Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week 44, MESA AZ

SEPT. 5, 2016

That's really sad to hear grandma has passed on. I'm glad I got to
talk with her briefly before she passed away. But I am so grateful
that we have the knowledge that we do have! I am really excited for
the day I get to see her again and the day that I can meet all the
rest of our family! This is exactly why we have the Atonement of Jesus
Christ! Not only did the Atonement make repenting possible but also so
that we could live again! And we could receive our bodies again and
progress and not just be stuck doing nothing as spirits! I love the
Atonement of Jesus Christ! I love that he died for us and he had
enough mercy so that we can partake in the life to come! We don't have
to be sad because he lives! I know it and I love it! 

Elder Jensen


Sorry to hear about grandma, but like what I said in the letter is
that I know it's true! And you know it's true! I can't imagine the
courage you had to join this church coming from such a strong Catholic
background, but I hope she finds the peace she desires in this next
period of time! I'm grateful for you mom. Thanks for teaching me how
to be kind and respectful and for everything else! I love you! It
would be a lot harder to be here if it wasn't for you and dads
support! I love you tons! Be safe on the trip home! I love where I am
out down here, the area is great and he companions are great! I've
served to over half of the Spanish branches and wards so it'll be
interesting to see where I go after this! Any Questions? Guess what, I
cover Robyn and Anthony's area! Hahaha so I'm going to have to set up
a time to eat with them! Much love!

Elder Jensen

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