Sunday, August 28, 2016


August 15,

It was an alright week! So we have a couple of investigators that go
over to their next door neighbors who are members and we've had a
couple of lessons, they're pretty interested! We've been having
lessons about two times a week! But they have a neighbor and they
don't get a long at all! They do like neighbor wars stuff haha they
both have security cameras pointed at each others house and the cops
apparently are always over there. Hahaha but the other neighbor left a
note on our door and apparently wants to know more about our message
so we're going over tonight to teach him! Hahah we're teaching
enemies. But we have been still trying to balance time and we haven't
really had anyone super progressing! One dropped us and another hated
church because of the screaming kids, hahah but we got in contact with
another contact after a while and she said she had family problems going on but
she still wants to get baptized. We're going over to "talk out the
situation with her" but anyways, miracles! A new family moved into the
ward and they're part member family but the less-active mom wants us
to teach her kids and her husband! Heavenly Father gives us mercies
right when we need them!

Hahhaha I got the opportunity to do a baptismal interview and
afterwards we were talking with the guy that's going to get baptized,
we were talking with him at a ward party and there was a little kid
that said "hey can you get that for me?" And it just looked like a
nursing glove stuck in the net, but after I jumped up there to grab
it, it ended up being filled with water and it just soaked me with soo
much water! The kid just peaced out when he saw that! Lol

We got a monsoon! Haha they last like an hour tops but it rains like
crazy hard! And the gutter or water systems here aren't the best! So
some of the streets were super filled with water!

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! I hope we can remember
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ even when we are in times when we
think we got everything under control! I love being available and
trying my best to focus on Jesus Christ 100% of the time! I love you
all with my heart and I hope you Know I pray for you all!

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I'm so grateful Dad is paying for me right now!
I wish I would paid for it! I can't believe Indidnt save anything from
high school. Haha put that on my regret list please. Hahaha. I would
love to write her more! It's so hard to have that time. I kid you not
it is so hard!

What!? Are you serious?? Told him about the ward boundary changes coming
up next week. We're getting split up!? Weird. Hahaha you'll
have to let me know what happens! I swear if we get split up from the
McGraths... I will agree with whatever the lord wants haha. Is Ryan gone? And what about
Adam P? What's he doing for now?

Love you! Thanks for all the gifts and help! I couldn't be out here with out you! Much Love! :)

Elder Jensen

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