Sunday, August 28, 2016


August 22

This week was super good! We had a meeting with President Townsend and
it was super good. Before I felt like I focused a lot on the numbers
and I've just always been taught that's how you can measure success.
But we had a meeting and he just shared that we should be focusing on
the people and the numbers will come. It was true! As we changed
ourselves and just focused on the Savior and focused on the people and
we were having a lot more fun and the numbers were "better" I can't
believe I found this out so late in my mission haha. But it was great!
I love that when we focus on the savior he can make us who we want to

Mi cactus!
We passed by an investigator a couple of times and she said she wanted to get baptized really bad! But then she wouldn't answer our calls or anything, but we got back into contact with her and we just talked it
our with her, her family isn't really cool with it. But she still wants to do it, but it will just take some time to build the faith necessary! We finally had someone from the Branch told us they would come back to church! And we went over there right before church and she was getting her and her kids ready and we waited for her at the church and she never showed up... Hahah we haven't been able to get back into contact with her but we were kinda bummed, maybe she went to the Christian church across the street or something. Oh! So the part-member family that moved in, the dad who isn't a member is super
interested! And the Mom wants to come back so bad! They're super awesome! They had us over for a couple of lessons and everytime the mom fed us a TON of food. It was amazing. But he was like "hey maybe I'll get baptized in a couple of months" hahaha I love it. I know as
Our contact's goat!
we focus on the savior good things will come, and Heavenly Father will
mold us who we can be! 😊
Elder Deller is one of THE BEST Senior Missionaries!

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