Friday, August 12, 2016


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July 25

Told EJ Grandma B is in the hospital and I flew out to see her.  Oh no! Thats Not good. Tell her i send my love and i'm praying for her! Yeah i wrote a letter last P-Day, if you can just send me an address i'll get it off to her today. Man, i really hope she gets healthier so i can make it back out there. Has it cooled down any?  Hahha its always hot, and I'm always sweating. It actually makes people want to listen to us because we gain a lot of respect that way. Like we were out somewhere and someone started swearing up a storm because it was like 116. I don't really notice to tell ya the truth haha.  Antelope Island was on fire.  Wow that's crazy. Half of it burned?? That's not good! How are the buffalo?

Our air conditioner totally quit.  It was 90 degrees in our house one day.  Hahaha I can't believe it broke! That's super hot! 

 I read something in the 4th Missionary talk I talked about and
it said people will say "I'm just an impatient person" or things like
that. But God intends for us to change, how can he expect us to become
like gods if we aren't willing to change. So that just really hit me
and I prayed like crazy for charity and just patience and it's helped
a lot. I've changed within like two weeks hahaha. But I hope I can
just keep on changing who the Lord wants me to be!

I'll have to send you pictures of the Photos I have for me and Isidro,
I'm never down there at night so I'll have to somehow make a trip down
there or something. But he's such a great guy! He's gone to the temple
for baptisms and he helps out the Sisters with Lessons all the time!
He was so prepared.

 travel safe mom! Be sure to get a cut out of me for the wedding hahaha I love you! Thanks for raising me to love the gospel!:)

Elder Jensen

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