Sunday, June 4, 2017


MAY 29, 2017

I missed placed my iPad, but I got it back now. Sorry tell the fam I
don't have much time :(

Hey Mom! I'm slowly losing the desire to email on P days haha. But I
do it because Elder Parra says that it uplifts people so I'll do it.
Thanks for the awesome letter with the card. I'll take care of that.
Hey some if you were to send a care package, something you could do is
send money for protein or protein itself. (I'm trying to get in good
shape before I get home) hahaha its really hard. So J____ is in an
interesting little situation, he says he wants to get baptized and
he's progressed a lot but he isn't just finishing his part. Like this
weekend he went to Tucson, so we're getting really worried. But
hopefully he'll get back and we can figure out his problems. I truly
consider him a friend now. And the video was from Sister Rogers. She's
like my mission mom. She's AWESOME! Her son says I helped him a lot
because we went out on splits every Sunday night. Hahaha the dad of
the family is a DJ and he said he'd do my wedding in Utah for free

But we're working super hard. Talking with everyone on the street, it
feels amazing. It's really difficult not thinking about the future but
it also makes me super excited to work. So I will check out that
website next week because we'll make time. Will you give me my
username and STUFF? I'll probably have to write essays? But hey it
doesn't matter, I'll do whatever I can for free scholarship money. I'm
sooooo happy.   So is your back feeling better? Is there anything I
can do to help thanks so much
mom 🙂

❤️Elder Jensen

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