyone gettin pumped for the Honsteins to
Move in??:) how are things up there?? Anything fun and exciting or
new?!:) for me I think my Spanish is coming along.. We practice every
day for about an hour and were always talking with Spanish speakers so
it's coming slowly, but it's coming haha. I love it tho! Hahah the
Mexican culture cracks me up. I don't think I would ever want to live
it, but being with it all the time is awesome. Hahaha the husbands
will like call their wives gorda which means like my fat one. Hahha or
their kids they'll call mi gordita which means my little fat one.
Hmm.. What else.. I got some resistance bands and stuff so that's nice
to be able to workout a little...

On Wednesday we went to this Christian church thing. Like a bible
discussion class when they talked about faith. Surprisingly everything
they said was like supppper close but they just missed a couple of
doctrine points, and like the spirit wasn't really there so I didn't
feel it confirm much to me. But it was funny cause all my companion
said was "I believe that to faith leads to action, which then leads us
to repent and become like Jesus Christ" hahahhaha and it rocked their
world. They were like that changed the way I've looked at faith, and
they talked about it for like the next 30 min hahaha. It just goes to
show that our church has all of the true doctrine. Other churches
aren't completely wrong, they just don't have the fullness!

Then on Thursday we did splits with the priests so I went with one and
we went and taught a lesson, and I had to lead. You know that meme of
the dog when he's all dressed up in construction clothes and he says
"I have no idea what I'm doing.." That's how I felt.. Hahaha I felt
like I was just Jordan dressed up as a missionary and just like I have
no idea what I'm saying hahha. But the spirit definitely helped me and
the priest and we were able to talk about why scripture study and
prayer were so important and committed them to go to church with us!
(they didn't end up coming, but that's ok!) it was amazing just to
kinda branch off from my trainer and see the lord help me in my
teaching ability!

On Saturday Neil L Anderson came to our mission and talked!! I shook
his hand 😳

On Saturday night we met this one guy named Ramon and we knocked on
his door and he answered and said he didn't really have a lot of
interest, but then my companion asked him if he had a question his
whole life and the Book of Mormon would answer it. After my companion
answered it his eyes lit up and he said he would read it that night
and he would pray about it! We haven't had the chance to go back yet
cause he's super busy! But I bet he will get baptized! He's so

So the reason we're emailing today is because today is transfers, I
can't believe it's already transfers and it's already been 6 weeks
that I've been here!! And 12 weeks since I've left. That's kinda
insane. Almost 3 months! Next week! So we got assigned an English ward
along with our Spanish ward Liahona 1st :( hahha it's gonna be hard to
balance the work and I would rather just be in Spanish to always speak
it but it's okay. I'll go where he wants me to go!

That's about it for this week! Thank you all for your emails and for
being so great to me!! I love all the pictures and letters and
everything!! I love you guys so much! #Bestfamilyintheworldamiright
hahha but you guys are the best! Thank you so much! I know this gospel
is so true and can make us happy if we are obedient to what were asked
to do! And we have that wonderful opportunity here on earth to accept
it and live it and receive blessings here on earth! So we can't waste
that opportunity!:) I love you guys! 😊

Elder Jensen
Elder Gray (our next door neighbor) and EJ.  Elder Gray is gonna be in Mesa until his visa comes.

EJ and their ward mission leader. :)

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