Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 34 - Part 2; Apache Junction AZ

This letter is Elder Jensen's answers and comments from my letter to him....My comments are in red.

 Our poor grass is turning brown in it's usual places.Hahahaha that's one thing that is hilarious about down here.. It's just all dirt and rocks.
Murphy is a little over 6 months old and the same size as Zoey!   That tells you how big he's probably going to be.  And he's such a puppy...he's not very obedient and loves to jump on everyone.  Needless to say. we had them tied up so they wouldn't mow down Conner or Austin.  Zoey is still a good pup, but that Murphy.....Uggg!    He's just a lovable lug who needs to be taught who is Alpha.  Maisey has not been afraid to let him know who's the boss here.
 I miss one doggies! I can't wait to meet Murphy! Do you think Maisey will remember me? Hahahha poor Cohen....
Are you giving him blended smoothies?

Wow and how many people are in there helping out the kids? Hahha I bet! All your other holidays
you've been working! Woohoo! Our mission is extremely obedient... It used to not be a
couple years back, but now president Jenkins whooped it into shape.
Haha also I forgot to tell you we get a new mission president! It's
really sad to see him go but I'm excited to work with the new

Thanks so much for your sweet, sincere testimony.   I can only imagine it's hard to be a missionary some days, but you are doing the work the Lord wants you to do and he will bless you immensely for it.
 I'm not gonna lie, somedays you wake up and you don't want
to work, and it's a 120 degrees out it's extremely hard to find
desires to do so. Hahaha but nothing can beat the feeling of trying
your best. Even though I'm not the best teacher or the best district
leader if I work my hardest for the lord he will always bless me. And
being in Spanish work has helped me a lot. We have some of the hardest
working and most obedient workers out here.

I've tried to change my eating habits and I've picked up celery, apples,
carrots, bananas, haha I know it may sound crazy but I'm starting to
like salads!! I just feel so much better and my body almost feels
cleaner so I'm saving a lot of money from my mission funds.. I think.
Hahaha but I've gotten a lot better! I just want to try to live off of
he mission funds and learn how to budget!   I love you mommy! How's the new car? Are there new families in
the ward?  I love you mommy!  I can't wait to see you again! I love you! Where am I on the ward
programs? Haha in the middle?

Elder Jordan Jensen

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