Friday, August 12, 2016


Aug 1

Hello family! I love you so dearly!!! I'm so glad we have the Gospel
in our lives, I've seen sooo many people that could benefit from the
gospel but they just don't want to make the changes in their lives to
enjoy the great blessing that we have! Just wanted to let ya know. I
love you:)

So this week was pretty good! We were trying to get the Zone excited
about finding so we made a video and we just tried to talk with
everyone as we should do! We ended up reaching our goal for finding
for the zone! We also have had some cool lessons this past week.

We had one with some people we taught the Restoration and their eyes like lit
up! It just looked like they understood! Then we tried to have another
lesson with them on Friday. Their Goat ate their Book of Mormon so
they didn't get a chance to read it or pray about it. So we gave them
another and we read out of the introduction with them and  it
just seemed to make sense why we have two Books! They're really nice
people and seem to really like the message! (Their neighbor saw us get
out of our truck and has always had questions about the Church so he
put a note on our door giving his number so we can set up some

Then we took a man  to the Visitors Center. The Lord works miracles!
 It was such a great experience!

Everything is going great! Today I got to take a nap. Wow I've never
appreciated a nap so much. I think it was the first nap over twenty
minutes that I've had in my mission. Blessings. I love you all! Have a
great week and don't forget to pray!

Elder Jensen

Sent a picture of the younger cousins to show how much they have grown.  Wow! I can't believe those kids are so tall! Haha I wish I grew that  much! ;)   Gave him an update on Grandma.  That's so sad to hear about grandma! I really hope everything is going to be fine with her! But Heavenly Father has a plan for everyone! Yeah I could see how that's frustrating hahah it reminds me to my days as a CNA when I didn't know something and I just passed it on to the nurses. Haha. I sent my letter to her! You should get her into the Villas! That'd be perfect!  My IPad has been super lame, I get like 50 % of  pictures so I actually didn't see it! You should send it!

Thanks for the package mommy! We loved it! I feel bad you spending
money on me! Please limit and let's save for an awesome vacation
after!:) love you dearly! I tried to give the picture to Isidro but he
had to go to Phoenix.

Love you so much mom!

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