Sunday, September 18, 2016


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Aug. 29

I'm very happy for today I figured out you have 14 months left.  Hahaha that's crazy! I can't believe how fast the time is going. Like at first time dragged, now it's flying by! Oh man!  It's rather funny--all of the other ward is now in our ward, and the majority of the members are from there!   The section from the original ward is the minority!   It's like an invasion!!!!!   hahahaha  I'm sure it will be all good. That's crazy that were the minority's! How do you like the other members now!?      Grandma was put back into the hospital.   They're not sure but
think she may have had another small heart attack.  But she was in pain, her abdomen was in pain, she had a hard time breathing, had fluid around her know the scoop, unfortunately.    Today when I talked to her she was very tired and weak.  I guess she slept
most of the day.   She did admit to me that she knows she won't be able to go back to her apartment.  She's just not strong enough.  
 Oh no!  That's so sad. It's ok we can wait longer to go to Hawaii! You should spend the money on grandma and we can go later! I've been sick this week.  Actually, I've been sick for 2 weeks. Ouch! I can't believe
I've only been sick once!     Austin is talking a lot now.   He's talking!? You'll have to send me a video of him talking! I  had to buy one pair of shoes and one pair of
pants! And a couple other things! Sorry I'm trying my best to keep
myself cheap! I'm so sorry today has been crazy! We're changing and
I'm excited! I hope I'm keeping you updated as much as I can! Love you
Elder Jensen

Last Companionship picture
Our apartment group's final picture

Teaching with Elder Vo
A great family!!!

Camel smile  LOL!!!

District Leader Conference
A massive Great Dane!
Spanish Speaking Misionaros - at soccer day.

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