Thursday, September 22, 2016


This week was another good one! We seemed to find a lot of more solid
people! So we have been trying to get to know all of our
investigators, but most of them don't answer our calls or are never
home, or showering. The change of sisters to elders is pretty hard on
them I guess! One of them we knocked on the door of the trailer (for
like the seventh time) and they pulled out of their garage and from
their car waved at us and drove away hahha. But we found a lot of
legit people I think! One lady said she even felt the spirit at church
when she went once but it's just so hard for her to change religions
when her whole family have been Catholics. But she said she even like
the feeling of when she went to church!

So our investigators dudes from Sinaloa hahahha I can't usually
understand a thing. Like they speak super fast and super slurred and
they use a ton of slang, so more or less I can't really understand
them. And I fasted for them and so that they would accept our message
and when we visited them yesterday night I just felt all this
overwhelming love for them! Hahha even though I can't understand them
like 60% of the time i can feel myself growing a love for them!

This week I read the talk do I believe by Bonnie L Oscarson and it
talks about how some sisters son was flown to a hospital and she talks
about being very worried but then she sees the draper temple and she
says this.

“At that moment I poured out my heart in prayer to my Heavenly Father,
thanking Him for the knowledge and belief I had that families truly
are forever. I thanked Him for His Son, Jesus Christ, who made it all
possible. I thanked Him for my son, and I let my Heavenly Father know
if He needed to bring my little Ethan to His heavenly home, it was OK.
I trusted in my Heavenly Father completely, and I knew I would see
Ethan again. I was so grateful that in a crisis moment, I had the
knowledge AND the belief that the gospel was true. I had peace.”

I hope we all can be believers of this gospel! I love it! And I love
to live it! Love you guys SO MUCH!

Elder Jensen

Elder Fairholm & I made Google Earth last spring!

I just want to say how proud of you I am! To be able to do all that
you do, work, and take care of a family. It takes a great woman. I'm
thankful for you! You're always trying to help me and I love you mom!
You're my hero (ferris bueller) and as I have taught more and more
people I can't even imagine the courage you have had to have when
listening to the Holy Ghost testify to you his is true and choose to
be baptized probably against what your parents and all your family
has. I believe in this church I know Heavenly Father is there and the
atonement is a power unchangeable and so amazing that we can't
understand but it is sooo real. Something interesting me and Elder Vo
found is that for the most part our church is the only one that has
testimonies. Other churches will spit facts out and try to prove their
side to be right but ours is the only one that says, find out for
yourself! A testimony! I love you! Remember, Jesus told them in 3
Nephi to bring ALL the sick and afflicted, no matter WHAT AFFLICTION
IT MAY BE. The atonement will heal it:)

Wow you have a busy week ahead of you! Did you ever get a cut out of
me?;) hahaha I would love to come home to another Jordan lol.

It was a good week, I can feel myself maturing spiritually and finding
words in my patriarchal come true, and I'm so happy it's finally
coming. I'm finally starting to experience true happiness and I love
it. The lord is truly molding me in his hands and I'm feeling the Holy
Spirit tell me words to say and finding happiness in my full time
missionary service. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to be
here! Yes I would like to see a picture of her. Please send them all!
I promise this week I will make the appointment!

Love you so much! Tell the rest of the family sorry for not having
time to reply!

Elder Jensen

Ps can't believe it's 44, halfway mark is coming too fast

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