Wednesday, July 13, 2016


July 4

Hahaha I loved the video! Wow you all are fluent it sounds like!;)
whose Mitch?? He's a friend of Adam? I don't really know what we are
going to do, we have an appointment set up with someone but who knows
if they'll be there! Haha we might meet with the Ward mission Leader
to figure out a plan for the Adobe branch. It's definitely weird
seeing everyone go to parties and stuff and it just feels normal now

For this week we had lots of meetings with the new mission president
so it was kinda slower, Miracle of the week! We met someone
last week! He's an awesome guy! He's super humble and like some stole
everything he had so he moved out to Arizona to live with his cousins,
anyways, we were blessed with him and he is so prepared. After we
taught him the first vision he was like, that makes more sense than
the bible! Hahaha it was hilarious, he's so humble and he just wants
to have happiness and he have been teaching him about twice a week and
he said this coming Sunday he would attend church! I'm so excited to
see him progress! We have been working very hard and there wasn't a
ton of progression and it's been hard, but the Lord has truly blessed
us to see some of the fruits of our Labors!:)

We are going to start building up the Adobe Branch, it needs a lot of
help. Hahha it's just like everyone gets offended by something someone
says and then people don't want to come to church.  Hahah so we are
just going to help people realize the church is perfect but the people
aren't! I love you guys so much! It really does mean a lot to me to
have you all as support it helps a lot to know there's always the
support back home! I love you guys! Have a great week!:)

Elder Jensen

Mid week July 7

It's a lot more important to be in good sights with God rather than man. If that makes sense? I would rather be mocked and made fun of and just looked weirdly upon, than stand before God and feel like I could've done more! Me and Elder Vo are still companions! We just live with Elder Parra and Elder Moreno! Elder parra has been in the mission for 4 weeks now! He's super funny and his English is very good! Oh yes! Isidro, hmm... Probably like a picture of Jesus or something, you can go to desert book then send me a picture of which one you want to get
him then I can buy it down here! I'm trying to simplify my life and make Jesus the center of my life! So I want to buy a nice looking picture of him and put it on my desk, and just de clutter my life. Haha I'm feeling stressed and I just want to consecrate myself to the
lord! I want to be Happier! I love you mom! Send my love to the family! Even the puppies!:)

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