Wednesday, July 13, 2016


July 11

This week a couple of super cool this happened! First of all, ok I'll
just tell the story. So me and Elder Vo were just talking about how
our time together is winding down and that we hadn't seen like tons of
success and it was just kinda sad and no joke a couple days later we
had a return appointment with an investigator that has been
investigating for like 6 months. We haven't met with her for a couple
of weeks but we last left her with praying about our church and
focusing on the answers. We came back and sat down with her and the
first thing she said is "I want to get baptized next month" 😳 Nice!
So cool! She was saying how she has been receiving her answers but she
just hasn't realized it was the Holy Ghost! So cool! We set a date for
August 6th! But then she didn't come to church because her dog was
sick... Hahah so we will talk to her about that but her name is summer
and she's super cool!

Let's see.. Last week we did district lunch after our meeting. Haha
I'm just trying to make our meetings more fun. We also went to the
temple! It is such a blessing to be able to go every six weeks. I love
the temple. I love that we can feel so close to our Heavenly Father!

I also want to share something I read I think in one of Ben's letters,
but it was talking about how you can work as hard as you can but as
long as your desires aren't heavenly fathers your mission will be a
lot harder and you won't enjoy as much! And I can testify I tried so
hard to forget of myself when I was trying to meet him and I felt so
happy! It was an amazing lesson too! I know that that's how I will
enjoy the most of my mission!:) I love you all! I know our Heavenly
Father is there and our prayers are answered when we are humble enough
to listen! :)

Elder Jensen
My first "monsoon" storm in AZ


Thanks so much for sending me emails. It just hit me how grateful I
am:) No Fenton has two more transfers left! It's super weird! After
that there's a "death cycle" of every two transfers missionaries
finish their missions until me! Hahha so it's going to be really
weird! Don't even worry I love reading the letters even though I am
not good at replying! Hey I don't know how much money is on my card...
But if there isn't enough can you put money on my card to get a really
nice picture of Jesus?:) hahaha my patience has been tested mommy.
None to say he least I'll be a pretty patient guy by the end of my
mission :) lol with my missionaries I serve with but I love them to
death! It's so true though! The summer is flying by, I'm actually
pretty nervous that my mission is going by fast. I'm nervous I'm going
to by a zone leader soon. There's so much work to do and I don't want to have that responsibility haha but I'll do what the Lord says!:) I love you mom!

Elder Jensen your sonny boyyy
"They are so delightful, diligent and dependable!"  From senior missionaries serving with them.

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